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Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

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Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

Post by Blink on Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:13 pm

General Information

Name:  Eve U. Ferallo
Epithet: None yet
Age: 21
Gender:  Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: none yet
Ship: none yet
Occupation: Shipwright/Ship Path clearer
Bounty:  1,200,090
Allegiance: Pirate
~ To figure out her past. 
~ To find a new place to call home.

Character Information


Eve typically wears her waist long, pitch black here falling down flat. She has two white cloth pieces which are connected to the white hairband at the top of her head, which cover her ears. Her slim face and small brown eyes make it a bit obvious that there is a slight, pink tint in her skin. As for attire, she is typically wearing a sleeveless, black one piece. It is almost like a swimsuit in the way that it has no cloth to cover her legs. There is a white, upside down cross which goes from the top of the collar to just above her crotch. Eve wears brown leggings just before the black, white trimmed cloth boots are shown. They start a few inches above her knees, and end at the white soles of her feet. She wears white and black gloves along with a whit, lace ribbon tied to both of her forearms. She will occasionally wear and blue or black cape which flows to her feet. 

Personality: Eve is a quiet, yet intimidating girl when she wants to be. She can be found usually reading, or looking out into the sea, daydreaming or concerning herself with events from the past, at least the events she can remember. She doesn't often talk back to people, for she doesn't like conflict unless it is necessary. She is rarely confused, and despite suffering from amnesia, Eve has retained most of her actual intelligence. She has a very stoic personality, yet often is more concerned with the issues of others then the issues of her own. She has very motherly instincts, however doesn't show them often enough for anyone to really get the clue. Despite this maternal instinct of hers, Eve is willing to do almost anything to figure out her past. She would throw someone off the ship if it meant figuring out the secrets to how she got her powers, or who her family was. Eve is not easily intimidated, yet she is very good at taking orders from her superiors. She is great with coming up with strategies, whether it be on the spot or formed prior to the occasion. 

Character History

Eve was born on a small island in West blue, Isolated a few dozen miles away from any other island. She was born into a fairly poor family, however, that was average where she was. The island wasn't a very prosperous land, and with tsunamis and title waves constantly swooping in and ruining all the crops, starvation was a problem for all as well. Her mother was a nurse and her dad was a carpenter, both making fairly decent wages despite the lack of materials the island was able to produce. 

 As a child, Eve had a fairly normal life. There was no school on the island, however, due to the tsunamis and title waves which swarmed around the island, many ships were ship wrecked. Because of this, books fluttered the island shores, allowing for Eve to discover her favorite task, reading. She taught her self math, biology, even some earth science thanks to some of the books which washed up on the sandy beaches by her home. It became apparent to everyone that she was becoming intelligent, and it made her parents fairly depressed. When ever Eve told her mother something knew, she would always put on a fake smile. Eve never understood why up until she was nine, and over heard her parents talking about it. "She so smart, but she was cursed to be born here... Such intelligence has gone to waste with no way for her to use it."Eve was startled, but not surprised. She realized that what her parents were telling each other was true, but it wouldn't stop her from learning. Reading was one of the only things which brought her joy. 

Along with reading, building was also something she found fun. From the age of eight, she went to work with her father and learned the skills of carpentry. She helped her father patch up buildings and occasionally put back together a destroyed, washed up ship. Even though they couldn't ride the ship due to the storms which too often hit the island, it was still something which fascinated her. 

At the age of thirteen, Eve was in the jungle with her mother. They were gathering berries and various fruits for the up coming week. It was a normal day, the sky was fairly clear with the occasional cloud floating along the sky. However, after a half hour of gathering, rain began to fall from the sky. Eve looked around, a bit confused, and unable to find her mother. She must have gotten lost. She stumbled around the jungle for a few hours, and realized that the rain was only getting worse. She looked around, and darted for the nearest cave. She was scared, some tears fluttered down form her eye lids however she quickly brushed them off and realized that she might be stuck in this cave all night. She was going to fall asleep, however, something caught her eye. Growing at the edge of the cave was a small, round berry shaped thing. It was a swirl of Red and white, with multiple black spirals scattered on it. Eve stomach beckoned for food, and without even thinking, she ate the fruit. After consuming the fruit, it wasn't long until she passed out.

