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Tequila Gin

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Tequila Gin

Post by Docile on Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:24 am

General Information
"Dream Big"

Name: Tequila Gin
Epithet: "The Yeti"
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: 1/2 Yeti | 1/2 Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: N/A
Crew: The Snowflake Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Captain
Crimes Commited:
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Rule Zou
• Tame a Seaking
• Defeat a Yeti
• Become the Pirate King

Character Information
"Envision Goals"

Jolly Roger:

Tequila Gin is 17ft 9 in height and weighs a full 13 stone without his weaponry or armor equipped. He is a rather odd and unusual looking man of sorts as he was born with entire body to be coated in fair white fur. Due to this he looks more like a yeti or a monstrous creature. Many have mistaken him for an animal and some a Minkman but instead he is just a rather unfortunate human. With white fur all over his body he has trouble in warmer climates and often strips down to just his bowler hat and a pair of tattered old shorts which reach three quarters of the way down his legs and are dark blue in colour. His face looks very plain with only two gaps for his eyes which are blue in colour and surrounded by dark shadows from the fur. His mouth is hidden away beneath all of the fur. He has a well toned body which has an adequate amount of muscle for the equipment he sometimes carries with him. His skin is normal colour beneath the fur but it isn't visible beneath the fur unfortunately. On the left shoulder on his back he has a brand of his jolly roger as to never forget it and as a sign that he will never give up or forget about his dreams of which are so big and waiting to be fulfilled.

Tequila often wears a pair of red round lenses in his glasses to cover his eyes up and a bowler hat to cover up his head. The bowler hat has an ice blue coloured ribbon around the bottom of it. He wears a brown leather belt which has a holster hanging from the left side for his sawn of shotgun of which the butt has the jolly roger scratched into it on one side. Over his back he tends to often wear a rifle over his shoulder hanging via a strap which also has the jolly roger on the butt.


Tequila the Captain

Tequila is an ambitious dreamer who doesn't see dreams as stupid goals but as things to be completed within one's lifetime. He loves listening to people's dreams and to him the crazier the better because he feels life should be lived to the fullest. He hates being judged by his appearance but shrugs it off mostly or plays on it. Tequila is all around a nice person who enjoys a bit too much drink at times due to being the son of two alcoholics. Which most definitely did not help. He doesn't always or sometimes at all have a plan but often just charges headlong into the situation as he sometimes feels it's for the best as plans can make things more difficult especially if you are waiting for someone or something. He will do whatever he can to help a person in need but understands sometimes sacrifices need to be made. He can be careless at times but tries not to be where and when he can avoid being so.

Tequila the Soldier

In the heat of the battle Tequila can be quite a handful due to his arsenal and armor which protect him from battle but he often tries to make allies to aid him in combat. Be they natives to the island, animals or even enemies of his own. If he can avoid a conflict he will choose to do so but unfortunately it isn't always possible and in such situation where things are not possible he will quickly become the soldier that he knows he must to conquer. Tequila likes to keep active during a fight as opposed to waiting for more people and if there is nothing to do but wait for reinforcements he will happily throw himself into the heat of the battle by charging towards it or looting whatever he can from the bodies left behind.

Character History
"Listen to Legends"


Born from a family of alcoholics, Tequila learnt from an early age that life not only wouldn't be all sunshine, puppies and sweets, but abuse, tall tales and sleepless nights. Which came rolling in right on cue. From an early age he knew when trouble was coming his way because he could smell the alcohol a mile off and that meant the parents were coming home. He disliked them drinking as it made his act differently towards him. But you can't hate what you forced to love. Loving his parents and tolerating their alcoholism for the most part he lived a normal life. That is once you get past his deformity.

Tequila was born with white fur from all over his body. Tequila was an unfortunate child with the deformity as many people took him to be either some rare and peculiar monster or a Minkman which really confused him because he didn't even know what one was. With everyone taking notice of his appearance and beginning to treat him differently as he grew Tequila grew up to feel cold inside. A hatred for those who couldn't treat him normally and a slight hatred for his parents when they brought up his appearance which was only when they were drunk.

Making it through his life into adult hood he had grown an extraordinary amount but people were only becoming more scared of him. This was an ongoing problem that was really getting to him as he felt that the people of the town were casting him aside and wanted him gone. During his time in the town seeking work but getting rejected everywhere for his appearance Tequila just found that he couldn't keep his rage in and started smashing down a wooden stall. Slamming his fists into it and then using pieces of the stall to further damage it he was quickly thrown into a pair of handcuffs and a jail cell to cool off. It was a minor crime and nothing much would come from it.

Sitting in the jail cell Tequila was approached by another cell mate whose hands were cuffed and there was a distinct smell of alcohol on his breath too. Rolling his eyes he thought about how his parents treated him due to their drinking problem. Turning away from him the cell mate started to talk.

"Sorry about my breath, I know it's pretty potent, but your bar tenders make a mean Ambergris Punch." still choosing to ignore him and his alcoholic ways Tequila remained to stare at the wall. "I saw your handy work out there smashing up that stall. You seem like a strong lad, I saw how those guys a the bar rejected you when you asked about working there." Tequila couldn't help but listen to what the man was saying and felt curious as to when the first comment on his appearance would arise. But to his surprise none did. "Name's Jebadiah 'Tooth Spit' Reacher" turning to face him Tequila smiled a little reluctant to admit he liked the old guy with a nearly toothless grin and wrinkled face.

