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The Devil Eater

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The Devil Eater

Post by Kumagawa on Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:00 am

Weapon Name: Devil Eater (悪魔を食べる人) Akuma o taberu hito

Description: A folded Katana made of black steel. It's edge is lined with a white stone known as seastone. The durable blade has been tempered and sharpened to the point that it is possible to cut oneself by touching the blade. The blade has a standard sized guard and has a long black hilt. The sheath of the blade is pitch black to go along with the sword, it is no different from any other sheath there is as its only purpose is to keep the sword from cutting everyone who gazes upon it.

Weapon History: The sword was made by Saizan Nishipachi. An old swordsmith whom had a deep love of swords that was equal to the love of his daughter. One day a pirate by the name of Long John Blue came to his store and requested him to make him the prefect blade. Nishipachi originally refused to even consider the deal as the other party was a pirate but was forced to reconsider when Captain Blue decided to take Nishipachi's daughter. Nishipachi began to work on the sword but at the same time gave his collection and most of his stock to every man whom was willing to go save his daugther. Needless to say each and every attempt failed.

It baffled Nishipachi why the man could survive against so many warriors until Nishipachi came to a realization. The man was a devil fruit user. Entering a depression Nishipachi began to work on the sword the man originally asked for. Right when it came near completion a man knocked on Nishipachi's door. When the old man openned it he saw a young man holding black metal and a white rick. The boy told the old man that the rock was seastone, and if the man helped make the sword this sword would save his daughter. The man complied and made the sword for the boy. That night the boy attacked the man and took his life. When the boy came back to repay the man, the man said the boy could keep the sword now that the man had his daughter back. The boy kept the sword and named it Devil Eater and took it with him on his journey. The boy along with the sword went in infamy.. The sword became the devil eater, the boy became the BANDIT KING.

Special Weapon Abilities:
Black Metal: This makes the sword much more durable than the average blade, it is much harder to chip and harder to repair. It can resist both the harsh heats and the the harsh chilling weather making this sword hard to even leave a chip in.
Lined with karoiseki: Makes it so the sword can cut Devil fruit users easily even logia fruit users
Dull resistance: The sword is hard to dull due to the method used to temper the blade and the properties belonging to the metals used to make it

Devil Fruit: N/A

Character or Crew specific: CUrrently in possession by the Bandit King, will be acquired by Rai Vertigo


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Re: The Devil Eater

Post by Docile on Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:35 am

Unless stated otherwise

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