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Brenda Schwarzwald

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Brenda Schwarzwald

Post by Fin~ on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:49 am

General Information

Name:  Brenda Schwarzwald
Epithet: Brenn,
Age: 15
Gender:  Female
Birthplace: East blue
Species: Human.
Orientation: Left handed

Ship: n/a
Occupation: Ex gravekeeper, semi usefull inventor and inspiring writer/chronicaller.
Rank: n/a
Bounty: (Only Applicable to Criminals.)
Bounty Collected: n/a
Allegiance: Herself, or who'm ever she deems capable

  • she wants to find a new family, a new place to belong,
  • she wants to find  a way to earn a living, using the methods her father tought her.
  • she wants to invent and create items that help girls to be strong,
  • she wants to show boys girls can be strong
  • She wants to avenge her father
  • She wants to write a book
  • She wants to eat the best treats ever
  • She wants to meet a talking animal
  • She wants to teach her shovel to talk

Character Information



Brenda is a not only strange on the inside, but she also is quite strange on the outside. Her chesnut coloured hair that ends with a curl, under her shoulders, and almost covers her eyes, is a bit spikey at times and not really to cared for, Brenda often has to blow it out of her eyes, or try and knot it into a pony tail, She has blight blueish eyes and a somewhat pointy nose. Her left ear is pierced and she wears a little silver star in it. Her weight and height are on the small side for her age, as she weighs 40 kilo and is 1.54m tall

Her clothes are also quite sloppy, as she wears baggy grey jeans with some pockets on the sides, and and a leather belt to make sure it doesnt slide off, . The trousers go right into her big black mountain walking boots, that don't  really look al to good, but are quite robust. On top of these not so interesting clothes she would wear a light violet coloured purple turtleneck. she is mostly seen carying a backpack, with way too many stuff, and for rainy weather she uses a greyish raincloak.

Personality: Brenda is not your typical pee in the pot, on the first sight she might seem like a loud over confident teen that has problems with her atention span and will be flying all over the place, this isn't wrong but there is more to brenda then being your average hyper teen. Yes brenda would jump the gun way too quick, and wouldn't really think about others their opinions on mathers, nor has she any idea why people are mad at her, this happy go lucky attitude is to hide her pain, to hide her anger, it is to try and enjoy her life and make something of it. deep down she has an opinion on a lot of things, and judges a lot of people, she wants to live her own way of life, and thus tries hard to do so.

Brenda is very childish in some things, like her liking to candy, Brenda loves sweets, or soft drinks, she can go a day on wondering what kind of drink or candy she should get that day and will totally be able to go insane over simple sweet things.

Though brenda has an very adult side aswell, this is her calculative side, how quickly she may seem to jump to conclusions, how many ideas she had planned in her head, and how many solutions to any upcoming problem she will have, though not always she will hold herself to those as rushing towards things is way more interesting, but still she tries to calculate risk and danger. and see what there is to winning.

Brenda has a sensetive side aswell, and this is to injustice and to animals, Brenda loves animals, and is very calm around them, as she can care for them, and as she likes mommying them, Brenda hates those picking on who can't stand up for themselves and she will try standing up for them. She also dislikes boys who think girls can't do anything and she will show them wrong, through her inventions she has been making up and by just smashing them down with her shovel.

Her lack of meeting a lot of people in her life ( her comunity was small) results in a lack of social skills, and may cause a lot of akward situations

Character History

Born and raised in WillowOak town Brenda was the daughter to Arnold and esmiralda Schwarzwald, a couple living and leading this small town, Her father was the gravekeeper, and her mother ran a little general goods shop. Brenda was raised in a loved and caring family, and had gained lots of love from them, the village was small, and she was the only girl in her age. while everyone else was a boy, there weren't a lot of kids and the town wasn't too lively.

Starting from her young age Her father teached her a lot, she had to learn how to write, and seemed very good at it. She loved reading aswell, as all the kids in town never wanted to play with her, '' you are a girl, we don't like girls'' she was told all the time when asking if they wanted to play with her, but no they didn't want to, so she retreated and spend most time with her parents, she would help her dad with keeping the graves, sometimes she would help and dig it, but she wasn't really super strong so didn't do that too much. Instead she would write a lot and help keeping logs off everyone passed away.

She didn't have any brothers or sisters, the closest coming to that was blu, a strange shovel that could turn into a bear, noone in town knew, and she had to keep this a secret, she liked him and would spend time playing with it. She loved spending time with blu, or go out and play with the wild cats around the island, she loved sneaking out to lay down somewhere and eat candys, while reading books. those little things were here happy moments. those little moments when she was alone. and not being been mean too by boys who didn't like her because she was a girl.

When she was a little older, and had read almost all books she began writing her own, she began spending time on trying to invent things,
Her father was an inventor and she could use his toolshed to learn to create. He would teach he and later she would invent things to let the boys be their friends, to let them see she wasn't a stupid girl, but mostly that didn;t work out to well, she would be called silly with her stupid toys. and one day she burned a boys skin by thowing them self made firworks.

