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Wilfred Cyckes

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Wilfred Cyckes

Post by Docile on Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:28 am

General Information

Name:  Wilfred Cyckes
Epithet: "The Mad Cog Monkey"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Steam Punk Revolution

Crew: (Not Yet Created) The Clockwork Pirates
Ship: (Not Yet Created) Time Goes
Occupation: Doctor | Strategist
1st Bounty: 1,000
Crimes Committed:
• Murder of a marine official
Allegiance: Pirate
• Start his own crew
• Discover a cure for everything
• Help his crew accomplish their goals
• Become the Pirate King

Character Information

Flag: (Not Yet Created)
The Clockwork Pirate Jolly Roger:

Standing at a height of 6ft with a weight behind him of 11 Stone Wilfred Cyckes has pale skin & very curly dark brown hair along with a small brown goatee which sits just on his chin. His left eyes is green whilst his right eye is yellow & sitting just over his nose is a set of glasses with circular lenses. His tongue is rather long and on some occasions can be seen hanging from his mouth along with a touch of drool. Usually when shits about to go down. His face is rather narrow & body quite strong. Covering his pale torso is a straitjacket worn the wrong way round with sleeves hanging down over his hands. His torso is on constant display with few dark hairs over his torso. It can be seen that he has an incredibly toned & strong body but his posture obscures sight mostly due to the fact that he is hunched allot of the time. Hanging from his waist is a holster for two scalpels one one each side which he uses in operations. From his waist down he wears dark green cargo trousers which are ripped at the bottom whilst his feet aren't covered at all and incredibly tough. Despite wearing glasses he doesn't actually need them though. On his straitjacket he has a zip going up it just in case he gets cold then in much colder terrain he can zip it up and enjoy the warmth. Over the bottom of his right foot he has a black tattoo which is a brain with clockwork cogs leading from the top of the brain up his right leg to the knee.

Personality: Incredibly clever & quirky Wilfred knows allot about the world around him, the world around him however doesn't know so much about him, and he knows it. Unpredictable, clever & quirky, Wilfred proves this is a bad combination for his enemies. Always keeping in mind whats most important he focuses strongly on his goal along with those of his friends. Wilfred has a unique ability in which he can justify anything to himself. Able to hide all emotions he proves a formidable foe. Spending years in his youth studying, suffering & remaining vigil he has quickly learnt allot about people down to the simplest of movements & sounds. Always calculating away he tends to figure out most things himself with general ease & loves to surprise people all the time in which he proves he is capable of doing so.

Wilfred loves to get a reaction from people and even more so loves hiding his devil fruit from people too, mainly so people appreciate his strength & power outside of his fruit ability. He knows his own limits but uses hat people don't know as a bonus. He loves pushing himself further each & every time & learning new things about himself with every single step he takes. Living life as a free spirit he does what he feels like doing whenever he feels like doing unless it conflicts with the love he shares for his crew.  A funny drunk Wilfred enjoys spending time with his friends after enjoying some drinks, however if a scenario were to unfold in which a friend or family member would come to harm whilst under the influence and he won't hold back.

Character History

Born into a retched poverty stricken borough to the single mother Prudence Cyckes, Wilfred was quickly thrust into adulthood at the age of 7. He was expected to help his mother out as much as he could as they were living in a whore house. Due to his mother previously being one they'd allowed her to live in the back rooms of the house in exchange for doing their laundry. Spending allot of time helping his mother with the laundry Wilfred seemed slow, there had always been a clock which had ticked away whilst he folded the clothes that he never really took much notice off. He was treated like a son by all of the women there who thought he'd no idea what was going on around him due to his constant dimwitted glare. He knew full well, just didn't much care and absorbed it all. Including the annual visits from corrupt Marine officials who didn't just come in to leave with smiles but a pocket full of beli too.

