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Kitsuke Kagerou W.I.P

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Kitsuke Kagerou W.I.P

Post by Kumagawa on Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:14 am

General Information

Name:  Kitsuke Kagerou
Epithet: The Black Buisness Man
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthplace:West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: Hyakki Yagyō
Ship: A Small Raft
Occupation: Shibukai
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 400,000,000 (Predicted)
Crimes Committed:
Caused around 300,000,000 beli worth of propery damage in pursuit of the Globe trotter pirates.
Wiped out the infamous Globe Trotter Pirates in a single conquest
: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate / Revolutionary
Controlling the World Government
Owning one of the most powerful weapon on the planet
Controlling some of the most dangerous pirates

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.


Kitsuke is a 5' 10" man with a black suit with Vivo Barefoot Dharma shoes when off duty. He has short straight hair and a brown stubble on his chin. His skin is somewhat darker shade of white and he can mostly be seen with a cigarette between his fingers. He can always be seen wearing a black suit and holding a briefcase unless he is fighting. He will drop his case and lose the jacket whenever he has to fight. He tends to not like jewelry other than his necklace. The necklace has a cross on it.

Kitsuke likes to consider himself a military man. He tells others that his dream was to go into the army when he was younger. Due to this he considers his business his army, he is the kind of leader that likes to push his underlings to the near breaking part. His calm demeanor as he sends his underlings into near death situations with seemingly little preparation or remorse tends to reinforce gain negative response from his peers. Though due to Kitsuke's money and charisma many seem to love him instead of hate him. He is a huge otaku for military subjects and weaponry, and because of that he is one of the weapon suppliers for the government. Unfortunately he is the type of person to completely abandon his underlings in a pit of wolves with nothing but a single knife if it meaning bringing a goal of his to fruition. Many who love him would disagree, thinking he is much better than that but Kitsuke would leave his underlings in a ditch to complete a mission, though he likes to put a bit more thought into it than that.

Kitsuke is the analytical type of man. He tends to analyze most things that he comes into contact with when he first comes into contact with it. Due to this Kitsuke is very skeptical when he comes to contact with new people. Not only that he is also the kind of person who will place very little trust in those he isn't FULLY familiar with. Meaning if he doesn't have a pretty good idea of what kind of person you are at first glance. He will suspicious of you for the entirety of the encounter.

Kitsuke also likes to analyze a situation before he enters it. Very rarely will he ever jump in the middle of battle guns blazing on a whim. He will analyze the situation seriously and scan everything before him before making a single move. Due to this he has one of the lowest injury ratio on squads that he leads (though most of the time its in a simulations). Kitsuke tries to make others relax their guard by being very boastful. He will constantly remind everyone about his accomplishments as if they would forget if he doesn't keep talking about it. Causing many to ignore him, mainly try to get away from him, or write him off as a proud man incapable of humility.

Though don't get him wrong, Kitsuke is a very charismatic man. He is able to win over a entire crowd the moment he chooses to. It all depends on his mood. Due to this those who met him have a hard time hating him, rather some are actually reluctant to harm him.

Kitsuke has a secret passion. He loves to build things with his hands, so one can find him at times creating something new. He even goes as far to have a workshop in his home where he develops new objects. He also loves to test them on his friends, Kitsuke is so attached to this passion of his he will become sour when pried away from his work prematurely.

Character History

Kitsuke was a

List any abilities the character has such as acrobatics, photographic
memory etc etc...



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Speed:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Resilience:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Dexterity:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Fruit Progression
: Please write up the progression levels
here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Devil fruit Level
: This will be where it states which level
of mastery your character is currently at.
Fruit Mastery Level
: If using a cannon devil fruit then
please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level
like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list
the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:


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