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Post by bunbunny on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:22 am

General Information

Name: Umi
Epithet: N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Grandline, Skypeia
Species: Skypiean
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Seaman recruit
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Marine
1/ Become known as a great warrior
2/ Help in bringing some justice to the world
3/ Restore her honor and return to Skypeia
4/ Experience hearing

Character Information


Appearance: Umi stands at 5'8 ft and weighs 200 pounds. Her skin naturally is a very tanned color that only gets darker when she's been in the sun, she has it very easy to get even tanner and is not easily sun burnt. She has dark brown eyes with possibly the slightest tint of orange in them. Umi has a pretty narrow jawline and a pointy nose, her eyebrows are thin but she has very full lips and two scars that look like scratch marks graze her left cheek she also has other various small scars on her body. Her hair is just a simple mohawk made up of brown slightly messy hair with again a small tint of orange but other than that her head is completely shaven.

Umi has a fit body shape and you can see the outlines of a six pack on her stomach. Being shandian she has small white feathery wings on her back that she can't move as they are of course completely paralyzed. Seeing herself as a warrior Umi paints war paint on her face so she looks a bit more intimidating, she changes up the pattern depending on what she feels like. On her left shoulder she has a tattoo consisting of a dark red dot furthest out on the shoulder and then a ring that goes around it in the same color as the dot and then ending it with another ring with bent spikes sticking out of it, in the same dark red color.

Umi is a very busty woman, her breasts being as large as being a whooping H-cup. Umi however is not very thankful for being as well endowed as she is as her enormous chest often causes excruciating back pain and gets in the way of her when fighting, forcing her to wrap her breasts so that they wont get in the way as much. When not in her marine uniform Umi wears various tribal clothes such as grass skirts, various colorful tops and pants, loincloths, skirts and fur garments etc...

Personality: As Umi is deaf she can't hear herself if she tries to speak, resulting in that if she tries to talk it only comes out as various moans and groans or just plain gibberish therefore she uses a notebook to communicate. However as she has lived a very tribal and simple life in skypiea for most of her life she has not had the time or resources to read books, and she has never heard fellow human speech so she is awful at spelling making it very easy to misunderstand her.

When she gets misunderstood Umi gets frustrated and will start using hand motions and body language trying to make herself understood or possibly just make a drawing of it on her notebook, she is not a very good artist though and mostly draws stick figures, but when you're in a hurry to tell your comrades about a corpse you found in the bathroom you can't really pay attention to details. As Umi gets frustrated when misunderstood she tries her hardest to learn how to spell correctly as she knows she can't spell for shit, making her a bit of a perfectionist in that sense.

When not on duty or just when she has time to spare Umi is often found training or with her nose in a dictionary or book, trying to learn new words and how to spell correctly. Since Umi has been deaf her whole life she has mastered the art of reading lips so she has no problem understanding others but sometimes if it's a complicated word or a word she doesn't know she will probably get confused and that will lead to misunderstandings.

Umi enjoys the thrill of hunting and if she has some time off she might go fishing or if the island she's on has a rich wildlife, just go hunting. But of course being deaf makes it harder for her so she has to rely on her other senses which are stronger than on a normal human since they make up for her lack of hearing. Umi likes working with her hands and keeping fit even though her chest causes her trouble. Umi absolutely despises her curves and finds them to be a hindrance and a pain more than anything else as they very often get in her way.

As Umi was raised as a warrior she values honor and is eager to please but doesn't like it when people play dirty. She respects her superiors and is very loyal and wouldn't even think about going against orders for a second. However she sometimes might get a bit too eager to please and will follow orders blindly, not really thinking and making own decisions, making her slightly reckless in that sense. She only fights if she believes it's for a good reason and wants justice for everyone more than anything. She believes looks does not define who you are and is not very quick to judge people, always trying to look past the exterior.

Umi however is a bit naive and almost a bit childish as she has lived a very simple life most of her life she often gets starry eyed when seeing things she hasn't seen before in her life. She has a fascination with things she hasn't seen and is very curious to discover new and interesting things. She is especially interested in robots and magicians,how do they even get those doves to come out of their hands? She gets this way because she likes discovering and learning new things, also a reason as to why she is an avid reader. But of course as she reads a lot she comes across the usual horror story once in a while and she has a bit of trouble separating fact from fiction so that often leads to her getting slightly uncomfortable in the dark and sometimes she even goes to such lengths as to sleep with her spear within reach.

