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Wolfgang, Azura (Done)

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Wolfgang, Azura (Done)

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:56 am

General Information

Name: Azura Wolfgang
Epithet: Justicia Ponche (Spanish)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: none yet
Ship: none yet
Occupation: Marine - Doctor
Rank: Commander (below captain)
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Marine
Dream(s): Become a Female Admiral, Catch All Pirates

Character Information



She is a tall woman, Azura has long, straight and shiny purple hair with a flower on her head tied with a ribbon, and she is also shown to have blue eyes and sizable breasts. She wears an eye patch on her right eye, she wears a long-sleeve white shirt with golden stripes on it, another flower on the left shoulder part. Inside, she wears a purple thin shirt with some black stripes. Below it, she wears a white skirt that has an opening on the right side and golden stripes on the edge of the skirt, it's a short skirt, above her knees. She wears a black long stocking from her foot to her upper leg, the stocking has golden stripes in the middle of it, and a blue with some gold band. She has a tattoo on her back, a black flower tattoo with a "W" letter on it.

A very prideful woman who rules with her beauty, she is extremely intelligent and calculating. Azura is shown to be a kind, caring, strong and very reliable person, which is pointed out by her friends. Azura often considers the feelings of other people and often ensures their well being. Azura is also somewhat proud and is not afraid to get physical with those that challenge her authority or brag about her abilities. She isn't afraid to act out on her own and will take matters into her own hands from time to time. She also a charismatic girl, she could persuade people and change their point of view toward something, but it depends on their determination. But, she is a self-centered person, she sometimes forgets other, and think that she can do everything by herself.

Character History

Azura was born in North Blue, she was a daughter of a very ambitious man, and a kind woman. She was a relative of Gin Wolfgang, but she didn't know about it, because they lived in a different blues, her father is Gin's father's brother, they separated after a long conflict in the families. When she was a small kid, Her father traveled around North Blue, he brought Azura with him. They traveled to meet her relatives around there, and to find a new herb for her father. Her father was a doctor in the village, her father saved a lot of lives, her father hard work paid by the result of his medicine, he was a famous doctor around the village, even abroad village knew about him. When Azura turned to 9 years old, she began reading books about the sea. He collected clams, and some sea creatures. Her father bought a big aquarium for Azura, so Azura could put her collection there.

Azura really loves marine life, her favorite creatures were sharks. One day, her father brought her to another village near their village. Her father opened his business there, he opened a small pharmacy. Azura spent her time playing with some kids, when her father finished working, they went home. On the way, her father found a small box near a tree, he opened it, and he was surprised, he took it home, and examine it. He found an amazing thing, it's a Devil Fruit. Her father stored it in his office, he kept it a secret, and he didn't tell Azura or anyone else about it. When Azura turned to 13 years old, a pirate came to their village. The pirate looted the village, they took a lot of supplies, and killed any rebels.

Azura was scared, her father hid him inside a box. The pirate met her parents, and killed both of them, when they tried to stop them infiltrating the village. The villager took their weapons, and attacked the pirate back. But, they were lost in number, one villager ran, he saw a marine ship on the sea, and tried to call them, he waved at the marine, the marine came nearer, the man explained everything to the marine, soon, the marine advanced toward the village, the villager with their big determination and the help of the morn, they defeated the pirates, the remaining pirates were caught by the marines. Azura was crying, she saw the dead body of her parents. On that day, she found a sword, and decided to take it as a memorial.

She lived with her grandfather, and Azura visited her father's office sometime, she found out soon about the fruit, and ate it without knowing the effect. She felt something weird, and searched for some information, she found it that it was a devil fruit, she was surprised, she found out soon about the power that the fruit grove, the fruit could create a room, and the user can modify objects inside the room. She took her father's path as a doctor. She trained a lot, she trained her sword skills, and Devil Fruit skills. With the sadness inside her heart, she wanted to avenge her parents death, she joined the Marines, and decided to punish all pirates, and justice will prevail. She took the sword that she kept, and carved a marine symbol on it. Her dream is to be a female Admiral, she want to prove her strength to the world, and then, with her power, and name, she can catch all pirates.

Abilities: Swordsmanship, Medical


Weapon: A Sword

Weapon Description: A Two-Handed Sword made of Iron, It has a long blade with some golden stripes on it, It has an average weight, Azura can still carry it. A symbol carved to the blade, a Marine symbol.

