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Konpeki Smile

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Konpeki Smile

Post by Docile on Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:48 am

General Information
"You should smile more, you'll live longer"

Name: Konpeki Smile
Epithet: "The Devil's Smile"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Puttin' On The Ritz
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Marine
Rank: (Formerly) Seaman Recruit
(Current) Lieutenant
Bounty Collected: 33, 900,050
Allegiance: Marine
• Become a Captain
• Start his own Crew
• Become a feared Marine
• Catch a Pirate worth 100,000,000 or more
• Get his fair share of booze, women & beli
• Go to Impel Down
• Possibly become the Warden of Impel Down

Character Information
"Its just a flesh wound"

Naval Flag:

Konpeki Smile's Traditional Attire:

Konpeki is 5ft 11 & weighs a total of 13 stone. His body is slim & skin pale. He has stitches all over his body from his childhood. Konpeki has black eyes & short messy grey hair. His face has a rough square structure to it and he has a slight hunch. His torso isn't incredibly muscular but nor is it weak. He doesn't have a six pack but he does have the potential for one. Over his torso he wears a v-neck white Marine shirt with the Marine logo on front and a grey spiral on the left arm. On his left wrist he wears a log pose which he looted from a corpse. Over his legs he wears blue jeans & a pair of black boots cover his feet. In his hand he often holds his weapon of a choice a large lead pipe. Over his left hand on the fingers he has the word 'SMILE' tattooed & on his right hand he wears a single thin black ring on the middle finger.

Over his chin Konpeki has a few very small signs of facial hair & even the slightest hint of sideburns, but these cannot be seen from afar. Only close-up. When the weather is cold, Konpeki will just grab whatever thick clothing he can which often turns out to be a large black trench coat with the word smile written around the right bicep in white & the letters S & E joined up by a simple white ring leading around the back of the arm.


Egotistical & Sadistic are the two words which best describe Konpeki.

Konpoeki is a corrupt Marine who enjoys debauchery. He dispenses his own brand of justice which is usually 'I don't give a fuck till a superior comes around.' He will happily show a bit of leeway when he is offered things he likes but is known to more often than not take bribes & then go against the word he gave less than a 60 seconds ago. He doesn't care what others think about him and is a sadist. He will happily step on others to get to the top and struggles to show respect. He looks at conflict of any kind as the perfect place to cause trouble, pain & suffering and leaps at the chance to do so with his lead pipe. He prefers causing pain in the form of a blunt instrument instead of a sharp weapon such as a blade because he feels blades lessen the suffering the victim goes through.

Konpeki likes the women. He despises people who treat him with little respect or try to put him down. He will sometimes try to make those who do look like the villain or attack them. Konpeki is no stranger to anger management as he has been sent time & time again for his attitude but nothing conclusive has come back. Allot of people refer to him as a dick. Konpeki prefers to think of himself as a dick with brains & thinks all those who aren't like him are spineless, but he prefers them to the people like himself because he hates competition & cockyness.

Due to all of the scars over his body Konpeki hates swordsmen or anyone who uses any form of blade really. He is pissed off with all of the pain he suffered of being cut through his childhood & at the same time he is furious at those who use them, because he thinks that if your willing to fight for a living you should be willing to take a good hard solid blow. If not then you shouldn't be fighting for your life. He likes to see people in pain & torture them. He even likes to sometimes interrogate his victims too just for the sheer fun of it even if its completely pointless. He enjoys making people feel uncomfortable Marine & Pirate alike and hates dealing with anything that is too far out of his depth such as political agendas. If its something that concerns him & he can understand however he'll try to twist all things to benefit himself most.

Enjoying being seen as a figure of authority & fear Konpeki aspires to become a captain, start his own Marine Crew & maybe one day become the Warden of Impel Down. His views on devil fruits is that they are stupid & anyone dumb enough to eat one should be drowned at birth. He has heard all about them and knows what they do. He likes to think of them as a way of upping up his own game as they give him an edge over devil fruit user in the fact that he is a avid swimmer.

