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Insatsu Insatsu No Mi

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Insatsu Insatsu No Mi

Post by FroYo on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:07 am

Devil Fruit Name: Insatsu Insatsu No Mi

Translation: Print Print Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit:

The Insatsu Insatsu No Mi is a light blue avocado with a swirl patterns located all around the fruit, the fruit feels soft and is lighter than the average avocado. However it has a rough texture.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit:
The Insatsu Insatsu No Mi allows the user to draw lines in the air as if it were a whiteboard. The top part of the user's right index finger becomes a cap, when removed, it reveals a black inked marker. The lines drawn blank ink act as flying blades which charge in front of the user (not towards him, but away from him. It is able to cut through human flesh.) The longest line the user can draw with the Insatsu Insatsu No Mi is 100 centimeters. These lines can be curved or straight. The user also grows the pen on his left index finger, this time it is red ink. The red ink allows the user to trace any object and duplicate it (except sea stone). The user can only trace non living objects up to 130 centimeters in length and 80 centimeters in width. (If the object is made with a material he has never seen before, he cannot trace it.)

Weaknesses: Sea Stone. Armaments Haki (the black ink line cannot cut through armaments haki.)

Devil Fruit Progression:

Level 1 - Level 2= 4 threads
Level 2- Level 3= 3 threads

Mastery levels
1st Level

At this stage the user is able to draw lines (curved and straight) with the black ink pen, these lines cannot exceed 50 centimeters. The lines travel at Advanced stat Speed and can only deal blunt damage to a living object before it disappears. The red ink pen can only trace objects up to 50 centimeters in length (20 cm in width). The objects disappear after 6 posts, the user will have to wait 5 posts before being able to trace again.

2nd Level

Now, the user can draw lines with the black ink pen which go up to 80 centimeters and these lines travel at Dangerous stat speed. These lines still cause blunt damage to living object but this time it is much harder then it was back at level 1. The user can now cut through non living objects with these lines (not sea stone.) With the red ink pen, the user is able to trace objects which are up to 80 cm in length and 50 cm in width. The objects disappear after 10 posts, the user will have to wait 3 posts before being able to trace again.

3rd Level

The final level. The user is now able to draw lines with the black ink pen which go up to 100 centimeters in length. These lines travel at Master stat speed and can cut through human flesh and bones, unless they are covered in armaments haki. With the red ink pen, the user is able to trace objects up to 130 centimeters in length and 80 centimeter in width, the user can use this item for as long as he desires and there is no cooldown.

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Re: Insatsu Insatsu No Mi

Post by Docile on Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:10 am

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