Weapon Special Abilities: none

Weapon History: Azura's hometown was attacked by Pirates, the Pirate killed both of his parents, but the Pirate was defeated by the villager, and caught by Marines. A pirate left the sword behind, and Azura found it on the Dock. She took it, and put it on her grandfather's house, waiting for the day when Azura ready to punish criminals.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Ope-Ope no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression[/b]:
Level 1 - 2: 3 threads
Level 2-3: 5 threads
Current Devil fruit Level: Level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Level 1 - The user can create a room, and need a lot of concentration to create it. She can do basic attacks, and levitate heavy objects inside her room.

Level 2 - The user can create a larger room, the range of the room increases, and the amount of concentration needed is decreasing, her powers become stronger, and inflict more damages to the opponent. She can perform the "Scalpel" Technique.

Level 3 - The user can create the largest room, the range of the room increases, and she needs less concentration to perform the ability. She can levitate heavier objects, such as Marine Warship.

Devil Fruit Abilities: allows its user to create a spherical space or "room", where the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside, making the user a Free Modification Human

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: the user of the Ope Ope no Mi can only use its powers within a specific area, so if the target moves outside the area, they are immune to its powers. It appears that the user has to make hand gestures to use certain attacks. Furthermore, while the user can control everything within a particular area, if he is not focused on an opponent they can still move freely. In order for Law to swap objects or people inside Room, there must be an object to swap with

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Azura Style: Demon Whip
Azura raises her sword, and throw the sword toward the opponent, she dashes forward, and grab the sword, initiating an upward attack from below, and split the enemy into 2 if it's strong enough.

Azura Style: Killer Shock
She dashes forward to the enemy, and hit the enemy's torso with her sword's pommel, stunning the enemy if it's strong enough, she turns her sword, and thrust the enemy.

Azura Style: Death Point
She charges the enemy, and she give the enemy a horizontal slash, and then, she switches hands, and thrust the enemy.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Scramble: Inside her room, she can separate her enemies into parts, and scramble them around. Attaching them into different objects/position.

Up and Above: Azura uses her ability to levitate an object within her Room. To use this technique, Azura performs a lifting motion with his index finger (by pointing upwards).

Scanner: She scans people inside his Room, This allows her to see the location of any items on the scanned people, selectively switching away any items they may have on their person.

Scalpel: Azura strikes her opponent in the chest with her bare hand, causing their heart to fly out of their body, encased in a glass-like cube. This attack leaves a square shaped hole on the opponent's body where the heart was and presumably tires the victim in some way, squeezing or beating the heart-cube inflicts great pain and internal damage on the victim.

Shocker: Azura places both of his palms onto his opponent's chest and releases a strong electrical surge like a defibrillator.

Combo Combat: -

Haki: none

RP Sample:

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Re: Wolfgang, Azura (Done)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:08 pm



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Re: Wolfgang, Azura (Done)

Post by Docile on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:48 pm



• She is a doctor yet she has cooking skills, why not say she is a cook as well?

Bounty Collected

• Please add back in the Bounty Collected section


• No reason for dream of sailing the world or becoming an admiral.


• The history says nothing about learning to cook at all.

• There is no mention of her achieving the rank of Commander mentioned in her history


• Could you please also elaborate on the description a bit more such as how heavy is average weight, how long is the blade? What type of sword is it?


• Can you elaborate on these. Explain what type of things she learnt with each ability since just writing one word sometimes isn't enough to explain an ability as abilities have tons of sub categories.

Devil Fruit

• How big are the rooms created at each level?

• What constitutes as heavy in terms of levitating heavy objects?

• Performing 'scalpel' I would say is a level 3 power as it is an incredibly powerful technique.

• One of the Ope Ope no Mi's weaknesses is the fact that excessive use of the fruit power tires the user out allot, this was explained by Trafalgar Law.

Devil Fruit Based Combat

• Opening the room will need to count as a technique.

• Using this fruit and these techniques which all require a room to be opened creates problems, if you use these techniques which are copied from the wiki you will need to allow PC characters the chance to avoid these attacks otherwise it is considered breaking the rules by calling hits on characters you do not control. I would advise opening a room to take one post then you may attack in the next post after giving the enemy the chance to escape.

• The last thing I will say is please try and be more unique with your battle techniques, naming them and creating them instead of just copying and pasting from the wiki because it makes reading over the techniques very dull.

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Re: Wolfgang, Azura (Done)

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