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Zachary Thompson

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Zachary Thompson

Post by Colm on Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:31 am

General Information
"Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but I will be smiling once I claim my crown."

Name: Zachary Thompson
Epithet: "Mad Zach"
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: The Blood Gamble Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Captain | Navigator
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate
• Become King of The Pirates
• Sail The World
• Gather The Perfect Crew
• Master His Devil Fruit
• Get Rich
• Make Some Friends

Character Information
"I'm Mad? You say that like it's a bad thing."



Standing in at 5ft 11 inches and weighing roughly 160 lbs. Zach is of average height and weight. His skin is pale but not overly so, most people say they see a hint of pink in his healthy complexion. Zach is considered quite attractive to many, most notably for his light blue eyes and strong facial features (nose, cheek bones, and jawline). His natural hair color is black although he has dyed the left side of it white. It reaches down at various points along his face with the shortest being enough to cover part of his forehead and the longest being down his neck and a bit on his shoulders, the only thing really being hidden is ears although a part of them can be seen. He is completely clear of any sort of facial hair, mostly because he was never really able to grow any although he is grateful for that considering he doesn't think he'd look good with it. Although he is not overly strong from the neck down his body is still reasonably chiseled and laced with a considerable amount of muscle, but no more than the average person who works out and has good genes would have. From his chest to his stomach are various scars caused from cuts and along his arms are long burn marks reaching down to about his wrists, although they aren't as serious or horrid as they could be Zach still prefers to keep them covered as much as possible. Besides the lack of facial hair Zach is completely hairless minus the bunch located on his head, ever since he was young he just simply showed no signs of growing hair anymore. Although it's a bit odd it at least saves time on shaving, so he's grateful for it.

Moving on to his wardrobe you can see that Zach is a big fan of both white and black seeing as how it compromises most of clothing. His shirt is a white button down that tucks into his pants with a black tie nicely tied around his neck. Over this he wears a custom made black vest with leather jacket sleeves that reach down to just before his wrists. Besides being fashionable he tucks his tie underneath the vest to keep it from fluttering about in the wind. Around his wrists he wears large black studded bangles and on his hands he wears fine red gloves. Heading down to around his waist you see he wears a large black belt although he doesn't need it to help keep up his pants, which were also custom made being a mix of both jeans and dress pants and of course being black. For footwear he wears standard yet very comfortable and maneuverable dress shoes. Occasionally if it is cold out or if the situation simply demands for him to look more regal then he already is Zach will wear a large white fur coat with red silk on the inside.

Personality: Zachary is a man of class and taste, always acting like a gentleman when dealing with new people. Although he may not always be kind he does his best to be respectful to others so long as they are respectful towards him. He is an intelligent man that enjoys planning and settling things diplomatically for the most part, not so much because he is afraid of conflict but because he'd rather not have to make a mess every time someone is less than reasonable. Although he enjoys thinking things out and coming up with a plan of action Zach is not against simply leaving things to fate and just winging it, life is a gamble after all and he's proven to be quite the winner. Zach is not cocky nor is he brimming with overconfidence, he simply knows full well what he is capable of and maintains a certain sense of fearlessness because of it. As a gambler Zach has a tendency to play by the rules so long as they work out in his favor, and once that ceases to be true he'll bend them as much as he can in his favor without flat out cheating. It's good to have every possible advantage but you've still got to give the other guy a chance, otherwise it wouldn't be any fun.