The next morning young Eve awoke in her bed. Eve had only been asleep for that night, and apparently as she slept her father had gone looking for her, and found her in the cave. Her parents were ecstatic to have fount her, but she was different. After that day, she began to keep to herself. She didn't want her parents to worry about her anymore, or pity her for her intelligence. She continued to read books, but she didn't share any more. She began to become a more Stoic person in return for these actions.

However, a month after she was found in the cave, it became aware what the fruit she ate truly was, it was a devils fruit. A Tsunami hit out of no where as Eve and her mother were at the beach. Eve was panicked, and didn't know what to do. The storm got close, and her eyes began to glow as a hill formed before her and her mother. It blocked the waves which struck towards them. Her mother was just as shocked as Eve was, both wide out and startled as to what just happened. it was obvious that Eve had been the cause. There were no witnesses as to what had happened, which was a good thing. Eve and her mother decided it was best not to tell anyone. They lived in a closed community, one that might prosecute her for being a witch. 

It all went well, however, Eves Curiosity was getting the best of her. A few weeks after the tsunami hit, Eve began to do daily trips back into the jungle. She began to practice, focusing her energy and finding out just what she could do. She did this for years. First only summoning up small hills, but after a few months she was pushing mountains out of the ground. However, the mountain thing was a shock to her, and the citizens of the island. They all ran towards her, astonished about the newly discovered mountain, and then a strange thing happened. 

The citizens crowded around, and watched in amazement that the now 15 year old Eve was able to produce such a thing. It was then that she was praised. She wasn't treated as a witch, but instead as a goddess. The people then began to ask her for help, and so, she decided it was for the best for her to help. 

First comes first, she helped stop the dreaded Tsunamis. At this point, she was at stage 3 of using her devil fruit. She told them it would all be okay, and she expected n earthquake to occur. She was going to move the tectonic plates, making sure that Tsunamis didn't occur ever again, however, she miscalculated. As she began to move the tectonic plates, the ground began to shake uncontrollably. Hell broke lose as buildings collapsed, and the island its self began to crack. She was horrified, however, it wasn't long after that water swept the earth. Eve screamed in pain from the waters and her hand was then  gripped by her mothers. They clung to each other. Well, at least they did until the roaring waters Slammed Eve into a rock. Eve then was knocked out. 

However, lucky for Eve, right before she sank below the waters a giant tidal wave swarmed up, causing her to be pushed from the ocean and land on a near by rock. No one knows just how long Eve was unconscious one this rock, however somewhere along the way she found by a fisherman. The man named Matsu picked her up, and brought her home. 

She woke in a bed, and a bit confused. Her body was wrapped in bandages, and her body ached. However, after the man came in with food and began to question her about what happened, Eve didn't have the slightest clue. She wouldn't even know her name if it weren't for the fact that her mother had sown it into her clothing, some thing which was torn to shreds. Eve was currently wearing Matsus wife night gowned, and she was unable to move in them anyways due to the injuries. After asking Matsu what happened, he told her that she was found off the outskirts of an abandoned island. Eve didn't have the slightest clue as to the island or what happened on it. 

After a few months of being with Matsu, most of her injuries had healed, allowing her to earn her keep. the 16 year old maiden helped him fish, and garden. His wife had died, so she helped him cook and clean. It was a nice relationship, almost a father daughter thing. However, everyday Eve wondered about her old life. She wanted to know what happened, and why she couldn't remember any of it. 

However, at the age of 18, 2 years after she began to work with Matsu, her powers resurfaced. Lucky for her, they were back at Stage one. Despite her keeping all of her intellectual knowledge, such as Carpentry, and what she learned from books, she didn't remember anything about her devil fruit powers, or her memories. A flag got caught on his roof, and he needed someone to go get it before it tour off the weather vain. Without even thinking, the ground beneath Eve popped up, forming a hill and allowing for her to reach the flag. 

Matsu was enthusiastic. "A devil fruit user!" the man was obviously over joyed, and couldn't help but be happy. "This is amazing!" the 70 year old screamed just like a little boy. 

Eve then used her powers to help Matsu with his chores, and for the next year or two it worked out great. It was at the age of 20 that she realized she had had enough. She told Matsu that she appreciated him, and that she would occasionally wright to him. However, she needed to find out her past. No matter what she found out, she needed to know. It was then she was given the Halberd. Matsu didn't want his little girl walking around without a weapon,  even if she did have devil fruit powers she wouldn't always be able to use them. It was an old weapon of his, something he used when he was in the Marines. 

