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Rekord Koppa

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Rekord Koppa

Post by Docile on Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:41 pm

General Information
"Strength comes with dreams"

Name: Rekord Koppa
Epithet: "N/A"
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line | Zou
Species: Minkman | Reindeer
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: N/A
Crew: The Snowflake Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Tracker
Crimes Commited:
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Return to Zou
• Become Stronger

Character Information
"Character comes from growth"

Jolly Roger:


Rekord is a reindeer minkman thus he looks identical to a reindeer, however he isn't exactly the same. He has a set of antlers which are large sitting atop of his head and a black nose. Rekord stands on two legs reaching a height of 7 ft 10 with his antlers included without them he is 6ft tall. Rekord has very rounded eyes which are brown in colour. He can stand on two or four legs but has no general preference. His weapon of choice is mainly his own body as he has numerous ways of attack and his hooves really pack a punch. Over his torso Rekord wears a torn sleeveless red shirt which only covers the top half of his torso. Around his waist Rekord wears a white bandage which is used like a belt and a pair of blue torn shorts which have a jelly fish printed on the right hand side of his shorts. On the back of his shorts is a small hole for his tail to poke free from. Rekord weighs a grand total of 11 stone and has a few deep cuts over his legs from fights he's taken part in.


Rekord the Tracker

Rekord knows his place within a group and always feels at peace with his general skills. He knows that he has a good nose and is well fitted for tracking thus he always tries to take in every one of his surroundings as they make things easier for him when he knows what is available to himself and others. Rekord's tacking ability has never steered him wrong yet but if anything it has only brought him great fortune which he hopes to find more of throughout his journey. As a tracker he often tries to use it to find food but potent things such as perfume make it difficult for him to focus on specific scents due how sensitive it is. When he drinks however Rekord struggles to identify specific scents and his nose begins to become more useless as he can't tell some scents from others.

Rekord the Joker

With a relaxed and chilled out nature Rekord likes a good joke and will often try to make others laugh over anything else. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut and even during fights will say what doesn't need to be said and only further enrage mos people. His humor is more of an acquired taste as opposed to something that you're born with. Rekord's jokes can be a little too dirty for some and he doesn't seem to understand age restrictions or limits as he can always take things a little too far. But as a loyal friend and crew mate he'll always stick by them and knows full well who his friends are and who are not. His favorite thing to do is sleep and he can take a joke no matter what it is as long as it doesn't involve someone being seriously injured. His loyalty lies with his friends and family which is one reason as to why hes so adamant to return to his home island and place it in the rule of someone he knows he can trust.

Rekord the Reindeer

Despite being a reindeer this doesn't stop Rekord from being a pervert. He likes to look around and even more so likes to see how far he can get with females whom take his interest. Most people would think this would be other reindeers but they'd be wrong. Rekord likes humans just as much as the next guy. He doesn't care about race or even age in some cases. Seeing himself as exotic he tends to consider himself a bit of a ladies man as all the women are likely to find him adorable at first. It's only when he starts to exhibit signs of a conscious nature do the women push him away or in other events such as one which happened shortly after Tequila & he robbed the black smith try to brand him. This just wasn't worth mentioning in the background. Rekord is a perverted and it'll take a short amount of time for any female unfortunate enough to encounter him to realize this.

Character History
"Some smiles never fade"


Born on Zou, Rekord has come a long way from home when he was taken as a child under the wishes of his parents by the notorious and happy to help pirate Jebadiah Reacher. Whilst a civil war had broken out amongst the town and the island was becoming unlivable due to the dangers which lurked around every street corner it was time Rekord the lonely Reindeer Minkman sought out a better future but due to his young age it wasn't about to happen so his parents found the first people they could to take him from them.

The generous pirate Reacher offered to take him away and let him grow up in a world of humans for his own safety to which he didn't know would come as a shock to many including those who'd never seen a Minkman before. Travelling back to the West Blue in his older age as Rekord had aged and picked up a little more from fellow crew mates Reacher was spotted almost immediately by bounty hunters.

A they relentlessly attacked the ship Rekord got the chance to involve himself with the crew and take down two of the bounty hunters. But this led to a much needed surgery to be carried out. Rekord had his ribs cracked and right shoulder dislocated. Bounty hunters always have been quite harsh creatures. With his injuries on the mend the ship quickly found a small island to dock on. They needed more supplies and with a good portion of the crew injured or on death's door it was only a matter of time until Reacher would need a whole new crew.

As Reacher had headed into the town he had been apprehended by the Navy and ambushed. His crew were arrested when the ship was raided but Rekord thankfully had been hiding and thus not found. As scared as he was that they might find him, he was fortunate and left behind to live his life. Even if they had found him, he'd just be a simple pet. Reacher was sent to the prison ready for execution the very next day as were his men.

Leaving Rekord above the ship to heal was the best thing for Rekord and as he waited to heal Rekord had nothing to do but wait for a meal that would find him.

A few days later a savior would find him.

Hearing the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing the next thing Rekord knew a bucket was yanked it free from his head. As the two glared into one another's eyes the monster leapt back screaming.


the yeti at this point leapt back in shock at Rekord.