When dealing with people in a one on one situation all the way up to a large crowd Zach doesn't trust a single person, you can't just hand it out to every person that comes by, it has to be earned, and seldom anyone earns respect from Zach. It's not necessarily difficult to do so it's just that nobody ever really tries, most people that Zach comes across thinks he's a little messed up in the head so they usually don't want to have anything to do with him. Zach is by no means crazy, he just has no issue whatsoever with doing whatever he has to in order to get what he wants. Although being greedy he is not selfish, he wants it all but will have no problem sharing with someone if they happen to help him out, fair is fair after all. He will not openly use someone but will instead make a deal with them, although people can be easily manipulated he prefers to handle things with some decorum, he is a gentleman after all. Zach is by no means a charity case, but coming from less than ideal beginnings himself he will be genuinely kind to the less fortunate, even giving them some of what he has to help make their lives better. Even though he may come off as arrogant or pompous, usually to those who don't like him, Zach doesn't believe himself to be better than anyone else, just simply more capable than most. He has a dislike for those who believe themselves to be above everyone else and has a special love for bringing them down and reminding them that they are the same as everyone else. Zach takes a special interest in anyone who manages to impress or surprise him, seeing as he is looking for crew members it would be nice to find people such as himself who are capable of greatness.

Even though his morals may seem a bit screwed up Zach will still honor any and all deals he makes, a man is only as good as his word after all. Of course if someone was to betray him they would instantly have themselves a new and dangerous enemy. Needless to say Zach doesn't take betrayal well and will seek punishment to those who wrong him, believing that anyone who turns on him is disrespecting him and considering him a fool. He'll be damned if anyone looks down on him. Zach will see just about anything through to the end unless of course it involves him getting into some serious trouble or putting his life in danger. After all what good is accomplishing something if it gets you thrown in jailed or killed? Zach will always remember when someone helps him out, being more than willing to return the favor if the opportunity ever arises. He doesn't have any problem with getting his hands dirty when the situation calls for it and will not refuse a challenge or a fight.

Although it may seem that Zach is nothing but trouble and the kind of guy anyone and everyone would want to avoid he isn't actually such a terrible person. He's got some soft spots for animals, women, and children, taking special care when dealing with any of the three. Zach also is willing to help someone out who is in trouble, although he won't go out of his way and be some kind of vigilante he still believes everyone needs a little assistance sometimes. He is a very loyal person and will accept anyone who proves themselves to be trustworthy with open arms, and if someone manages to go the extra mile and show that they genuinely care for him they'll be family as far as Zach is concerned.

Character History
"My road is paved with blood and money, so I'd watch where you step, because while I've cashed in many have checked out."


The night was cool and crisp with barely any clouds looming about in the sky, the moon was hanging high and shinning a brilliant white, there was just something about full moons that induced different phenomena in people, this one in particular could have been Zach's mother going into labor. Rushing off into the hospital in the dead of night they arrived just in time to make it in before the whole process really started. Richard & Lilian Thompson were by no means well off or really even passed middle class at best, so it seemed like a foolish decision for them to have a child, but they recognized their true callings as parents and wanted to really have a family. They knew it would be difficult but they wanted to give their child a better life then they had. There was no preference over a daughter or a son but after a baby boy was delivered the two couldn't be happier, their little Zach was now in their lives and it made everything all the more worth it to them. The world was full of many opportunities and they were confident their son would grow up to be someone great.

Starting off at a very young age it seemed like Zach was an average child, he learned to walk with some difficulties and talking started off slow but he soon got the hang of it, this was around the time infants usually did these things so it wasn't really a big deal. Of course that didn't stop his parents from being so very proud of him. They did notice however that from a young age Zach had a certain fondness for playing games, it didn't really matter what it was as long as he got to participate. He really enjoyed winning and although he wasn't too big on losing he didn't really take it too hard, it was all in the name of fun and anyways, Zach didn't really lose very often. Not long after he started attending school, it wasn't exactly the most fun he could be having but it could have been a lot worse. He got along just fine with most of the kids and it gave him the opportunity to play games with more people and show off how good he was, it certainly was better than just playing with a few people. It seemed like Zach was destined to live a simple life, but it had already been decided that he would become something great, it was just a shame his parents wouldn't be around to see it.