After Eve took off, she began to be a traveler. However, after a bit of a misunderstanding with a marine she got a bounty on her head and was labeled as a pirate. Who cares if she stole some food from the marine. She was hungry damn it. However, after resisting arrest as well as "stealing form a marine", she came to terms with the fact that she was just going to have to start running. 

Throughout her journey, she began to use her Halberd more often then not. She began to practice with her skills, and used them to help advance onward with her journey. 

However, after Eves twenty-first birthday, it got out of hand. She was attempting to run away from a thief and bumped into the marines. She stumbled back a bit, but was then grabbed by the idiot who was trying to kill her. "Stealing from a thief isn't smart!" he yelled at her. But Eve didn't listen. She cracked her neck, and without even thinking, she took the halberd, and behind the marines she slaughtered the man in one face blow with her halberd to the mans head. The marines turned around and saw all of the blood. There was no proof that the men beneath her was a thief and attempted murderer, but there was plenty of evidence that Eve had killed the man. Running again, her bounty only increased. It was then that her true life of running would begin. 

~ Master Strategist
~ Able to tune out noise and concentrate with ease
~ High Intellect (IQ of  146)
~ Skillful knowledge of Halberd weaponry.  
~ Boat Repair   


Weapon: Halberd

Weapon Description: A long, 4 foot pole with a spear shaped blade as a tip, and a small, ax like appendage just beneath. It is a black color with the spear and blade a starling silver. Although this weapon is used for, and meant for combat purposes, Eve uses it more often then not to point and direct her devil fruit abilities. 

Weapon Special Abilities: None

Weapon History: The Halberd was given to Eve by Matsu, an old man who cared for Eve after finding her passed out, floating on top of the ocean waters. When she was well enough, and willing enough to go on her own journey, the man gave her the Halberd so that she had means of protecting herself, even though he was well aware of her devil fruit abilities. 

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Average
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Yama Yama no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Current Devil fruit Level: level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
1st Level
The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves & hills.
2nd Level
The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves, hills, mountains and even volcanoes if magma runs below.
The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves, hills, mountains and even volcanoes if magma runs below. The user can rapidly heighten and lower landmass to create local "Earthquakes" & even "Tsunamis" by shifting of tectonic plates 

Devil Fruit AbilitiesThe user is able to "create" or "take away" types of landmass to heighten and lower ground or make caves, holes, etc inside a limited area around him/her. It can be used underwater as long as the required landmass is within range. Landmasses able to manipulate are dirt (earth), stone and sand. Liquid masses like Water and Magma and natural minerals like iron are not manipulative. 
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Sea Stone, Haki. 

Combat Information

Unarmed CombatImprovised

Weapon Based Combat: Improvised

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
~ Trap hole: Eve point her halberd at the ground beneath her opponent(s), and causes the ground beneath them to drop 10 feet, trapping them in the hole. The holes size varies depending on the size of the opponent, and how many people there are. 
~ Barrier Hill: As an attack comes towards Eve or one of her allies, she quickly causes the ground before her or them to shoot up into a small, person sized hill. Thus blocking the attack. 
~ Level: This ability levels the ground, causing hills and what not to go back into the ground and level the ground. She often uses this to clear the path for ships. 
~ Liquid Ground: Eve causes the ground around her and her enemies to go into a state of random leveling. Small hills, more like bumps, will randomly pop up and down from the ground at random, causing the ground to be unstable, and making it difficult to stand up straight. However, the ground beneath Eve's feet are unaffected, allowing for her to stand up straight and just watch the show. The stable ground follows her, so she can still walk. 

Combo CombatNone as of now.

Haki: None

RP Sample:

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Re: Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:22 am


Passing Out - As discussed in the chatbox.

Drowning - Due to her DF Eve would likely drown as water paralyzes her

Halberd - Fishman aren't welcomed in the marines


Boat Repair & Halberd Usage Mastery - You must show how she got these abilities in bio e.g through training


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Re: Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

Post by Blink on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:53 am

Edited, I added a paragraph about how she learned how to repair ships.

He is a fisherman, not a fishman. (but we already discussed this)

I said she was thrown on a rock, preventing her from drowning. 

She was only asleep for that night.

and i added a skill. The skill might be a bit Over powered for level one so i would be happy to nerf it down, or get rid of it completely Smile

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Re: Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:56 am

Devil Fruit Technique is approved, Character Approved.


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Re: Eve U. Ferallo (Complete)

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