Character History


Umi was born up in skypiea into a shandian tribe on a unusually cold summers day, the birth went well and the baby was seemingly healthy. It wasn't until later years they discovered something was wrong with the little girl. By the time she was two years old she had learnt how to walk and was doing all the things a normal toddler would do. Except, she had never said a word and was not showing any signs of starting to talk properly yet. And she didn't seem to respond when you called her name, not even when you were screaming at the top of your lungs while talking to her you didn't get as much as a reaction from her. The rest of the tribe shrugged it off and guessed the child must be a shy one and just continued on with their usual routines.

It was by the time Umi was five that they started getting gravely puzzled and concerned, in five years the child had not said a proper word and when she seemingly tried to speak the only thing that came out sounded like the babbling of an infant. She still didn't respond to when you called her and didn't seem to understand much of what you were saying to her, and instead of looking at your eyes or something else when you were talking to her all she did was stare at your lips. She didn't react much to what you were saying unless you were screaming directly into her ear. Probably mostly because she thought it felt very odd. And other than her obvious lack of communication skills Umi was still seemingly shy as she didn't play much with the other children in the tribe and mostly kept to herself.

The truth of the matter was that Umi had been born completely deaf. By the time she was eight her parents had started to become desperate and had called out to the ancestors for answers but to no avail. They knew their child wasn't normal but they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. They took the matter to the tribe's chief and the chief examined the child and after all those years of wondering her parents finally got an answer, the child couldn't hear! Now that they knew that they were faced with another problem. What would they do now? The child obviously couldn't hear what they were saying and when she tried speaking herself it only came out as gibberish. However the chief, being a kind old man took it upon himself to teach the child to communicate in some way.

Figuring out that the best way to teach her to communicate was writing and reading lips, the latter the child seemed to have already figured out herself a bit. The chief started having lessons with her, trying to teach her how to read and to polish her lip reading skills. While she was having those lessons her father thought it would be a good idea to teach her how to hunt and teach her the ways of the warrior and of the shandians. By the time she was twelve years old she had become fairly decent at reading and reading lips was not really a problem for her anymore. However writing wasn't her strong suit as she had a godawful handwriting and her spelling was not good at all, but she could make herself understood.

She had grown to have a fondness for hunting and had been taught to value honor above anything else. Sparring and training was fun in her opinion but sometimes her mother thought her father was being a tad to eccentric as he had one time managed to knock poor Umi out when trying to teach her how to use a bostaff. However as Umi grew up she found herself growing more and more fond of using a spear instead of any other weapon.

Learning how to hunt and how to fight had proven to be a bit of a hassle when you couldn't hear anything but Umi just had to rely on her other senses and hope for the best. Mostly using her sense of smell and her eyesight. Being able to communicate a bit better now and being able to understand what people were saying (most of the time) Umi was starting to get more confidence and became more social, but of course none of the other children in the tribe could read she had to result to drawing instead. Of course she wasn't a very good artist so it still lead to misunderstandings but it was better than nothing.

The next years just went on without anything in particular happening but by the time Umi was sixteen puberty had hit and it had hit hard. She was now seen as a fully grown woman and was allowed to get tattoos and was even considered the proper age for getting married. But Umi was not convinced that she wanted to get married and settle down yet, she was a warrior not a housewife. Besides she was convinced she had not seen enough of the world yet. With the occasional travelers from the blue sea making it up to above the clouds and being so brave as to venture out into shandian territory had gotten Umi curious. She wanted to see what was below the clouds. She had managed to gather from their stories that they had unlimited supplies of vearth down there and that they didn't know what dials were, it all seemed so absurd to her.

Umi knew she wanted to go down below the clouds to the blue sea but she had not wanted it as abruptly as it came. Outsiders did not come often, they were lucky if they saw one every sixth year or so. When Umi was eighteen a large pirate crew managed to get up to skypiea and then had the guts of trying to attack the skypieans and the shandians, trying to take over the island and capture some people and sell them as slaves. The skypieans and shandians alongside each other and managed to stop the pirates from taking over the island however they still managed to capture some people and managed to flee, Umi was one of the people who got captured. She had not heard when the man snuck up behind her and knocked her out, leaving her in a helpless stage and easy to capture.

All she knew was that she had been fighting off this guy and then everything just went black and next thing she knew she woke up with her hands tied behind her back in a dark room. The people around her were still knocked out, well at least the bodies she could feel around her weren't moving. She fumbled around with the ropes they had used to tie her hands up with and managed to get loose as the knot on the ropes wasn't really something to brag about. It was night she noticed as she sneaked out of the room, the pirates hadn't locked the door as they seemingly thought that the ropes would be enough to keep the prisoners at bay. They were wrong.