When he was only 10 years old there was an accident, something had leaked in Zach's home and a fired started, it instantly started to take hold of the entire building and there was no way out for his parents. This had started not long before Zach got out of school so on his way home he noticed the smoke and could hear people yelling in the distance about a fire, it was in the same direction as his house and that made him really worried. He ran home to find the whole building on fire and a bunch of people gathering in an attempt to put out the blaze, with everyone being so bust nobody noticed him slip past everyone and made it inside in an attempt to find his parents and make sure they were okay. He called out for them but got no response other than the roaring and cracking of the flames that surrounded him, in a matter of moments there would be no way out with the only fate that awaited him being consumed by the fire. Noticing something in the corner of his eye he saw it was a photo of his parents from their wedding day that had not yet caught fire, running to it he reached for it as part of the building started to come down. The flames licked at his arms and even though it hurt he managed to grab onto the picture, pulling it close to himself he pulled himself back and laid on the floor crying. The smoke was making it hard to breath and it seemed like he was going to die, but just in the nick of time men looking for survivors managed to find him and pulled him out, saving his life. Later that day the news was broken to him that his parents were dead. Zach had never known such a sadness and didn't know what else to do other than cry, he could barely feel the tears stream down his cheeks or even the tremendous stinging in his arms that had suffered burns that would most likely remain for life, let alone hear the part where he'd have to go into foster care.

Being all alone in the world Zach was sent off to live in an orphanage with other children who had either been abandoned or had just as bad a life as he did. In an ideal world this would be the end of Zach's struggles and things would only look up for him for the rest of his life, of course this was far from an ideal world, because if it was this tragedy would never have occurred in the first place. For the most part when a person feels low they want to bring someone down even lower to feel better about themselves, either that or they're so terrible a person they just simply always enjoy the suffering of others. Not long after Zach arrived to the orphanage he was bullied and mistreated by some of the other boys living there, which in turn caused just about everyone to want to have nothing to do with him, whether it was to avoid catching some of the heat themselves or because they would be too embarrassed to be seen with him Zach didn't know, but he also didn't care. There was obviously nothing he could do to make it stop, so he was just going to have to live with it, he was already alone as it was so having no friends didn't bother him in the least. The burns on his arms were a constant reminder to what happened to his parents so he started to wear long sleeve clothing in order to cover them up, luckily for him his hands hadn't been damaged so at least he was clear there.

Words by no means hurt Zach, he could go through any insult without so much as flinching, he had been through too much for it to bother him, and anyways, after a couple of years he had already gotten used to a lot of it anyway. Noticing that their fun was coming to an end the bullies figured it was time to kick things up a notch, they wanted to see how nicely Zach would handle physical abuse. They started to beat him, hitting him with whatever they could get their hands on, they weren't exactly secretive about it but there was nobody ever around who could make them stop, there was always someone who saw something though and did nothing. It hurt like hell and Zach wanted to cry and scream but he didn't, there was starting to be a numbness in his every day life, nobody cared about him and would do anything to help him, he was completely and utterly alone. However, instead of giving up hope like most people would something sparked inside of Zach, he was on his own and was probably fated to live a miserable life before dying a pitiful life but he couldn't accept that. For the first time in his life he wanted to be someone, someone people respected and talked about, he wanted his name to be remembered as great. He refused to die before accomplishing this goal he had just set for himself.

