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Nori Rokuro

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Nori Rokuro

Post by Rahxephon on Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:12 pm

General Information

Name: Nori Rokuro
Epithet: Lord Taima, Noriko
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Black Market Businessman/Botanist/Alchemist
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 25000
Crimes Committed: Possession, Selling and trafficking of illicit material over several Blues.
Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: N/A
Dream(s): Nothing but to have a peaceful life where he's free to live as he sees fit.

Character Information

Flag: N/A


Nori is a slender athletic man with a pale complexion and duel coloured eyes of silver and orange gold. His hair is short and combed down, and greyish green in colour. Despite this they're often bloodshot in appearance, which is a contrast to his lavish attire. This consists of a long orange kimono with black boarders, within these black boarders is green Kanji trailing down the length of Komono's boarders. 

His appearance is a mix of this and this

What these Kanji say range from a variety of things, such as freedom, enlightenment, silence, peace, solitude among other terms. On certain occasions when he needs to actually do some serious like reading, Nori puts on a pair of reading glasses that are slim and stylish. On his person are three things he always has, one is a pouch with his Taima, the other is his fan which doubles as a weapon and his fancy smoking pipe.


Nori is the most chill person you could ever find, doing everything in his power not expand too much energy. Unless it involves his vices which are truly only two things, smoking and being lazy though his laziness is by choice. Where one might think him nothing more then a Sloth, Nori's mind is often thinking about a variety of things. His preference to do nothing is as said by choice, but only after a childhood where he was metaphorically grilled by his noble parents. 

As he grew older Nori got sick of all the rhetoric and training, and decided his own path away from his overbearing family. One way to turn Nori's ultra chill personality into something completely terrorifying, is to mess with his pipe/pouch which in turn connects to his smoking. The other is to cause or allow harm to come to children or animals, since he's always been around them at some point or another. Preferring their truthful and innocent ways, to the buzz killing nature of other people but solitude is his ultimate preference. Though like most men Nori does have a taste for fine women, and can even be considerably charming to them when the time calls for it. Despite his general lazy nature, he can play the fine upstanding gentlemen if he feels the need to impress or pick up a lady

Character History


Nori Rokuro was born the eldest son of an elustiorious family in the South Blue, they essentially ruled the island they were situated on. Because of this Nori was in doctrines into study and training early in life, so that he was ready to take over as head of the family. This would in turn make him the ruler of the island, though like many places the Rokuro family handled things behind the scenes. But even so their family was the most powerful on the island, and most knew not cross them though they were the first to go to when one was in trouble. Living his childhood as nothing more then a continuos disciple, Nori rarely ever had any fun as a child. The few times he did was when he was with his younger siblings, or the few times he snuck out and went into town where they didn't know him. His social interactions were generally between rich folk at parties, or his siblings and some street children. 

In his teen years, Nori become more then a little despondent about his life. Though luxury wasn't a problem for him, he had little chance to enjoy it and often fed his excess food to hungry people in town. Even though he disliked his constant studying and training, he did become highly skilled in many of said practises. He enjoyed Botany and Astronmey, using it as an escape of sorts when he could. After a surprise trip into town, Nori was urged to try Taima with some of his street friends. As he took his first puff Nori's mind opened up like never before, allowing him a greater view of everything around him. From that moment on Nori took every opportunity to smoke up, all the while bidding his time and resources so that he could escape his constricting lifestyle. 

Though he loved his siblings, he also knew they were put through the same study and training regime. Which meant he could allow them to take his place, as head of the family. So bidding his siblings goodbye as they slept, giving them each a personal note and present. Nori took all the excess money and resources he could from his parents, before hitting the high seas in search of freedom. Taking his life in his own hands and out in the world, Nori found it to be just as hard as expected. And in some cases, the need for a steady income was something many had to worry about. So with his chosen vice and business sense Nori got into drug trafficking but only Taima, he knew there was harder stuff out there but preferred his personal choice. It didn't prevent him from becoming top in his field and the best source of Taima across the Blues, he had his tough times and rivals but old skills came in handy in those situations.