Umi managed to sneak around the ship undetected for a while as most of the pirates seemed to be asleep. She managed to gather up a traditional shandian spear they must have stolen from the shandians and a dial, which she later found out to be a tone dial, meaning it would be useless to her. Just after that she noticed that she wasn't up in the sky anymore. The sea wasn't white and there was no clouds on the ground. Instead there was water and she could see that the ship was nearing an island, but it wasn't made out of cloud, it was made out of stone and wood. Well there was houses and bridges built up to form a town on the island but she could see no signs of anything being out of clouds.

She couldn't believe her eyes as she stood there just staring for a while before she could feel the vibrations in the planks under her bare feet and looked around to see a man nearing with his sword raised. Fighting him off must have caused a ruckus cause now there were more pirates coming out from under deck. Umi knew she was massively outnumbered but just kept fighting them off in the hope that they'd get closer to the island so that she could jump off and get out of the situation.

What she had not expected to happen was that another ship would sail out and that men in white and blue uniforms would jump onto the ship and start fighting off and arresting the pirates. They reminded her of the white berets up in skypiea but these people were clearly not them. She saw on the back of ones uniform a word she had read before somewhere: Marine. Apparently this bunch was called marines. She didn't really care all that much for the name though as the thing that she was most happy about was the fact that they were helping her get rid of these pirates.

Soon there was only her and a few marines left standing, the marines were pointing their rifles at her and Umi knew that she wouldn't make it forward to them and overpower them with her spear in time (not that she wanted to do that of course, these people had helped her after all) so she simply put down her spear and put her hands up in the air. She gathered something about slaves while reading the marines lips and gestured for them to follow her as she lead them to the room she had escaped out of and to where the other skypieans and shandians were being held.

Some of the other prisoners had woke up by now and were able to explain to the marines what had happened while the marines in turn explained the situation. Umi didn't really gather much from what she could read on the others lips. All she gathered was something about slaves and slave trading and luck and something like that. It was quite hard to read many people's lips at the same time. The slaves were given a new chance and were set free to do as they pleased and start a new life but Umi had her sights set on something completely different.

She wanted to prevent pirates from doing what they had done up in skypiea, taking people from their homes and selling them as slaves and trying to take over islands and grounds that weren't theirs. The marines seemed like an honorable bunch that you could rely on in tough situations. Besides she was a warrior and felt dishonored by the fact that she had gotten captured so easily. She wasn't comfortable with showing her face to her tribe again, therefore she would restore her honor by working with the marines and protecting civilians. She let herself be requited into the marines and spent the next two years training and working with them in hopes that she would restore her honor some day and be able to return to her tribe.

Abilities: Experienced, combat trained warrior and hunter. Ability to read lips. Since she has no hearing her other senses are a bit heightened to compensate for it.


Weapon: Spear

Weapon Description: Just a simple shandian spear with some feathers and inscriptions on it.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: This is the spear Umi used to fight off the pirates that captured her. She simply ended up keeping it and using it since it reminded her of home.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Professional
Character Speed: Intense
Character Resilience: Intense
Character Dexterity: Intense

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Devil Fruit Progression: N/A
Current Devil fruit Level: N/A
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: N/A
Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Just the normal kicks and punches.

Weapon Based Combat:

Bladed Wheel - Spinning her speer around in her hands rapidly Umi attempts to slash her opponent's with her spear quickly rotating causing a build up of momentum.

Sternum Slash - Jabbing the hilt of her spear into her opponent's sternum Umi takes advantage of her opponent being stunned and swings her spear around bringing the blade downwards to slice them.

Iron Hail - Holding her spear horizontally Umi jabs the blade towards her opponent numerous times.

Collar Cut - Sweeping her spear downwards towards their collar bone Umi attempts to break their collar bone as well as slice them in a downward fashion from their collar bone.

Hunter Drop - Umi leaps into the air and directs her spear downwards so when she lands her spear may pierce the flesh of her opponent and her momentum may bring them down.

Hunter Drop: Beat Down - Umi leaps into the air with her spear and as she comes crashing down towards her opponent with spear in hand, she brings down the blunt end to batter them with.

Devil Fruit Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

RP Sample: N/A

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Re: Umi

Post by Docile on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:30 am

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Re: Umi

Post by bunbunny on Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:19 am


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Re: Umi

Post by Docile on Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:18 am

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Re: Umi

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