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Makai-Yaiba {Hell Bringer's Sword}

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Makai-Yaiba {Hell Bringer's Sword}

Post by Enzeru Shichisei on Tue May 26, 2015 7:31 am


Weapon Name: Makai-Yaiba


Weapon History:
The weapon is said to be made by a demon nick named "Hell Bringer" he used to be a fellow angel who was cast down into hell, for his revenge he decided to forge a blade that would take the properties of hells torturous flames. This was to be revenge to cause chaos, this blade would eventually be left in the hands of the Enzeru. The original of story goes like this, whilst in the land of angels where all things holy live lived an angel who would be known as Seraph. In this time seraph had created his philosophies and theories that opposed and questioned god to his very power and reasoning for casting out Lucifer. With God being enraged, he casted Seraph to follow soon with Lucifer to the pits of hell. Seraph being insulted swore his revenge in the only way he could at the time. He would carve a sword that would give the very properties of hell itself and cast it into the world above to let havoc run amok. It is said Seraph later renamed the blade and himself Hell Bringer or Makai-Yaiba. Seraph created this weapon out of the many materials hell had to offer, it is said to be a demon's wing coated in a strong like alloy that allows the weapon to be both light weighted as well as durable and strong. Along the hilt of the blade itself there are symbolic letterings of his signia. The blade also has an alloy that has the same properties a seastone might have on a Devil Fruit user but it burns likes the flames of hell. This weapon was truly created for a masochistic beast or user. The blade has no sheathe and must be wrapped up in a cloth, the handle is made out of a separate material making it so that the user isn't effected by the Burning sensation however if the user touches the blade part themselves they will be burned like any other who comes into contact.

Special Weapon Abilities:
HellFire-Stone: Much like the effects of the sea-stone has on a Devil fruit user the blade is made from a material that acts much like the same way however it is called hellfire-stone due to the fact that it causes a burning sensation, this does not null the effects of a devil fruit user making them incapable of using their devil fruit powers it just allows the user to cut into them be they Logia or anything else whilst adding a burning sensation. If used on a weapon that has a zoan devil fruit on it, this blade could potentially cause chipping and denting into the target's weapon.

Light-Weight Material: Though the blade itself takes a massive size it is made of an allow that allows the user to swing it with one hand like they are carrying a feather in their hand. This material is also used to make the blade durable as well as strong, it is said to be made out of Demon hide which gives it, its red like color.

Demon Handle Alloy: The handle of the blade is coated in an allow made by demons which makes it so the user is not effected by the blade's HellFire-Stone property so long as they are holding the handle and not touching the actual blade part of the sword. The Blade itself if not being used must be wrapped up in cloth or the such as it has no sheathe.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Dials: N/A

Character or Crew specific: Enzeru {once made}
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