He started off by finding a basic dealer and after some convincing, Nori got in contact with their supplier and made a deal. He would be their Taima dealer for a time, untill he got profits up to a record high. In doing so he gained better contacts both as customers and suppliers, though he was never out of his personal supply. Nori soon beame top in his field as a Taima dealer and soon got into supplying as well as dealing. Though he often preferred doing the job himself Nori had contacts in his little black book, they range across the four blues and he can dial them anytime. This wasn't an overnight occurrence and took him years to accomplish, even though he's a chosen lazy person people were amazed with his business sense. Using his network and abilities Nori became known as Lord Taima across the Blues, being the best person to get the best quality Taima around. Though he is purely a Taima dealer Nori also has a legitimate business front, in the business of botany and alchemy though he isn't a mad scientist he sometimes uses the plants or potions as a way to transport his wares. 

Abilities: Nori is both skilled and trained in a variety of subjects and ways, such as Choy Li Fut, Zui Quan, Shaolin Kung Fu and their weapon styles. He is a skilled business man, scholar and researcher (Only topics that interest him), he is a skilled botanist who can identify, access, heal or grow most recorded plants and trees. With this botany skill also comes a skilled knowledge of alchemy and alchemic practises with various herbs and elements, he can make a variety of potions and sometimes change an objects state (But not the element itself, thus he can change something from solid, liquid or gas. Or he can add a state other then this like electrified etc). He's also skilled in Astronomy allowing him to navigate by stars, he is also a skilled writer and calligrapher.


Smoking Pipe, Pouch filled with Taima, Southern Wind, Reading Glasses, Lighter, Black Book

Weapon: Southern Wind

Weapon Description: Southern Wind is a bladed fan that is medium in size and a variety of blue in colour, folded up it looks like strange ceremonial obsecure blade with a fan like top. When folded out into its true fan shape one can see the intricate designs on the fan, as well as the bladed parts situated on each fan fold. Under the smaller fan design sits a diamond over other decorative marks and jewels, the secondary blades more noticed when folded are just as sharp and robust as the ones on the fan.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: As a practitioner of several martial arts forms Nori also learned their weapon components, but he was also required to pick a weapon of personal preference and adapt it to his styles. Looking through all the choices Nori picked the Bladed Fan, because it allowed both an offensive and defensive weapons. It was also small enough to carry on ones person, and not be noticed straight away as a weapon at first glance. 

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:  Average
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Shaolin Kung Fu

Burst Punch - Using a tucked in bent arm and quickly releasing it with a clenched fist, cause a powerful punch which if it hits usually sends a foe backwards.

Fore Block - With the strength of his forearm/s Nori blocks an attack to his person, this only works with melee combat and obviously not the best weapon defence.

Drop Trip - With a singular leg swipe Nori puts a foe to the ground, following it with a sudden dropped knee and then a palm to the chest or throat depending on necessary force.

Kick Up & Over - With a swift kick up towards a foe's chin, this send them up into the air. Where Nori follows up with a slow moving backflip, that uses Nori's kicking foot as a way lead the foe's movement. Then as Nori rights himself he brings the foe down to the ground, with both of his feet on top of the foe generally in a harsh manner.

Weapon Based Combat:

Zui Quan (Taima Subset)

Wobbly Stance - More like a set of movements or a form then an attack, Nori takes the Zui Quan to Taima adaption. By making slow and strange movements, even going as far as seeming distracted by outside occurrences. Giving a false spence of security that grants him the chance to evade an attack, and let it flow on away from him. He also attacks after an evasion or a pretend fall, which can often give him the element of surprise. He'll even go so far as playing with his fan, like he truly was out of his mind.

Returning Fan - Nori uses this moves in a few different ways, he can keep it folded up and toss it like a jagged throwing dagger. He can do this in ricochet or in an arc, allowing it to make damage by hitting or distracting a foe. When folded out the fan can be thrown in a variety of ways, usually in a fashion akin to a discuss this allows it to fly past and sometimes behind a person. And then it returns after it arcs around a foe, being caught by Nori or followed with another move.

Button Up - Not a personal preference of Nori's unless deadly force is needed, but when up close to a foe or person Nori pulls out his fan. Usually folded Nori moves either quickly or slowly depending on the need for death or pain, upwards from the belly to a person's face unfolding the fan along the way. Increasing the blades and pain expontionally, resulting in a rather damaging effect.

Rolling Wind - Using his fully realised Southern Wind, Nori blocks or rolls off an attack on his person. This can also help deflect projectiles for the most part, aside from excessively heavy or explosive ones (Unexploded projectiles can still be rolled off elsewhere, as long as they don't moved right). This can be used offensively in conjunction with another move.

