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Ezra Cooke

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Ezra Cooke

Post by Cooke on Thu May 07, 2015 1:43 pm

General Information

Name:  Ezra Cooke
Epithet: Lightning Eye
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Karate Island, South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed 
Theme TuneKotonou

CrewLightning Eye Pirates
ShipA Valkyrie's Promise
Occupation: Marine (Former) Pirate Captain (Current)
Rank: Commander (As a Marine)
Bounty: 10,000,000
Crimes Committed
- Desertion
Bounties Collected:  17,000,000 (As a Marine)
Allegiance: Pirate
Catch up with Zera and the Pove Pirates on the Grand Line.
Make everyday out at sea a party.
Find the One Piece. (What Pirate doesn’t want the One Piece?)

Character Information

Lightning Eye Pirates Flag:


Standing at exactly 1.96 meters, Ezra is no doubt taller than your average man. And coming in at 105 kilograms of solid muscle is nothing to scoff at either. Ezra is nothing to scoff at. He stands tall with a solid stance, charming yet determined smile, and his eyes open against the lightning bolt shaped scar over his right eye. He keeps his blonde hair spiked up and away from his face. 

Ezra can usually be seen wearing a plain purple or yellow spotted dress shirt, black leather pants, and silver shoes or a variation on that. In colder climates he can be seen with a black fur lined coat draped over his shoulders, and a pair of spiked earmuffs on.   

“Love is Easy. Trust Me.” -Ezra on love.
Ezra is really giving to the idea of love. He is friendly to strangers and easy to make friends. For Ezra, after friendship comes love which doesn’t take much to get from him. It’ll take a beer, a couple of hours together, or a compliment straight from the heart and BAM!! Unconditional love from a pirate. Who knew?

“It’s all One Big Party.” -Ezra on life.
When Ezra’s out an about the town it’s a party. The pubs we’ll be drank dry, the shops will be shopped at, the ladies will be loved, and the men will be beaten up, or befriended. Befriended or beaten up, not to worry. If Ezra has the Beli everyone will be invited to the bash. Ezra’s absolute love is throwing ragers. “Throw it, and they will come.” He says.

“You’re a pretty good fighter. But I’m better!!” - Ezra to Random Pirate
Ezra, being born and raised on Karate Island has a love for the Martial Arts that is unrivaled. So if Ezra is seen swinging a fist there is most likely a smile right behind the strike. And the tougher the opponent means the bigger and brighter the smile, and the heavier and more explosive the punch. Ezra has an indomitable spirit and will never back down from a fight even if it means death. And should death come he’ll embrace it with a warrior’s grin.

“Sadness? None for me. Thanks.” - Ezra to fellow Bar Patron
Sadness is not something Ezra is too familiar with. He has only been sad once in his life and he didn’t like it very much. Ezra expels the negative and looks on the bright side. “Being happy is so much more fun.”

Character History

Ezra Cooke was born on Karate Island in the South Blue to retired Vice Admiral Jorma Cooke and a marine shipwright Freya. Freya passed during childbirth leaving Jorma to take care of his son. Jorma was a great father and it helped that Ezra was such a calm and quiet baby. Jorma would take Ezra to the beach everyday to teach him to swim, play, and tell him stories of his life, about where he grew up, being a marine, and his mother. Ezra’s first memory is being at the beach during sunset watching his father skip stones so far they disappeared into the horizon.

Ezra remembers fondly the days where him and his dad would set sail they never strayed too far away from the island unless his Father had to deal with business at Marine Headquarters. Even though his dad was retired Ezra spent a lot of time around marines as a young boy. It wasn’t a bad thing he learned respect and discipline, besides most of them were really nice guys who would teach Ezra a thing or two when they could. It didn’t matter if it was ship maintenance or a fighting move Ezra was always ready to learn, and learn he did. 

Spending time home on Karate Island was great because Ezra would learn and practice a different fighting style everyday. He was a natural which was something that he and Jorma were very proud about. And visiting Marine HQ was fun because Ezra would watch the marines train and more often than not join them in their training. At first the instructors would yell at him and then they would ask him where did he come from. Ezra would answer saying he was Vice Admiral Jorma Cooke’s kid. Some people would laugh, some were impressed, and some were just indifferent but they all would leave him alone and let him train with the cadets. 

