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Raife Wilson

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Raife Wilson

Post by Docile on Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:42 am

General Information
"How Can Candy Be Bad For Your Teeth When It Tastes Soooo Good?!"

Name: Raife Wilson
Epithet: "Rotten Tooth Raife"
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left Handed
Theme Tune: Candy

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Navigator
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate
• Discover all the world's candies
• Traverse the world and leave his mark behind
• See the world from some of the highest heights

Character Information
"You Look Good Enough To Eat"



Standing at a height of 5ft Raife is a very short guy with a total weight of 9 stone.  His hair is a luscious lime green colour with a small flair of bright yellow in the fringe. His green hair is rather long reaching half way down his neck. His eyebrows are small and again a lime green colour. As for his eyes the right one is black and the left one is green, although it is also a lazy eye. He is often seen smiling and rarely with any other emotion on his face. But along with that a lolly pop is often found in his mouth due to his crippling addiction to sweets.  Raife's also is missing a tooth on the top right of his mouth. From the neck down, the upper muscles of his body are well toned, but as for the abdominal muscles they are not as well toned, thus he has a little bit of a belly which can be seen poking out due to his shirt a little. His torso is covered by a yellow t-shirt similar to the colour of his hair. Covering that is a hooded jumper with yellow arrows on the sleeves pointing towards the hands on the top & one on the underside of the sleeves. Hanging from his right shoulder down to his left hip is a large brown satchel. In this satchel there are his tomahawks which he uses to fight with or in some rare cases climb with. He also has a selection of navigational tools in another compartment of the satchel to aid in finding his way.

From the waist down Raife wears lime green shorts with the same yellow arrows on them pointing down to his knees. His knees are not very hairy though. Around his ankles he wears white socks and trainers made up of a yellow & lime green mixture. But once again they have the same yellow arrow on them. All of his clothes are bought from the same company, this company being a local clothing store which never had the chance to expand. The company is known as 'This way'. Raife's legs aren't very muscular but nor are they skinny, they are big enough to accommodate his size. Also on the back of his left calf Raife has a black tattoo of what appears to be a demonic evil lolly pop made up of the colours black & dark blue.


Addicted to candy & always up for excitement Raife loves trying out new things & experiencing highs. He is most of the time hyper and always climbing something as he cannot keep still. Generally always making lame or over the top jokes, Raife is always the kind of person who won't listen to a plan and will go ahead of everyone else. He is always one of the most noticeable people and utterly useless when it comes to stealth as he doesn't have a clue how to keep quiet or still. He needs something in his mouth to keep him from speaking and most of the time that turns out to be sweets which don't help as they just make him incredibly hyper active.

He knows he needs to kick his sweet addiction but loves them so much he'd rather lose all his teeth. Raife is however a huge hypochondriac. Always bouncing off of walls and quickly getting on people's nerves he tends to make people forget how useful he is. His actions push allot of people into questioning weather its worth keeping him aboard their ship in exchange for how annoying he is. Raife talks incredibly quickly & when he does he does so at great length. He is more than happy to do what he is told to do all of the time but sometimes will do so before they've finished telling him what to do. He is however as he likes to think the number one climber in the world.  

As a pretty fearless guy, Raife doesn't really ever see anything as scary, mainly because he feels that fear is a subjective term and that fear is all in the mind. If you want to be brave then you be brave if you want to be scared then you'll be scared. He believes it is a person's choice as to who they are and not genetics, since he feels everything about him has been something he would have chosen for himself. Raife loves himself for who he is and holds very high stake for himself.

Character History
"High, Hyper What's The Difference?"


Born on the 13th day from a thirteenth son & mother, believe it or not Raife Wilson came from the loins of a man who'd once been an Indian living off the land and a mother who'd been a Marine receptionist. Although with the birth of little Raife the father had taken up a job as a blacksmith. The time he'd spent in the woods working on his own weaponry turned out to be useful, although he'd also hunt for extra money and bring home the occasional deer for food. His mother wound up just looking after little Raife.

She spent allot of her time reading him stories, most of which told tales about places she'd always wanted to visit for the beautiful sights. Places scattered all over the Grand Line, the New World and even the other blues. But she knew her limits. By the time Raife reached an age when he could speak his mother who'd left her job to raise him and care for him had quickly begun to get annoyed with him and his constant questioning. Turned out Raife had quite allot to ask about. Speaking 24/7 can get pretty annoying over time. He kept asking to be read stories of these wondrous places and why his mother wanted to go there. Being told there were wondrous sights to see he still had more questions. This is when his addiction begun as his mother handed him a lolly pop.