Winds of Relaxation - Taking a large puff of his pipe, holding it in for a time. Nori picks a target and exhales towards them, using his fan if he needs to extend the smoke. Once a person inhales the Taima smoke a variety of results can occur, this usually depends on a persons tolerance of Taima. And can cause them to instantly relax and chill out, often forgetting any hostile intentions they'd once had. Or in some cases a target may become overtly happy or overtly depressed, in rarer cases they can get sick or even freak out completely. 

Combo Combat:

Choy Li Fut

Windmill - Using quick hand movements in a whirling fashion, Nori can attack and strike multiple targets surrounding him. This can be altered to include weapons or can be used as a continuos movement, to the point it can almost be called a fighting form. But is generally used as a quick retaliation to being assaulted by a group of people, it can be quick and less damaging or it can be held in with bent arms to create a more powerful strike form.

Ricochet Bounce - Using a stomping back charge to send a foe flying, Nori uses the momentum and pivots one foot around a centre. That he then proceeds to keep his move going on other opponents, depending on the number of foes Nori can gain considerable speed with this move. The force expelled on targets often leaves foes flying, if used right one can knock people into environmental hazards for further damage or incapitation.

Centrifuge - Use Double Palm strikes and elbows to put targets on the ground, Nori gets a good speed going and starts a motion going. Depending on weather he's killing or incapacitating a group, Nori will strike at high speeds at the half collapsed targets. Aiming for their heads if he's merely subduing them and for their noses if he wishes to kill them. This works in a speedy motion like a back and forth spin, between foes and can be hard to keep track of.

River Flows - A move that can be both defensive and offensive at the same time, Nori gets into a flowing stance. This allows him to flow an attack away from him, then he can either send it back or towards another foe. It's best used in dire straits when one is surrounded, or without an avenue of escape from a numbered foe.

Haki: N/A

RP Sample:

It was a calm and crisp morning on an island in the West Blue, as Nori Rokuro sat atop a large rock situated just off the beach. He sat there laying on the top of the rock, smoking as he watched the sun rise into the sky. Laying there for hours either thinking on things, or occasionally nodding off in the peaceful place. After some time in rest and relaxation Nori heard a massive bang as a trading ship landed just off the shore, opening up the back of it and marching out a load of tattered and worn out women in chains. Nori sat up slowly to the noise and slid off the rock, landing shakey on the sand Nori made his way over to the ship. As he came closer Nori took a puff of his pipe before clearing his throat "You ladies need a hand" expressed Nori to the enslaved girls. 

Some feared responding while others nodded lightly and one even yelled out, the one that yelled out got targeted by a slaver's whip. So Nori threw his folded up fan which severed the whip "You're killing my buzz" exclaimed Nori, as the slavers got annoyed and charged Nori. Without fan in hand Nori relied on his Choy Li Fut skills as they were best suited for numerous opponents, ducking and weaving slowly as the furious men raged on him. Nori struck hard and put most of them on the ground with one hit each, while the one with the broken whip stayed back till he could get another weapon. 

Rolling forward in Zui Quan fashion Nori picked up his fan and spread it, as the man attempted to throw tools at Nori before finding a fire axe. With a massive swing the man brought it down on Nori, only to have Nori evasively move out of the way. Slicing the man's side with his bladed fan before taking another puff on his pipe, kneeling down Nori fished the key to the chains off the man and tossed them to the ladies. He then folded up his fan and put it back on his belt, nodding to the ladies as he left but not before telling them the direction of the nearest town. Once he'd wondered off Nori returned to the rock he was laying on, and returned to his peaceful time and occasional slumber.

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Re: Nori Rokuro

Post by Vaetric on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:00 am

Haihai I'm Vae and i'll be your admin for the moment :3

Combat skills: This is generally for a moveset and so forth, such as "Sweeping Crescent Wind" and a description of what it does, rather than saying what kind of moves he does in particular, furthermore it doesn't say anything in his biography about learning Shaolin, Choy Li etc other than the offhand training thing, it should at least carry the basics on how long he did it for and so forth, also combo combat is for attacks when conjoined with another character.

Biography Other than the combat thing, you say that he got into the drug field and became top of the line, how did he do this? Where did he get his connections? That part seemed a little glossed over.

You also need to have an occupation, and that would be drug trader I guess, and all of the things you've left blank should be N/A instead.

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Re: Nori Rokuro

Post by Rahxephon on Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:26 am

Edited accordingly.

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Re: Nori Rokuro

Post by Vaetric on Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:13 am

Okies looks good to me, unless overruled..


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Re: Nori Rokuro

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