It wasn’t long before the higher-ups took serious notice of him. Training everyday either on Karate Island or Marine HQ made Ezra a prime recruit. Being the kid of a Vice Admiral also helped too knowing he was cut from a good cloth. His father would be asked “Hey, Jorma. When is that kid of your’s gonna’ enlist?” Jorma would reply “Whenever he wants. That’s up to him.” Ezra would hear it too every now and again and decided to do it when he turned sixteen. It didn’t seem exciting or like something he’d want to do but it was right, boring but right.

Ezra enlisted in the marines at sixteen and was on a fast track program to rise up the ranks because of his physical prowess, and who his father was. Out of his cadet class at Marineford, Ezra was at the top of it. At age seventeen, despite his youth, Ezra was given the rank of commander on a ship set to patrol the North Blue. He spent two years on that ship and had collected a couple different bounties adding up to seventeen million beli. He was well on his way to a promotion when one day his ship made a stop at the port town of Spider Miles for supplies. There he met the most beautiful girl he ever saw. Ezra hadn’t had many interactions with women up to this point. All he knew was fights, and being a marine so he followed her around trying his best to be inconspicuous, and trying to figure out how to approach her. She turned the corner heading to a back street  bar the kind that only a pirate or a mountain bandit would enter. That was fine by Ezra. Cute girl and a fight couldn’t have sounded any better to him so he followed behind her proudly displaying his Marine Hat. 

When he entered the bar he was greeted with scowls and faces of disgust. He spotted the beautiful girl. She was sitting with a couple rough looking men. She looked at him and whispered to her friends, most likely something about him on the count of what happened next. “Oi, Marine! Come sit with us.” Her blue haired friend called across the bar. Ezra walked across the room tall and strong showing no fear and sat down. “Cowboy.” Another one of the guys mumbled. “Hi… What are you following me for?” The girl asked sliding an ale across the table. “Ummm… You’re beautiful.” Replied Ezra taking a sip of the drink. “Aaaahahaha!” The group at his table laughed and laughed hard. “You’re a funny little marine.” She added. “What does me being a marine have to do with it?” Ezra asked. “Guy, look around you. You’re in the company of pirates.” She replied. “It’s Ezra.” “What?” “My name… It’s Ezra.” “I know who you are, Boy scout. Or should I say Lightning Eye?” Ezra shook his head. “I’m not a boy scout.” The pirates laughed again. “You’re a marine aren’t ya?” One of the guys asked. “Yeah, but I’m a person too.” The girl shook her head. “What are you trying to say?” “I’m trying to say I’d like to take you out on a date.” The crew laughed again without the girl this time. “I’m Zera and you’ve got yourself a date.” She got up held her hand out for his and said “Lets go.” Ezra chugged the ale, slammed the mug on the table, grabbed her hand and grinned all the way out of the pub.

“So what brings you to Spider Miles, Lightning Eye?” Ezra touched the scar on his eye feeling a bit shy about it. Zera pulled his hand away from his face to look at it. “Supplies.” He replied. “Us too. Except while you’re grabbing gunpowder we’re grabbing party supplies.” “Party?” “Yeah. You should come by unless you’re gonna’ be all boy scout about it.” Ezra smiled. “I’ll be there.” “Cool. It’s on our ship. You can’t miss it. We’re docked on the south side of the island, away from the port. Big Black flag, reads Pove Pirates.” Ezra couldn’t say he’d heard of them. “Pove Pirates? Never heard of you.” “You will.” Zera shot the finger guns Ezra’s way. It was adorable but made him conscious of the danger of being in the presence of a pirate, let alone being on a date with one. 

Ezra decided to grab some food at a restaurant not too far from the pub. Upon arriving at the restaurant’s entrance Ezra saw one of the ensigns from his ship walking toward him. He told Zera to grab a table in the restaurant and that he’d be a minute. “Commander Cooke!” The ensign called out approaching him. “Here are the new wanted posters, Sir. No big bounties right now but some of these pirates have been seen in the area, according to some citizens.” “I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks.” Ezra dismissed the ensign as he flipped through the posters. It seemed his new lady friend had acquired her first bounty. He shook his head and put that poster in his back pocket.