Although the bullies had gotten into trouble it didn't stop them from continuing their ways, it was almost a daily thing that Zach had to put up with and slowly but surely it started to get worse, instead of just bruises and cuts they started turning into some nasty scars. He was tired of the abuse but there wasn't much he could do, there were too many of them and if he tried to fight back things would only be much worse than they were now, and that could end up getting him seriously inured or maybe even worse. On a day where things got especially bad Zach was beaten and damaged to the point where he needed to go to a hospital, he was rushed there quickly and the doctors working managed to help him, his life hadn't been in danger but he certainly was in horrible shape. He was going to have to stay there for a few weeks, Zach was fine with that, it would be the longest he'd ever gone without being assaulted in a very long time. While at the hospital there was a doctor that took a special liking to Zach, he was a very kind and sophisticated man, instead of wearing the traditional coat and whatnot he chose to wear much finer and elegant things. He saw something in Zach and asked for his story. A little reluctant to go through the sad run through of a his life Zach didn't want to but decided he had nothing to lose so he might as well. Once he was finished he was surprised to find the doctor had actually shed a tear or two, he really felt sorry for Zach, but at the same time he respected him for having the strength to go on despite having so much stacked against him. The doctor made the decision to help him out. The following day he brought Zach a present, it was a bit odd since he hadn't received a gift since his parents were alive, but he accepted it nonetheless. He was surprised to find that it was a fruit upon opening the box, he thought it might have been something to help with the healing process but the doctor explained that it was so much more then that, it had been very expensive and he had to purchase it on the black market. Zach was confused to say the least, it was strange to him that a fruit could be so special, the doctor didn't really explain much else but told him that it was up to him what he did with it. The doctor did tell him though that if he decided to eat the fruit that he would be given the power he needed to make something of himself, that he would be able to achieve the greatness he wanted. After that he said goodbye and was on his way, after that Zach didn't see the doctor again, he had apparently been transferred to a different hospital that was under-staffed.

Unsure of what to do with the fruit Zach had decided to just keep it in it's box while he remained in the hospital, now that he was no longer bed ridden he was free to move about. He spent a great deal of time in the library reading up about the ocean and sailing, he had developed a certain fascination with learning how to navigate, the doctors words had given him some confidence in making something of himself. Another great pass time while being hospitalized was playing games, this time he played with some of the older patients in card games. He didn't know what he was doing at first but he picked up on it quickly, Zach rather enjoyed playing games and gambling, the patients said he was a natural and should one day try his luck in a real casino, he might be able to hit it big. The people of the hospital showed him more kindness in a few weeks then he had received in his entire time living in the orphanage, he would never forget his time here. The day finally arrived where Zach was cleared to go back to the orphanage. Saying his goodbyes he went on his way, not surprisingly there was no warm welcome for him, in fact it was the opposite. The guys who had abused Zach threw some threats at him and said that it wouldn't be long before things got back to normal. The following week Zach was looking at the picture of his parents he had saved years ago, a lot had changed since that fateful day, he was 18 now and free to leave the orphanage whenever he wanted. It seemed that day would be today. The bullies decided it was time to get back to their old ways and took the picture from Zach, mocking him all the while as he tried to get it back until finally they just tore it up. The only thing left oh his parents and now it was gone, that was the last straw for him. He finally fought back but things went exactly as he expected, he received a tremendous beating that showed no signs of ending any time soon. It seemed like there was no way out until Zach remembered the gift he had received from the doctor, making his way to the box he opened it and took the fruit out. Zach was tired, tired of getting beat, tired of being nobody, he wanted to be something, he wanted a chance, that's all he needed. Taking a bite of the fruit he found it tasted terrible but it didn't discourage him in the least, he ate the whole thing and tried to prepare himself for whatever would come. Taking it as being his last meal the bullies figured it was time to put an end to him once and for all, they continued the beating and Zach didn't seem to have a chance. He felt a bit different then he had a few minutes ago but there still seemed to be nothing he could do, but it was time to take his last stand. Striking back nobody expected what came next, Zach missed and struck a wall, but upon making contact there was a large explosion, there was a mix of terror and fear as a fire started. There was no explanation to what had just happened but that didn't stop Zach from continuing, he fought back and with each blow there was another explosion, soon the whole place was on fire and would be coming down at any moment, seeing this as the perfect opportunity Zach made a run for it. He was going to say goodbye to this place and start his life anew, it was time for him to be the person he knew he could be.