Her life wasn't a bad one, but she didn't learn much social skills, she was mostly always keeping to herself, the older she got, the less she spent time with others, the more she spent writing and inventing. the more she kept  to herself. She continued making firworks, or moving toys using clockwork. it wasn't the most interesting things to do but atleast it was better imaging what the world outside was more then her world.

She only got to apreciate her old life, after that day. that day when the pirates decided that the graves where bodys of marines were kept, They thought that treasures, and special weapons were kept inside and that was the reason they raided the place, spending time in her upstairs room the sound of shots were heared, and after that it felt like an earthquacke, a cannonball flew right through the church, and half of the roof collapsed downstairs. Quickly brenda jumped down and through the trash she found a place to hide. she stared at the graveyard where her family was together with most of the townfolks. surounded by pirates aiming guns at everyone the pirates were yelling them to dig everything open,  as they did, the pirates were yelling and hitting them, as soon as they found out no treasure was inside, they killed the villagers and threw them in the graves. A few hours later they left. Leaving only Brenda in hiding.

Brenda stared, she was shocked and scared slowly she walked to the place and found blu, and hugged it tight, blu was wounded, but still alive she referted him to a spade and hours later marines found her crying over the graves. After explaining what happened brenda was brought to an orphange and so the fourteen year old left town. leaving all she ever owned behind, she only brought blu, everyone was suprised she wanted to bring a shovel, but she had her reasons.

Brenda spent a year in orphanage. turning into a somewhat agressive person at times, she was going to learn to fend forherself she was going to learn and become a stronger person. she hid behind her happy go lucky mask, and promised herself to try and be more open to others,

Brenda didn't like the people at the orphanage, she didn't like them at all, making her doing stupid things, she didn't like the girls that were always talking about make up and looking good, nor did she like the boys, who were always fighting, and didn't want her to join, and when she did she would beat them, so they didn't like her at all. The orphanage didn't want her using gunpower. so she couldn't make her inventions, she spend most her time reading. writing or working out, she could run around the town for an hour. just to get calm and peacefull in her mind, she couldn't get what happened back in her hometown out of her mind, and decided that she wanted to find out what she wanted to do with her life. in the night she gathered her belongings and left.


  • Acrobatic   Being born quite small and tiny, and having a slim build, Brenda is quite acrobatic and flexible, she can easily jump over things, or slide under things and is quite good at dodging
  • Creative    Brenda is creative and will always try and make things different then others
  • Innoventive   Brenda will always try and find a solution to a lot of things. they may not be the best solution but this will help her avoiding some problems, or making them worse at times.

A bag with some empty books, some ink in jars, and some feathers.
Weapon: http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t132-blu-the-spade-that-ate-the-kuma-kuma-no-mi

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient.
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Brenda puunch! Brenda punches her enemy, she usualy uses her weapons, and will only punch someone when very angry or when her weapon is not around, her punches aren't really strong as she isn''t fullgrown, and has not a lot of body weight to put behind it.

I'm sorry: Brenda aims her knees between a mans legs, knowing their weakness, she can't help appologizing when doing so.

Weapon Based Combat:

ToeMaToe : Brenda aims her shovel at someones feet, trying to damage their feet and, to leave a major bleeding

Chaarge! : Brenda holds her Shovel with two hands, her right hand on the held and her left on the pole, and runs towards the enemy, using her body she runs this into her enemy,

Flying kick : brenda runs at someone and before she is close enough to hit her target she slashes her shovel at the ground, creating enough momentum to use then handle, to jump over it and kick the target with both her legs acros the shoulders or head.

Flying kick follow up: after making the flip on the  shovel, she puls it out of the ground and slams someone mid air with her shovel, for a slash with increased momentum.

Round house, round round : Standing on one leg, on her toes, and placing the other on top, she spins around holding the shovel infront of her, having a 360 cut,

Bear bear: Brenda lunges forward with her shovel and lets the bear come out of the shovel which will lunge towards the target, slashing and biting it. with its with metal combined claws and teeth,

Full ton bear drop: When in height Brenda spins and throws around her shovel, releasing its full bear form, on top of somebody, the bear will also scratch and bite her target

Bearage: Brenda lunges a few quick strikes with her spade, letting her bears arms and claws come out along to strike her target.

Ram: letting the full bear form out Brenda climbs on her bear, and charges into the enemy.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Haki: none at this moment

RP Sample:

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Re: Brenda Schwarzwald

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:09 am

General Information

With Bounty and Bounty Collected can you please delete the "Only Applicable " parts please.

Same with Flag if she hasn't got one just put "N/A"


How did she learnt to invent?

Where did she gather Blu in her history?

Where did Blu eat the Kuma?

Weapon Based Combat

Just with a couple of techs , Spades deal more with blunt damage the way you describe some attacks like ToeMaToe and Roundhouse Round Round it sounds as if it is more of a blade rather than a blunt weapon.


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Re: Brenda Schwarzwald

Post by Fin~ on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:24 am

The history part where she leaves to see if anyone is alive she sees blue because he was used to bury everyone.

In the weapon history it says how blu te the fruit.

And edited some techniques. This shovel has sharp edges

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Re: Brenda Schwarzwald

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:29 am

Delete the only applies to criminals section as well.

Other than that Approved Unless Overruled.


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Re: Brenda Schwarzwald

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