Ezra and Zera had a lovely dinner, and went back to the pub for a fun, and riotous time of drinks with the crew. By the end of the night Ezra was enamored with Zera. Not only was Zera quickly his favorite person over the course of a couple of hours but the rest of her crew were guys that Ezra wouldn’t mind sharing a drink with regularly. When the bar was ready to close was when the party moved to the Pove Pirates ship.

Ezra drank, laughed, danced, and had his first kiss. He decided this was the best night of his life and wanted everyday to be like this. And then the Marines came. His Captain’s ship was the first to become visible around the bend and the first to shoot a cannonball. The Pove Pirates sprang into action shooting cannonballs out of the sky and getting the ship to set sail. Ezra did the same. “Why are you doing this?” Zera asked. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” Ezra said simply before he turned his attention back to the sails.

The sails caught the wind and the ship started on it’s way. The Marine ship’s deck could be seen from the Pove Pirates deck and Ezra locked Eyes with his Captain. “Cooke! What are you doing on that ship?” Captain Ver called out to him. “Go back before things get worse for you.” Zera said. Ezra looked at Zera’s frustrated face and to back his captain’s. Ezra stepped up to the quarterdeck’s guardrail. “I’m a pirate now.” Ezra waved to Captain Ver as the wind pushed the ship further and further from the marine frigates.

“Are you staying with us?” Zera asked once the coast was clear. Ezra leaned on the guardrail looking out at the sea and said “No. Drop me off at the next Island. I’ll see you guys in the Grand Line.”

-Indomitable Spirit: Ezra has a spirit that cannot be subdued. Years of training have put him against bigger and better opponents and every time his courage keeps him up and his will to win helps him defeat his foes.

-Martial Artist: Years of training in different styles of martial arts have sharpened Ezra’s reflexes and enabled him to anticipate the moves of his opponent. That’s if the style’s moves are able to be anticipated. He is one person you don’t want to find yourself fighting against, at least without a devil fruit power.

-Charismatic: People are naturally drawn to Ezra because he is simple, refreshingly so. Because he is so simple people can more often than not see his purity and excitement for all.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Average

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Instinct Impact: Ezra excels at unarmed combat and has a vast knowledge of different fighting styles due to his upbringing. Despite this Ezra’s fighting style is one of his own devising that focuses on improvisation and instinct. He is a firm believer in keeping the opponent guessing and rules out most fighting styles that can be seen as predictable. He has dubbed his style of fighting Instinct Impact.

Instant Impact: Ezra throws a quick, 10 punch burst with both arms.

Revolution Impact: Ezra performs a speedy, 360 roundhouse kick.

Double Revolution Impact: Ezra performs a speedy, 360 roundhouse and back roundhouse kick.

Arc Impact: Ezra turns his back to his opponent and quickly backflips, roughly kicking them into the ground on the way down.

Meteor Impact: Ezra raises his right leg over his head and drops it down on his opponents head, and smashing them into the ground.

Arrow Impact: Ezra jumps into the air and powerfully kicks both legs square in the opponent’s chest.

Body Arc Impact: Ezra flips over his enemy, grabs them around the waist and performs a suplex on them, savagely slamming their head and back into the ground.

Big Impact: Ezra cocks back and delivers a hard blow to his opponent’s chest. This technique is capable of knocking an opponent off of their feet.

Sidewalk Impact: Ezra cocks back and delivers a strong, speedy downward blow to the opponent’s head. This technique is designed to result in double damage with Ezra hitting them and the target hitting the ground.

Clouds Impact: Ezra cocks his fist and delivers a strong, speedy upward blow to the opponent’s chin. This technique is designed to stun or knock the opponent into the air.

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Ezra Cooke

Post by Vaetric on Fri May 08, 2015 5:46 am

With the things taken care of in the chatbox, approved

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Re: Ezra Cooke

Post by Cooke on Thu May 14, 2015 6:55 am

Character Strength: Trained -> Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Average -> Advanced


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Re: Ezra Cooke

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