After making it off the island with a boat he stole Zach had to make a decision, he knew that with his new power he would be able to accomplish a lot, and that was perfect for him because he wanted as much as he could take. Never again would he be forced to live the way he had all those years, he was going to live a life of wealth and class. He would take what he wanted when he wanted, and nobody would be able to stop him, it was a pirates life for him from here on out. Landing on the next island Zach decided it was time to get a little more prepared for the new life he would be leading. He decided to do some extensive studying on navigation as well as what the sea had to offer and even a little history of what was going on in the world. In order to survive Zach would either have to steal or try his luck gambling, of course he decided to go with both, stealing some money from anyone he could he'd take it to the casino to play. It seemed Zach was quite the winner with all the money he managed to make, with it he was able to give himself a sort of makeover. Along with these habits and his studying Zach started to understand how his powers worked, it was quite interesting to him that he could just blow things up with his bare hands. After spending about two years building himself up he decided it was time to set out again, this time he would truly begin his voyage as a pirate, it would probably take time to get to where he wanted to be but that was fine by him, after all it wouldn't be any fun if it was easy. Zach spent the next several years traveling from place to place, learning and experiencing, as well as having some fun and causing some trouble. He did some good and some bad, although more bad then good by most people's standards, but he was quite content with the person he had become and believed that his parents would be proud of him. After gaining some experience in the real world Zach decided it was time to seek out people who could help him achieve his goals, he would gather a crew and rise to the top of the pirate world, and perhaps he'd even be lucky enough to make a few friends.


  • Poker Face - In order to be good at gambling you have to be able to lie, and no good liar is complete without a solid poker face, which is exactly what Zach has developed. He is capable of lying to anyone's face while remaining completely calm and relaxed as if he is telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which for the most part causes just about everyone he comes across to believe him. Besides this he is capable of remaining straight faced in order to keep people from getting an idea of what's on his mind, how he is feeling, or what he might be planning. Being the proud owner of a fantastic poker face Zach is also capable of calling people on their bluffs and reading people through their facial expressions, allowing him to for the most part be able to tell when someone is lying.

  • Observance/Awareness - While playing games like poker you have to keep an eye out for things around you, especially if you start winning a great deal of money, and paying close attention to those you're playing against is also very helpful. As such Zach has developed a habit of watching and making mental notes of things he sees, allowing him to always have a good idea of what is going on around him as well as being able to observe things reasonably well at only a glance. This would allow him to tell when something is wrong either because of what is going on in the area around him or because of the actions of a specific person, making it hard although not impossible to sneak up on Zach or get him into a trap.

  • Navigational Prowess - It would do a person well to know where they are and where they're going, so Zach studied map reading and how to steer a ship as well as even learning a bit about the position of stars and movement of the waves. Thanks to this Zach is able to get himself just about anywhere whether it be during the day or at night as well as be able to know when the tides are changing direction or if the sea is about to get rough and other such things.

"A gambler's arsenal, nothing beats the smell of it."

Weapon: Playing Cards

Weapon Description:

He carries at least 4 packs on him at all times.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: It would be in poor taste for a gambler not to carry his own pack of cards, especially one's that are designed as finely as these are. During his travels Zach was fortunate enough to stumble across a shop that sold cards and other gambling amenities and decided to stock up on as much as he could, it never hurt to be prepared after all.

Weapon: Gambling Dice

Weapon Description:

He carries about a dozen dice on him at all times.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Zach also found these in the same shop he purchased the cards from and decided it would be in his best interest to acquire them as well.

Weapon: Cigarette Holder

Weapon Description:

Along with this he also carries a pack of cigarettes to smoke.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Zach also stumbled upon this in the shop, it was an antique and unused for the most part so he decided to give it a try. It was nice being able to smoke without having to stain his fingers or his gloves so he purchased it as well.

Power Level Information
"I don't get what I want just cause I'm handsome."

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed: Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Trained

Devil Fruit Information
"A Demon King? I quite like the sound of that."