Konpeki is a clever young man with a vast knowledge in all areas, however he is just too lazy to put more thought into anything than he needs to. When it comes to something bad that he can use he is quick to plot, but otherwise he sits around lazily cracking wise & making others look & feel stupid to boost his own ego. He is reckless & refuses defeat even if staring death in the face. Konpeki thinks that the majority of Marines are too stuck up or too focused on their job. He will often tell them to smile as they'll live longer because he feels that if you aren't enjoying your work you'll just drive yourself into an early grave unlike himself who loves beating pirates into a pulp.

Character History
"Slashes & Smiles"


Born & raised in the North Blue Konpeki lived a rough life among some of the strongest pirates. Mother & father a Pirate. Konpeki's parents met during a recruitment drive for one of the largest pirate crews in the North Blue. After both being denied entry the two had made a date to meet again. After their first date went so horribly they were found in bed the next morning with chronic hang overs. So many months later when Konpeki's mother was discovered to be pregnant she approached his father to tell him but he just ran. He wasn't going to be tied down to a commitment. Shouting, screaming & cursing his name she watched as the coward fled & 5 months later Konpeki Smile was born.

Giving birth to Konpeki she held him in her arms and gave him her last name Smile. She was angry with his father & pissed off she had to raise Konpeki alone. Skipping forward a few years to the age of 9 Konpeki was proved to be a pain in the ass & the spitting image of his father which drove his mother mad. Every time she looked at him she just felt herself getting angry. Konpeki was raised as a pirate travelling the seas with his mother. Eventually when his mother became part of a crew, Konpeki was adopted as a son of the entire crew. He enjoyed himself but proved to be a bit more than the other pirates could handle when he got his hands on a weapon. He was so reckless that he carelessly swing it about without a care in the world of hitting someone.

When ever he did something bad his mother started to punish him by sitting him on the naughty step, hitting him & even tried putting him to bed without any tea. But none of this worked and each & every time he'd come back worse. Stealing from other crew mates, drinking alcohol underage which his mother was against as he was only 9 & swearing more than the other crew mates & smoking.

As time passed on so did his mother & Konpeki buried her around his 11th birthday. Still remaining as part of the pirate crew since they were his only family, he now had no one to stop him stepping out of line. He wasn't heavily affected by her death as he had never really formed a strong emotional bond with her but he did feel some remorse for treating her so badly for the first week of her absence. Continuing his ways Konpeki was soon punished by the pirates and since they had seen how his mother had failed to discipline him they tried a new way. Every time he did something bad the Captain would unsheathe his cutlass & cut Konpeki. That way each scar would be a reminder that if he did it again he'd warrant another.

Scar after scar & tortured scream after scream, Konpeki begun to hate the Captain because of his punishments. He learnt proper acceptable behavior, but not easily or willingly. Finally it came to the day when he was no longer a child & now he was a teenager. To celebrate his birthday the crew took him ashore for a celebration. Celebrating his 13th birthday Konpeki begun was grateful but still held a grudge against the crew who had agreed with the Captains new form of punishment. He could also still feel the pain of the freshest wound on his neck still stinging. Excusing himself to head to the bathroom he climbed out of the window and found a Marine who he directed to the tavern the crew were staying.

Waiting outside the tavern Konpeki watched as Marines rushed in. A fire fight could be heard taking place inside and moments later corpses & bloodied pirates of the crew were dragged out in hand cuffs. Smiling at his revenge Konpeki was attacked by one of the crew in a furious rage. picking up a broom leaning against the store wall he was leaning against Konpeki MANAGED to slap the pirate around the face with it knocking him unconscious. Seeing him knock out the pirate the Marine told him that they would like to bring Konpeki in for some questioning as he seemed to know the crew. Agreeing Konpeki was taken to the local Head Quarters and questioned.

