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The Gat Pirates - WIP

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The Gat Pirates - WIP

Post by Anarchy on Wed May 14, 2014 12:34 pm

The Gat Pirates

Gat of the Gat Pirates, head of Gat Town...

Name: Gat
Epithet: The Gargoyle
Age: 29

Standing at 6'4, Gat is a tall man with an a large body as well. He has a defined structure, which he shows off with his cut sleeves. The tank top is a dark purple and he wears grey pants below.

Gat is a quiet guy. He is usually serious and shows a bored expression most of the time. Gat feels he has had no challenges since he left the Grand Line where he was almost captured by the marines who he left. He had left because he was demoted due to his brutality, and they did not believe he would leave quietly so they went after him. After he went into the Blues, the marines have not done much to attempt to capture him. While in the Blues, Gat has been preparing an army to return to the Grand Line.

•There are currently 121 members in the crew, each Commander commanding 25 members. These men are all weak and pathetic. The only somewhat talented men serve Gat as his royal guards.

Abilities: The 34,000,000 beli man is not worth all that for no reason. The man has ate the Gargoyle fruit. An ex-marine, the man is an expert in close combat. While he was in the Navy, he had access to seastone. That is how he also has access to his Seastone Nunchaku.

Strength: Intense
Speed: Intense
Resilience Intense
Dexterity: Intense

The 1st Commander

Name: Anto Tayin
Epithet: Monkey
Age: 25


The smallest but far from weakest Commander, Anto stands small at 5'4. With his size, he can actually use it to his advantage, slashing at the legs and such. But he can go high too, because he is packed with muscle and can jump extremely high.

The first of the two who first joined Gat while he was in the Grand Line. He is the strongest of the commanders. He wields two thick cutlasses which he is decent with wielding. One of the two has Seastone on the edges. Anto is very fast, and combined with his decency with swords and the seastone he wields, he is quite a threat.

Strength: Proficient
Speed: Intense
Resilience Proficient
Dexterity: Advanced

The 2nd Commander

Name: Daina Uyo
Epithet: The Mauler
Age: 32

Description: Daina is a large lady, almost looking like a man. She is quite plump and round, literally. She almost looks like a giant ball. Daina stands at 7'4 and her sides are almost 5 feet.

Abilities: Daina is a super strong large freak who carries around a giant mace the size of an exercise ball. The spikes are tipped with Seastone, making Daina almost as powerful as Anto. She is the second commander and the second of the two who joined Gat in the Grand Line.

Strength: Skilled
Speed: Average
Resilience Proficient
Dexterity: Proficient

The 3rd Commander

Name: Sokuna Koi
Epithet: Rapid Shot
Age: 42

Description: Sokuna is an average aged man who looks homeless with a five o clock shadow going on, Going through his life as a marksman, he originally started as a bounty hunter till he was defeated by Gat. Ever since then, he has been by his side after agreeing to the role of 3rd Commander, all for the money. Sokuna is a money hungry man.

Abilities: Sokuna is an expert with shooting. He carries a gun on every joint and has fast reflexes, ready to shoot at any moment. He carries a revolver at both sides of his knees, elbows, shoulders, and waist. The speed he fires is practically like a machine gun. He has 48 bullets to use before reloading. Despite his skills, he has no sea stone making him the drop off to the bottom half of the commanders.

Strength: Below-average
Speed: Advanced
Resilience Average
Dexterity: Dangerous

The 4th Commander

The 5th Commander

Name: Jimmy Drass
Epithet: N/A
Age: 20

Tan, tall, with blonde dreads, this man is the weakest of the 5 commanders. He wore no shirt and had a lean but toned body, with gray baggy pants below tucked into tall black boots. His tongue hanging out of his mouth, he always love's blood spilled by his gold cutlass.

This is also the man defeated by Jonny in several seconds...

Decent swordsman.

Drass had a 3,000,000 beli head before joining the Gat Pirates. The Commander is barely stronger than his crew mates, but he still isn't the weakest fella.

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