She'd never been more happy to hear such silence for such a long time. Staying awake long into the early hours of the morning questioning both mother & father, the parents took Raife to the hospital to find out why he wouldn't sleep or shut his mouth. Upon research, it was revealed due to his biology there was a slight anomaly that others had been diagnosed with previously. Raife just had way too much energy due to over reactive glands. Understanding this his mother decided it may be a good idea to show him why she wanted to visit these great heights around the world.

Giving him a handful of sweets & taking Raife on a little journey to the local mountain, the two of them spent allot of their time climbing. Reaching the summit the two looked out across the beauty and splendour of the village and more. Smiling as his mother looked out Raife was amazed by it. He begun to jump with glee and asked his mother where they would be heading the next day. Realizing this was no more than a leisurely walk for him she started to try and think of how to keep him busy every day.

Taking him home that night and giving him at least 8 sleeping pills he finally fell asleep. She planned for him to do a bit of travelling helping out aboard a fishing boat with his father. Whilst smithing work was currently dead, they needed money and his father had taken a job on a fishing boat. Taking little Raife with him he enjoyed the time since Raife was pretty content sucking on his lolly pops. Whilst his father fished, Raife spent his days climbing to the highest point of the ship, beating the fish when they were dragged aboard and watching the clouds. He loved the feeling of being so high up in the sky and looking down over the world below. But getting up so high was a problem.

This is where his dream of visiting all of the highest points in the world came from. He loved the sights with all of his heart and enjoyed the feel of the wind in his hair, along with the sugar rotting away his teeth. Beating the fish & climbing all day however did tire him out and in no time at all he was sleeping perfectly fine like a normal child.

After the fishing and spending so much time aboard the ship Raife started to try and find work in the village, however his mouth got him into allot of trouble as did his fidgeting since he just couldn't keep still. Often being chased from the village to the outskirts, Raife found himself climbing allot of trees to escape and even climbing from tree to tree. He spent time limboing under branches and utilizing all of his limbs to climb and fit between branches & more which aided him as he became much more acrobatic. When he discovered there was no work for him, his eye caught sight of a book that he'd been read once when he was little. Whilst his mother was pregnant with their next child Raife could see she was getting all the books out again. Reading through it out of boredom, he started to remember all of these places his mother had mentioned she'd wanted to see. Raife realized he could do what she'd wanted to do all along. It was something he'd desired too so it'd be killing two birds with one stone.

Finding an old map Raife started marking down all of the places he wanted to visit, it wasn't a map of the world but it was a big enough map for now. But if he saw anywhere along the way he wanted to visit he could always make a little detour. As he mapped out a series of places he started to realize that he had no way of getting to some of these places and understood some people wouldn't travel to some of these places as they were in the middle of some incredibly dangerous locations.

Asking his parents what he should do, he was told that he would need to find a brave navigator. Sucking on his lolly pop he realized he couldn't count on others all his life and took books from the library. Spending all of his extra energy on studying navigation, Raife quickly understood the life of a navigator. Heading into town he spent some money on navigation tools and took some weaponry his father used to use when hunting and headed out to the sea via a small fishing boat. He hadn't really planned on becoming a pirate, but he didn't much care about becoming one either. With his father's tomahawks in hand & a good knowledge of navigation he practised whilst aboard the boat to make sure they really were heading exactly where he wanted to go. During his times aboard the boats he also watched skies aiming to learn many more patterns  like the ones he'd learnt when he'd been fishing with his father.


Superior Navigational Skills
Spending many of his years mapping out his route that he would follow through the world, Raife realized that some of the places he wished to travel were incredibly dangerous and that some people would not travel to such destinations. Realizing he may have to find his own way there, he begun to study navigation so he could make his own way if & when needed. Taking up books he started to find tools used for navigation which would aid in triangulating his position and explored the usage of them, just so he would be ready for anything that came his way so he could never wind up lost and always remain in the know.

Weather Prediction
Whilst he travelled as a child Raife had taken a keen interest in the sky as he'd always dreamt of flying and felt the clouds were an amazing way to escape. But during the time he spent watching the clouds he started to recognize patterns. Such as what happened before rain, strong winds & so much more. Remembering these patterns Raife has collected a series of memories which aid him in predicting the weather and traversing around danger.

Unsightly Speed/Reactions
Raife has incredible speed & reactions mainly due to over active glands in his body. Raife has an inability to stay still. Due to this he is incredibly energetic & fast, his reaction time is faster than normal. He is the type of person who will only be able to sleep a maximum of 4 hours, have to run a marathon then he will be able to function similarly to an average person in most jobs. This is just a biological anomaly that Raife suffers from, but he uses to his advantage.