Spilling everything to the Marines about how he'd lived with them & they'd cut him, he expanded the story a bit making them out to be more villainous than they had been, but it was for their own good. Understanding his story one Marine had said how they should arrest him too for affiliation with pirates but the others refused as it had not been his choice. Feeling safe, furious about his dad's cowardice despite being a pirate & living the life of a pirate, drove Konpeki mad. He hated doing it & wanted a life where he would be respected & looked up to, not looked down upon and gained more enemies. Konpeki inquired about joining up for these reasons. This sent the one marine who wanted him arrested ballistic. "Hes a pirate!" was his only argument each & every time, but it failed. Being accepted into the Navy Konpeki began training at the earliest date possible.

He proved effective in combat and sometimes was told he took it too far. Increasing his strength during the training he felt that performing blunt impacts upon enemies would provide the sufficient punishment for their crimes. Being sent to anger management it was revealed he didn't have anger issues, but enjoyed causing others pain. The Navy saw this as a small problem but shrugged it off. Passing Konpeki as a sea man recruit they were happy to have him aboard. They provided him with the classic uniform & weaponry of a Marine but he refused & altered it.

Konpeki was sent out on his first job as a Marine along side several other Marines including the one who referred to him as a pirate. Hating being called one he attacked the man with the nearest instrument he could find. This turned out to be a screwdriver since they were at a shipyard. Stabbing angrily at the man Konpeki left him a bloody mess. he was once again sent to anger management and risked losing his job. Understanding Konpeki was put on probation. Held off of active duty Konpeki was bored his brains, he started training & swimming to to keep fit & healthy & even started studying. He started to study so he could find something to aim for in the life of a Marine. He could see there was allot of things to get into but when he came across Impel Down he started to read more & more. Learning how horrible a place it was he started to smile. It sounded like his kind of place. He made a point of remembering the place so one day he could visit there. He wanted to bring in a pirate worth 100,000,000 beli or more. Maybe he could even be put in charge of it. But that was just a dream for now.

At the age of 18 Konpeki was back on active tour again and working under the Marine he'd stabbed. He wasn't happy about it and nor was the Marine but the two had to get on as they were both Marines. During a mission they were taking part in to catch some pirates, Konpeki was taking part in surveillance and heard them talking about a devil fruit. Watching them he noticed how they were heading out the door to leave with it in a small bag. Notifying his reluctant boss Konpeki charged after the Pirates & with a few swings of his lead pipe he beat down the pirates. Taking their devil fruit he took it and swapped the fruit with his commanding officer's lunch as an act of maliciousness.

Upon on eating the fruit the Commanding officer was watched by Konpeki and as he finished it he leapt to his feet pointing at his commanding officer. "Now you need me you dirt bag, you just ate a devil fruit." looking at Konpeki confused the commanding officer laughed replying. "But now I have supernatural powers" Konpeki understood this and told his commanding officer that now he couldn't swim and that was what made this situation bad for him. The commanding officer didn't much care though. As the two of them took to the seas walking up the gangplank of a naval ship Konpeki made a point of 'accidentally' tripping and knocking his commanding officer into the water below. Watching him fall in he quickly watched him sink. He remained still just watching him sink. Other Marines expected him to swim back up but not Konpeki. When he didn't float back up the other Marines began to look at each other worried something had happened to him then looked at Konpeki who held a less than comforting expression on his face. The other Marines attempted to leap in after their Captain but Konpeki didn't. He watched as they dived under then simply commented with a smile on his face. "You'd think a Captain could swim right?" moments later when the Marines emerged and dragged their Captain to the docks they checked him for a pulse and discovered he wasn't breathing. Looking at Konpeki the Marines suspected he knew about the devil fruit but otherwise there was nothing they could do to prove it. Konpeki had successfully 'accidentally' killed the prick.

