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Boido Fu W.I.P

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Boido Fu W.I.P

Post by Bloodypolarbear on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:03 pm

General Information

Name: Boido Fu
Epithet: Eien no shukketsu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: None (at the moment)
Ship: Jisatsu byōin
Occupation: Detective
Rank: Petty Officer
Bounty: Crimes Committed none
Bounty Collected:
Allegiance: Marine
Dream(s): My character aspires to get close enough to the celestial dragons to strike a deadly blow to their reutation

Character Information

Marine flag:

Appearance:a boy of about 5'10 with snowy white hair that matches his complexion has 1 eye that flickers from its usual color to a eerie red and black, often wears a white suit shirt under a black button up vest with black suit pants and black leather shoes sometimes has a pocket watch hanging inside his shirt pocket connected to his vest. when in battle he will don a black Kevlar gimp mask with 1 eye covered up so he can focus.


Personality:  inside combat: Boido is a much better fighter than he first appears to be. The problem is that he automatically holds back due to his immense strength and reflexes that gives him a great edge over most punks. After all, he would kill them if he didn't. His friend had to smack him around quite a bit before he finally got rid of that mental block. Boido has been in more street fights than he can recall. It tends to happen when a guy is a) very hot tempered with a good heart b) the target of ridicule from his less unfortunate peers and c) has a fearsome reputation that tends to draw idiots in like flies to a rotting carcass who want to prove they are somehow “better” than him. The real trick though, is that he hasn't lost one since he was seven.

outside battle: Boido loves romance stories. Despite the fact most people would see him (in the rare times he is still) reading an action, comedy or fantasy/scifi manga, there is a better chance for him to actually be reading a romance, just hidden by a fake cover. On the off chance that he cracks a book outside of school, it's likely to be romance as well. The truth about the fake covers isn't that Boido  is ashamed; as a matter of fact, Boido doesn't get the problem people have with a guy reading such books. However, punks have a tendency to use such things as a starter for fights

Character History


 Born to a wealthy family with a strong military tradition, Boido was, since almost the beginning, educated to be a future marine. His education was rigid and mature, having no time to be a child at all. However, this education style would compensate later, at least for his father, making him a fine soldier and a solid leader. Upon the death of his father he considered the option of leaving the Marines but, knowing that it was his father last will, he remained and in time, he became more fond of them.

With time, he learned to despise all criminals and their actions, this being particularly true with piracy, which seemed to be growing at the time all around the world. Being born at Loguetown, he was used to see them walking around, docking in the city and soon leaving towards the Grand Line, without being harmed, either because they were just too many to deal with or because the authorities were being lazy or simply scared of them. To him, however, this concept was impossible. As he learned from his father, Justice should be swift and precise and never soft or lazy. That idea, those Absolute Justice beliefs taught to him by his father, made sense to him, specially after hearing all those atrocious stories during his childhood, stories that were supposed to shock him and make an impact on his life and his opinion about pirates. That too wasn't left apart by his father. It was this education that also made him focus so much on work, even to a obsessive state, as he knew crime was always spreading and rising. During all his days at the Marine base, it became his priority to seek and punish all who opposed Justice, using all means necessary to do it.

As the years passed by him and he realized crime wasn't only located in Loguetown, he began to think about leaving, to patrol the seas and execute missions abroad, always with the idea of bringing Justice to a world that was enjoying more and more the rising criminality and the chaos provoked by it. With that in mind, he decided to ask for permission to join the marines, . This would give him more freedom as well as more power, since he would control his own actions. He was well aware of the hierarchy within the marine force and he respected it as much as everything else related to it, however, he knew that many, unlike him, had a different view over things and were much softer when applying Justice, yet because they were higher officers, he couldn't do a thing.

Abilities: Coming from a strict Military background Boido is familiar with martial preferring to use mainly Muay Thai or kickboxing to disable his opponents. Boido isn't one for brute force and mostly sticks to a well formulated plan of attack preferring to avoid unnecessary collateral damage. When Boido does use a weapon it normally is just a single kodachi for close range melee combat situations, he will always carry a spare just in case as he enjoys taking precautionary measures for unforeseeable circumstances.


Weapon: Kodachi (Girochin kage)

Weapon Description:
Girochin kage:
a single basic kodachi with a blade of 60cm with a black felt covered sheathe and similarly colored grip with a tasle on the end

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Boidos Mother made this for him when he was 13 at the request of his father as his father saw fit to teach him the way of the blade.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression: Please write up the progression levels here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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