Cloud Cutter Combat
Realizing he would need a form of combat to defend himself with Raife begun to develop a fighting style to aid him in protection, whilst he took time to analyse his tomahawks he started to realize the properties that his blades allowed him. With their blades they allowed him the opportunity to hack 'n' slash away at things with such destructive force and great ease whilst also they could be used to reflect light and blind his foes. This gave him the idea and sudden realisation that these were like clouds and sheep in a strange way.

Talented Acrobatic: Whilst a child who used to climb trees to escape his angry parents & various other angered pursuers, Raife spent allot of his time scrambling through trees, climbing from high to low and so on, he managed to gain a much greater acrobatic skill in which he could climb like a squirrel & swing like a monkey through trees with incredible ease.

"I'm Not Totally Addicted To Sweets"

Objects: Bag of Navigational tools

Weapon: Bag of Tomahawks

Weapon Description:

Raife carries around bag of tomahawks of which are black with thick black rubber grip and the manufacturers name written in white on the side of the blade along with a pointed back to the blade. The Tomahawk weighs 10 oz whilst the length is 1 foot. The blades are incredibly sharp and perfect for hacking through wood. Upon interacting with metal & even stone sparks will be created.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Pointed Blade
There is a pointed blade on the back of the blade which can be used for smaller activities or even stabbing.

These weapons are also aerodynamic to a certain extent too which aids in combat as they can be thrown and deal out serious wounds.

The Tomahawks are made out of Tungsten which allows incredible robustness of the weaponry.

Weapon History:
These tomahawks have had a short lived life. Mostly belonging to Raife's father. They were used early on in his youth for combat when he lived in the woodlands. But after his life they have spent their time in the shed. Until of course Raife chose to take to the seas and needed a weapon to protect himself with. Taking them with him Raife begun to train with them to gain a much greater dexterity with them.

Power Level Information
"Some Call it Hyper Activity, I Call It Be Faster Than You"

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Expert
Character Resilience: Average
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information
"Trading Fruit For Sugar"

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information
"A Sugar Rush & A Bag O' Tomahawks Is All I Need To Beat You"

Unarmed Combat

Running towards a foe Raife throws himself into a ball & allows himself to roll into his foe at great speed & force, especially in the situations such as where inclines are involved as these increase the centre of gravity and add a greater force which pulls him towards the foe.

Dance of the sheep
Running headlong into combat Raife uses his incredible speed to avoid all forms of combat. Like a sheep with no ability to fight and yet still avoiding all forms of combat, Raife uses his speed to leap out of harms way and avoid it with great ease. This technique can only be used for 5 posts currently, however due to greater control over speed at a later date this will improve.

Weapon Based Combat:

Cloud Cutter Combat

Cloud Cutter Combat: Sheer!
Spinning a single tomahawk in one hand around, Raife picks up great speed which allows the tomahawk to blur and thus it cannot be seen clearly. Once it has reached this speed Raife begins to attack his foe with the Tomahawk in an attempt to cut them numerous times.

Cloud Cutter Combat: Follow the herd
Utilizing the pointed part of the back of his tomahawks Raife digs the point into his foe and uses it like a hook to pull the foe in a certain direction.

Cloud Cutter Combat: White Menace
Throwing two tomahawks at a time horizontally the tomahawks have a greater chance at slicing someone in two or even three or possibly if caught with the pointed end impaling them and due to the momentum tearing open large wounds. As these blades glide through the air though the blades tend to reflect light greatly which also tends to make them much harder to see due to the flat horizontal blade. This makes this technique harder to avoid as the blades cannot be pin pointed easily.

Cloud Cutter Combat: Aries Charge
Using tomahawk(s) the user charges towards their foe holding the tomahawk(s) upside down. Upon closing the distance between them self and foe the user digs the points on the back of their tomahawks into the foe(s). This technique can be used to pin foe(s) to walls.

Cloud Cutter Combat: Aries Charge: Uppercut
Using tomahawk(s) the user charges towards their foe holding the tomahawk(s) upside down. Upon closing the distance between them self and foe the user uppercuts the foe knocking them from their feet and hoisting them into the air.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:


Collecting on the Stat Points
Stats been increased:
2+ Strength
2+ Dexterity

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Re: Raife Wilson

Post by Colm on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:54 am

Alright, everything looks good to me.


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Re: Raife Wilson

Post by Docile on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:26 pm

Requesting an upgrade on Raife's dexterity due to The Tomahawk that stopped the ship

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Re: Raife Wilson

Post by Colm on Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:49 am


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Re: Raife Wilson

Post by Docile on Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:16 am

Bringing this nut case back from the deleted section in the archives as I feel he deserves a second chance. Also I've used the perk on him to give him four more extra stat points as he originally was only given 4 beginning stat points.

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Re: Raife Wilson

Post by FroYo on Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:53 am


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Re: Raife Wilson

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