Konpeki hadn't liked how the man had held his rank & crew over him & wanted to take his place. He would be the proud one with a strong crew. He would be feared. Heading aboard the ship with the knowledge he had just exacted revenge for the second time Konpeki relaxed with his mind at ease. He started to notice however, other marines showed a certain reluctance to him. It seemed he was too much of a pirate to be a Marine, but too much of a Marine to be a pirate.


Avid Swimmer:
Spending time during his suspension he took part in swimming which greatly increased his strength and over time he grew to become a strong swimmer capable of swimming great distances with ease at an incredible speed as well as managing to master each different type from front crawl to the most basic forms of swimming.

"My pride"

Lead Pipe

Weapon Description:
Konpeki uses a large lead pipe which reaches from his feet up to his upper thigh in length and is ridiculously thick and incredible durable. The pipe has a series of markings all down it from previous encounters with other people and an extensive history in which Konpeki has used it to aid him in combat and to deal out an incredibly impressive amount of beatings to people from pirates, revolutionaries, bounty hunters and even some Marines.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:
Needing a weapon Konpeki picked up a pipe from an old plumbing system that had been broken. Taking it in hand he decided it would be a good weapon to use for the remained of his time on the island trying to help out with his job. After he finished the mission and saw how much it had helped him he decided to take the weapon for himself for the long run realizing it wasn't just a lead pipe used for plumbing but a great weapon too which had given him an even greater chance at delivering some serioues harm to people. Especially those he didn't like.

Power Level Information
"The things that make you fear me"

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Trained

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm bad enough"

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: N/A 
Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Combat Information
"You swing me right round baby"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Using his lead pipe Konpeki swings his pipe in an A formation swinging upwards first in an attempt to knock his opponent off guard and possibly break, fracture or dislocate their arm then brings it down on the right side hoping to do the same to the other arm before swinging it across the opponent's midriff or legs hoping to whip them off their feet or break a few ribs depending on where about he draws the pipe back inwards.

Swinging his pipe in a B formation he swings the pipe down crippling their left arm then right past their midriff. Once the pipe is on the other side he swings it around and crashes it into their torso hopefully breakign ribs then draws it out again to make another loop where he draws it back in on the opponent's face hoping to do some real damage.

Using his lead pipe Konpeki smacks it into the back of his opponent's knees and as their start to fall he quickly swoops upwards and pulls the pipe against their necks chocking his foe or on some occasions he snaps their necks.

Konpeki thrusts his lead pipe quickly & powerfully into his opponent's chest and as they either move back to avoid the attack or get hit he swings the pipe upwards towards their chin hoping to uppercut them.

Clutching his pipe tightly Konpeki performs this technique by executing the shape of the LETTER M. Bringing the pipe upwards into his opponent's arm he then brings it down towards his opponent's head, then he brings the pipe BACK UP again looking like he is withdrawing his attack when instead he brings it back down again into the other arm.

Swinging upwards into his opponent's left arm Konpeki attempts to break their arm, he then brings the pipe back down diagonally crashing into the shoulder hoping to fracture it and finally once the pipe has reached the midriff he brings it up to the jaw of his opponent.

Clutching his pipe tightly Konpeki performs this technique by executing the shape of the letter W. Bringing the pipe downwards into his opponent's arm he then brings it up towards his opponent's groin or jaw (depends how he is feeling) then he brings the pipe back down again looking like he is withdrawing his attack when instead he brings it BACK UP again into the other arm.

Swinging his lead pipe in the formation of the letter Z in a quick succession Konpeki knocks his opponents head one way their torso in the side knocking the air out of them then cripples them on one side by smacking their knee.

Forcing his lead pipe into his opponent's mouth Konpeki forces his opponent's mouth into a smile. He sometimes does this from behind pulling on the pipe. Other times he does this from in front when his foe is on the ground.

• Stable Armaments Haki

Bringing Konpeki Smile Across & using his threads
Konpeki Smile

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Re: Konpeki Smile

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Aw crap.


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