As the two stared at one another longer they started to feel slightly more comfortable with the situation until the two started asking questions.

"How can you talk?" the yeti would ask.
"Because I'm a Minkamn duh!" Rekord would say back to the yeti only to confuse him further.
"What's a Minkman?"

This started off a lively debate and a series of wild questions between the two until they agreed to be friends. Rekord explained to Tequila what and where Minkmen like himself had come from. The island had been named Zou and the reason Rekord ended up here in the West Blue was because Reacher had saved him from the island when raiders attacked. Wanting to keep him safe Rekord was brought back with them. Rekord spoke of Zou like he missed it and to fulfill Reacher's wish Tequila was to look after Rekord but if Rekord wanted to return home then that would be his mission. Looking skywards Tequila laughed hard.

"I'll take you back home Rekord." Tequila announced as his head flooded with thoughts of piracy. He raised the anchor and sails setting out on the open sea before realizing that he hadn't a clue how to navigate, sail or even survive. but by then it was too late he was already on his great journey and had to make do. Sailing from the island he'd grown up on Tequila knew he'd have to make do with whatever he could find aboard the ship. Searching through the crew's belongings he discovered little food and thought how he should've restocked before leaving. He tried his hand at fishing to find all he'd attracted was a Seaking.

Attacking the ship of which he had no idea how to utilize the ship went down and the two were left in a rowing boat sailing along with no food, no water and no hope.

"Don't worry, I can smell food that way!" Rekord would make note as scents of such a delicacy raced his way.

Rekord  managed to point them in the right direction of an island. Using his hands to row and Rekord's nose to navigate the two found an island and quickly made themselves known to be small time crooks. Donning a piece of fabric around their faces they quickly lifted some Beli and some fruits for themselves before hiding out in the cliffs.

Filling their stomachs and feeling all the better Tequila was thankful that he'd met Rekord. He now had a new dream to make a reality other than returning Rekord home. Tequila wanted to defeat a Seaking. He told Rekord of his ambition of his to which Rekord told him about giant furry creatures which looked much like himself called Yetis, which were a million times stronger than Seakings. This enthralled Tequila and gave him yet another goal which Rekord would take as a joke to defeat a yeti. As Tequila chowed down on the final piece of food he started to feel sickly as something was caught in his throat. Spitting up the core he coughed hard and started to feel worse. His belly felt putrid and mouth tasted something sickly. As he went to throw up gagging so heavily Rekord stepped back a little worried as to his friend's health.

This is when from his body a series of chains rattled frightening both members of this duo.

Questioning what had just happened how and why they tried to forget about it and hide. Pushing this ridiculously scary and worrying situation behind them Rekord spoke to Tequila about how he'd need weaponry and armor if he was to sail the seas as a pirate. Spending the night watching a blacksmiths the two waited till nightfall and everyone was asleep or out drinking themselves off of their asses.

The two crept into the weapon smith's shop and collected a large haul including a branding iron. Running off with it and retiring to the cliffs they had hid in they started putting the armor together and by the end there finished result was something rather miraculous. Tequila was ready to become a pirate. It's just a shame he knew nothing about his devil fruit powers. Tequila decided that if he and Rekord were to become pirates he would want the world to know it too and suggested to Rekord to brand him on the left shoulder with what Tequila decided would be his jolly roger. The anticipation for a life of piracy was beginning to get to Tequila and for the first time in his life he felt happy and excited. More so than he'd done in a long time.

Rekord knew that in his return to Zou the two of them would not only need to become stronger but much more experienced and ready for any, as of current the two were pretty useless and Rekord knew this even if Tequila didn't.


Reindeer Biology:
Being a reindeer Rekord has the biology of a Reindeer such as solid hooves, antlers and fur which aids him in combat and specific situations. A birth right if you will he is at an advantage. This gives him an edge over some other opponents as he has less to worry about and a bit more punch packed away with his added extras. His nose is incredibly sensitive allowing him to provide a tracking service for his crew when in need.

Power Level Information
"Missed Me"

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Dangerous
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Proficient

Combat Information
"There's so much more to learn"

Unarmed Based Combat:

Hoof & Antler: Stag Knight
Charging into his opponent Rekord attempts to impale his opponent with his antlers like a lance.

Hoof & Antler: Cage Breaker
Aiming for his opponent's ribs Rekord attempts to shatter his foe's ribs.

Hoof & Antler: Knight's Pride
Slamming a hoof into his opponent's jaw, Taurus attempts to break his opponent's jaw.

Hoof & Antler: Gallant Leap
Leaping into the air using his reindeer leg muscles Rekord spins in the air before directing a foot downwards towards his opponent hopefully slamming his hoof into their crushing them against the ground.

Hoof & Antler: Hundred Brick Hoof
This is a kick which Rekord performs in which he focuses all of his strength and speed into and launches out a punch or kick towards the opponent with enough force that it is said to be powerful enough to break one hundred bricks.


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Re: Rekord Koppa

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