As time had gone by and he'd grown up surrounded by women who thought him special he decided to indulge them and play along with the act of the slow child that he wasn't. Watching man after man step through the door & leave with a smile on his face Wilfred did his best to ignore what happened behind those closed doors, even if it was strikingly obvious. Helping his mother with the laundry he found himself occasionally with some time to himself in which he would pick a book from the shelf in the house & sit down in a quiet corner and read. After a few years there he'd read all the books several times and soaked up all the knowledge they had to provide him with.

At the age of twelve it finally happened, one of the Marines who'd come to collect his annual payment for their 'protection' lost it. Demanding too much money he didn't like being told no. Attacking the woman Wilfred got angry and barged in. He'd heard screams before but not of this nature and it angered him. Seeing the Marine pinning the woman to the bed with a hand raised & a fresh red hand print across her cheek, he charged at the Marine knocking him clean off the woman.

Getting back to his feet the official removed his flintlock pistol and took aim at Wilfred. Placing him under arrest for assault on a Naval soldier he escorted him from the premises. His mother had paid the Marine to free Wilfred but instead of releasing him, took the beli and Wilfred. Throwing him into a prison for the youth the soldier made up a series of other false charges which meant Wilfred would be locked up for 8 years at least. This was a warning to the whore house & his mother of what he could do with his authority.

During these 8 years in captivity Wilfred spent the time getting bullied for being the son of a whore by other inmates & especially the guards. He took all of the punishment and told himself that he would not let it get to him. It did however seem to change him. The hours seemed endless and just hearing the clock's ticks echo down the hallway made his time incarcerated seem so much longer. It was slowly starting to make him contemplate giving up, but he just wanted to hear the next tick, then the next one and soon. When he was locked up he took to reading from the selection of books which were available one of which was all about medicine & surgery which he took a liking to. They really were trying to at least rehabilitate the children here instead of letting them carry on the way they did. Reading these books Wilfred did happen to learn allot and actually started to dream of becoming a doctor when he was released. With his release day dawning and his knowledge expanded he was ready to get out of this place.

During his last week Wilfred's sentence was extended yet again by the same Marine who created a series more false charges because yet again the whore house refused to pay. As Wilfred had turned 18 he was to be moved from the juvenile delinquent rehabilitation center  to the big house. Upon moving into his new cell he became mute due to depression of having his freedom ripped away at the last moment. It angered him, but he never shew it. Taking to exercise to work off the anger which arrived every morning from his nightmares of what the Marine was doing to his family, Wilfred grew stronger. He hated every second he was there and couldn't find it in himself to speak a single word to anyone. When he wasn't exercising he spent his time reading and here the only books which they seemed to have were those of history and past wars.

During the week of his twenty first birthday he had, had enough. He planned to escape. Using his strength & acrobatics he broke out of his cell. During his escape he was caught by a single guard who sliced at his left bicep and left a nasty gash. Thankfully nothing too bad though. Wilfred had been able to knock him out with a quick slam of his head into the wall. Retreating to the medical bay to patch himself up though he snatched a few small supplies and took them with him after bandaging up the gash.

Breaking out and seeing the world around himself once more a smile grew on his face, now there was just the task of getting home. He started his journey walking home. Killing animals in the wild to fulfil his hunger he did what was needed to survive. Lonely his mutism hadn't yet worn off from the depression. But his dreams of becoming a doctor remained, along with the dream of helping his family.

He managed to stumble into a war zone during his journey back home by accident and walked right into dead man's land. A hail of gun fire opened up on him as he tried passing through to which he ran, escaping by diving into a bare wire fence.

When next he awoke his body was covered in cuts all over and a doctor stood over him patching him up. Thankful for the help Wilfred was about to leave when he saw how the doctor's were ambushed and managed to hold their own against the intruders with a strange fighting style he'd never witnessed before. Questioning them on their style he learnt it was known as Surgery Style a fighting style created by doctors for doctors. Expressing his desire to become one he offered his services as a doctor from what he knew in exchange for learning more about this mysterious fighting style.

