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Kaiju Kaiju no Mi, Model: Oya

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Kaiju Kaiju no Mi, Model: Oya

Post by Vaetric on Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:59 am

Devil Fruit Name: Kaiju Kaiju no Mi, Model: Parent

Translation: English Translation goes here!

Appearance of the Fruit: The main advantage of the fruit is allowing the user to turn to one of two creatures depending on their gender. For the male, it allows them to turn into a Typhon. For the female, they change into an Echidna.

Type: Paramecia, Logia or Zoan goes here!

Abilities of the fruit: The main power of the fruit goes here!

Weaknesses: List the fruit's weaknesses here!

Devil Fruit Progression: Put how long it takes for the user to advance from one level to the next. This should vary that devil fruit's with less levels take longer to progress whilst devil fruits with more levels progress quicker.

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