"Tequila Gin." with a smile on his face Reacher replied. "That name sounds worthy of a drink. If I were to be getting out of here I'd wish we could have that final drink. But I'm to be executed in the morning." this intrigued Tequila but saddened him a touch too. The only man who hadn't taken notice or at least hadn't bothered to mention his appearance was losing his life in the morning. Throughout the remaining hours in the cell Tequila and Reach spoke about why he was to be executed.

It turned out that Reacher was a pirate who'd sailed the world only to find himself happier than he left. When he'd set out to become a pirate it was completely by accident. Getting himself into quite a bind by unintentionally aiding a robbery he found himself aboard a dying ship with seven wounded men and one woman. With a bounty placed on each of their heads for the small parts they played it seemed like a horrible nightmare but instead turned out to be a blessing is disguise. He was no longer the bitter depressed man he once was but now a happy man with freedom awaiting him.

After sailing the world and experiencing many of it's great and wonderful pleasures Tequila begun to feel a sense of joy in his stories. He spoke of how his life had been insult one after another and his parents hadn't helped. Reach explained to him that just because they drink it doesn't make them bad people, it just means they want to enjoy themselves. This made Tequila laugh and that night when he was set free he returned home to indulge in alcohol for the first time. Not only did his parents wish to have a good time but so did he.

Drinking late into the night enjoying himself with his parents he felt the insults slide over him as if they were nothing and instead of bother or annoyance he felt jolly and a smile reached over his face. It was fun. Until the next morning when the conversation he'd had with Reach came flooding back. His fate this morning and the one wish he had for him. Begrudgingly getting to his feet Tequila made his way to Reacher's execution just in time to see him on the stand he looked at peace with the world. Watching as he had the blades ripping through his body Tequila felt anger inside of him but knew he could at least carry out one last wish for him. Watching as life drained from his body Reacher looked into the crowd to see the hairy body of Tequila Gin. Tequila the hairy cell mate who wanted to see him off.

With his friend gone and a wish to still be fulfilled Tequila made his way towards the ship that belonged to the pirate known as Reacher which was docked at the harbor with a red X marked across the side. Climbing aboard the ship Tequila searched the Captain's quarters. The entire ship had been emptied of crew and most of it's loot.

This is where his pirate journey would begin.


"Dream Of Might"

Weapon: Sawn Off Shotgun

Weapon Description: This is a sawn off shotgun with one barrel and a wooden handle. The barrel itself is black and of ordinary length the only difference between this and any other ordinary sawn off shotgun is that it has the jolly roger of Tequila Gin's pirate crew scratched into the handle on the left side on the wooden handle so people know who it belongs to.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:
These were crafted by a black smith on an island that Tequila stranded himself on and had a history of sitting on the shelf gathering dust as no one had used nor bought them before being stolen by Tequila. Once they had collected everything wanted to start the journey all except a ship Tequila took it upon himself to scratch what he would call his jolly roger into the butt of the shotgun.

Weapon: Rifle

Weapon Description: This is a large rifle which looks like an ordinary rifle except with the engraving of a jolly roger belonging to the snowflake pirates on the butt of the rifle.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History:
These were crafted by a black smith on an island that Tequila stranded himself on and has had a history of sitting on the shelf gathering dust as no one had used nor bought them before being stolen by Tequila.

Power Level Information
"Fight like a God"

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information
"Breath like a Devil"

Devil Fruit Name: Chēn Chēn no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  Level One
Devil Fruit Abilities: The ability of the Chēn Chēn no Mi is that it grants the user a chain mail armour beneath their skin and then allows the user to manipulate chains from their body.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses
• Electricity

Combat Information
"Disguise as a man"

Weapon Based Combat:

Harpoon: Fisherman's Jab
With harpoon in hand Tequila quickly jabs multiple times towards his opponent attempting to stab them with the sharp tip of his harpoon.

Harpoon: Splash!
Tequila plants his harpoon into the ground and begins to use it to propel himself into the air by pressing his weight on it and allowing the resistance to propel him skywards, but he grips it tightly moments before being launched allowing him to take it with him.

Sawn Off: Boomerang Reload
Tequila fires out a shot and as he is about to reload for another shot he flips the sawn off shotgun forward and grips it differently as it swings on his finger so he can throw it at an opponent and as it bounces back in his general direction he has picked up another shell for it allowing him the chance to catch the shotgun and load the next shell in.


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Re: Tequila Gin

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:00 am

Ya've forgotten to reserve the fruit.

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Re: Tequila Gin

Post by Docile on Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:08 pm

Fruit reservations are only to hold on to specific fruit for a time frame whilst you create your character who will be using said fruit. Otherwise if your character is created and the fruit is free and not reserved my character may take the fruit.

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Re: Tequila Gin

Post by Vaetric on Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:25 am

Nnh, aight.


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Re: Tequila Gin

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