Months passed and in that time he not only had learnt Surgery Style to such a skilled degree, but he'd also become a better doctor. He said his goodbyes & headed out for home to right the wrongs with his family. Before he got the chance to leave however he was handed some food for the journey.

During his journey he stopped 2 times. Continuing on his journey home he did however discover a few strange things. Upon reaching his home town once again he found himself a very different man to the boy he was when he'd first left. His mother was old and struggling to hold on and the whores were all new whilst the elder ones joined his mother in the laundry room to pay for their homes.

Greeting each of the women he was happy to see them again but not the new bruises and such. He stayed with them for a while to let them know everything would be alright. When the Marine Official returned Wilfred declared he would be ready for him this time. Seeing the man as he stepped in the door they both recognized each other. The Marine engaged in an assault with a swift swing of his blade which was narrowly avoided by Wilfred before he applied a quick kick to the marine's genital area followed by a hand to his neck slamming him into the wall.

Anger had taken hold of him and age had made the soldier weak. Threatening the official Wilfred dropped him when he agreed to return no more. Turning his back on the marine he heard him mutter "You're no better than a no good pirate." Wilfred replied with "Maybe I should become one!" this was followed by a few more foul words from the marine which pushed Wilf over the edge. Stopping in his tracks he turned and threw the soldier from the second story of the house.

Watching his lifeless body sprawl out beneath him he was spotted and quickly made mention of as a pirate. Agreeing to the name of a pirate he made his escape to the shipyard where he would get his hands on a ship. This is where Wilf's dream of becoming the pirate king came from. He had never thought about it before but if he was going to be branded as a pirate he figured why not shoot for head honcho. At this moment in time Wilfred began to realize, he'd spent years away from his family and even though it felt as if he should just end his life due to the nightmarish hell he endured to get to this point in his life, just like the clocks which ticked away time & time again, life for him just continued. Time & life would not stop, they just kept trucking on forward. Life was just like Clockwork, it just kept on rolling again & again never faltering. Just like how life should be. Even when broken, it still attempted to continue. Just like he had done so enduring prison. To Wilfred Clockwork now meant something different.

Clockwork meant never giving up.


Acrobatics: Due to all of his down time in the prison, Wilfred spent allot of his time exercising building his muscle and gaining allot of strength. Whilst spending time working out he also took time to work on his climbing capabilities to aid in his escape from prison. Due to spending so much time on this he developed an incredible skill for acrobatics.

Strategist: Whilst spending allot of his time in his youth and in prison reading, Wilfred found solace in history books where he could read about wars the past of the world. Whilst doing so he started to see allot about how wars in the past had been won & lost. Which tactics had proved the most efficient and which had not. Taking all of these into account he read more books which taught him how those ho had not learned from history had fallen and those who had succeeded in survival and continued. He started to understand what was needed to succeed in life.

Surgery Style: Stumbling into a revolutionary war as he escaped the prison, Wilfred was taken in as a patient and during one night where he watched the doctors defend themselves against the Marines, he questioned their fighting style as it was nothing he'd ever seen before. As his health returned to normal he offered his services for a few months in exchange for teaching the fighting style to him. After those months he had become an adept fighter of the art of Surgery Style.


Weapon: Two Scalpels

Weapon Description: Two regular size, stainless steel scalpels which sit in the holsters hanging from Wilfred's waist. The blades are small but incredibly sharp easily able to slice through flesh like a hot knife through butter.

Weapon Special Abilities: Incredibly sharp.

Weapon History: These scalpels were the first Wilfred ever got hold of when he begun his medical career and thus the ones he has kept. He stole them from the medical bay of the prison he was kept in during his escape. Due to being prison medical tools tough tools were needed thus these ones are made of stainless steel.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Proficient  

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:  
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Clockwork Saver
This technique was discovered when reading about anatomy and discovered when he read about how the mind effects the body greatly in a majority of ways due to the thoughts & feelings a person can have. When he feels his life fading & he is struggling, Wilfred uses the slight control he has over his body to force adrenaline into his system to push him further and bring him back to his feet long enough to help his friends &/or receive treatment for his wounds.