Devil Fruit Name: Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb-Bomb Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Beginner/Level 1 - Advanced/Level 2 (3 posts)
Advanced/Level 2 - Mastery/Level 3 (5 posts)
Current Devil fruit Level: Beginner/Level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Beginner/Level 1 - At this level the user is capable of generating explosions through physical contact but only if they are the one initiating contact, meaning if someone were to strike them they could not simply explode as a counter-attack. The explosive properties also extend to anything expelled by the user (such as hair, mucus, breath etc.) or anything they come into contact with such as surfaces or items on their person. These explosions are caused instantaneously. At this level the explosions generated expand out into a 20 ft circumference from the point of impact. The user is immune to all other forms of explosions. The user is also able to concentrate the explosions to a smaller size in order to increase the damage in a smaller area.

Advanced/Level 2 - At this level the user is capable of generating explosions through physical contact but only if they are the one initiating contact, meaning if someone were to strike them they could not simply explode as a counter-attack. The explosive properties also extend to anything expelled by the user (such as hair, mucus, breath etc.) or anything they come into contact with such as surfaces or items on their person. As an addition at this level the user is now able to control the timing of the explosion, meaning they can cause it to go off instantaneously or have up to a 45 second delay before detonating. At this level the explosions generated expand out into a 50 ft circumference from the point of impact. The user is immune to all other forms of explosions. The user is also able to concentrate the explosions to a smaller size in order to increase the damage in a smaller area.

Mastery/Level 3 - At this level the user is capable of generating explosions through physical contact but only if they are the one initiating contact, meaning if someone were to strike them they could not simply explode as a counter-attack. The explosive properties also extend to anything expelled by the user (such as hair, mucus, breath etc.) or anything they come into contact with such as surfaces or items on their person. At this level the user is able to further control the timing of the explosion, now causing it to occur anywhere from instantaneously up to having a 2 minute delay. At this level the explosions generated expand out into a 100 ft circumference from the point of impact. As an addition at this level the user is now able to generate explosions from a distance so long as they are in contact with something connected to their intended target (meaning if the user was at the bottom of a wall and their target was on top of it they would be able to place a hand on the wall and cause an explosion at the area their target is located). The range of this ability caps out at 100 ft. The user is immune to all other forms of explosions. The user is also able to concentrate the explosions to a smaller size in order to increase the damage in a smaller area.

Devil Fruit Abilities: The fruit transforms the user into a Bomb Human, allowing them to turn their body parts into a bomb without causing any harm to themselves. The explosive properties also extends to things such as hair, mucus, breath, and any other from of emission caused by the human body. The fruit also grants immunity against all other explosions, as well as the ability to evaluate their quality.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Powers only activate upon the user initiating contact

Combat Information
"Bear witness to what a King can do!"

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

  • Explosive Impact - Zach launches an attack, usually by a punch or kick, and upon coming into contact with something detonates, creating an explosion from the point of impact.

  • Loaded Dice - Using anywhere from one to all of the dice Zach has on his person he holds them in his hand and blows on them, as if to make them good luck, and charges them with explosive properties, after which he proceeds to throw them where they will explode on contact or after a few seconds of being in the air.

  • Pick A Card - Zach draws a card from his deck and breaths on it, charging it with explosive properties, and then quickly flings it where it will explode on contact or after a few seconds of being airborne. Zach is capable of doing this one card at a time or using the whole deck.

  • Smokescreen - After taking a long drag from his cigarette Zach mixes the fumes with his own breath and spits it out into a compressed ball where after making contact or remaining in the air for a few seconds it will explode into a large cloud of smoke, allowing him to either make a sneak attack or attempt an escape.

  • Self-Detonation - By striking both of his fists together Zach creates a small scale explosion from his person in an attempt to either get people away from him or to protect him from oncoming ranged attacks such as bullets or arrows.

  • Fire-Breather - After drinking something alcoholic Zach keeps the fluid in his mouth and clicks his teeth together for a moment which in turn creates a spark and ignites the liquid, allowing him to spit either a small stream or small balls of fire.

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

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Re: Zachary Thompson

Post by Docile on Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:58 am

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