Surgery Style: Pendulum Eye
When close enough the user places his thumb next to the eye and pushes back as well as inwards to fit their thumb towards the back of the eye and pops it out of the socket in which the eye ball will be left hanging by the optic nerve.

Surgery Style: Chiropractor
Flattening the palm and slamming their hand into a foe's back the user is able to partially paralyze a foe by coming into contact with certain segments of the spine.

Weapon Based Combat:

Surgery Style: Imbalance
Using a blade of any type the user slices down towards the foe's big toe(s) cutting it off. With the toe now no longer part of the body the user will be unable to balance themselves properly and 90% of the time fall over.

Surgery Style: Carotid Stinger
Using a blade of any type the user slashes towards the carotid artey in their foe's neck & face. This will cause the foe to bleed to death if not treated within 20 posts. If the foe does anything to increase the blood flow then the foe will die after 10 posts. If they treat the wound before then it can be stopped. This technique will cause the foe to bleed to death and the only way to stop it is to stop the blood flow and the user from bleeding to death.

Surgery Style: Roman Suicide
Taking a blade of any type and digging it into the foe's thigh the user attempts to cut an artery which the roman's used to cut causing them to bleed to death. Like the Carotid Stinger this will cause the foe to bleed to death if not treated within 20 posts. If the foe does anything to increase the blood flow then the foe will die after 10 posts. If they treat the wound then it can be stopped. This technique will cause the foe to bleed to death and the only way to stop it is to stop the blood flow and the user from bleeding to death.

Surgery Style: Blood Fountain
Using a blade of any type to slash through the waist of the foe the user cuts their main artery & capileries causing blood to gush forth like a fountain. The user will bleed to death in 10 posts due to the speed at which the blood gushes out and if they continue to do anything which causes the heart to beat faster then, they will bleed out in 5 posts. This technique will cause the foe to bleed to death and the only way to stop it is to stop the blood flow and the user from bleeding to death. However the pressure at which the blood spurts forth is so strong that to stop it the minimum stat to stop the blood flow would be proficient.

Surgery Style: Carotid High Five
Using a hook/needle & thread, the user quickly sews the a hand other than their own, to a foe's carotid artery and snaps the thread or bites it to snap it leaving the foe with a hand against their face/neck which will restrain them. If they open the wound then, the foe to bleed to death if not treated within 20 posts. If the foe does anything to increase the blood flow then the foe will die after 10 posts. If they treat the wound then it can be stopped. This technique will cause the foe to bleed to death and the only way to stop it is to stop the blood flow and the user from bleeding to death.

Surgery Style: Monoclaw
Exactly the same as Monoclaw only with a blade in each hand instead of just the one. Using a small blade the user places a single blade in each hand and only lets the blade protrude between their fingers whilst holding the rest of the blade with their hand. This allows them to punch and stab the opponents at the same time. It also allows the user to still use both hands as the blade is held in between their fingers.

Surgery Style: Duoclaw
Exactly the same as Monoclaw only with a blade in each hand instead of just the one. Using a small blade the user places a single blade in each hand and only lets the blade protrude between their fingers whilst holding the rest of the blade with their hand. This allows them to punch and stab the opponents at the same time. It also allows the user to still use both hands as the blade is held in between their fingers.

Surgery Style: Open Hand
Using any type of blade the user digs the blade into the foe's wrist and twists it activating nerves to cause the user to open their hand and drop whatever they are holding on to.

Surgery Style: Bone Pile
Using a blade the user stabs the blade into the back a foe between two platelets popping the gel in between the bones. This will permanently paralyze the foe and once they remove the blade, the foe will fall to the floor permanently paralyzed.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:


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