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The Dog Ear Pirates

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The Dog Ear Pirates

Post by Docile on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:12 pm

Dog Ear Pirates
"Built up of broken bones, shattered hearts and carried on by dreams"

The Dog Ear Pirates led by Josh Wynter are a rag tag bunch of pirates who seek adventure and dreams upon the high seas. Willing to risk life & limb for their dreams they band together as a whole looking out for one another whilst also arguing among one another as families do facing hardships, struggles and various other troubles which come their way. Fighting through thick & thin the group rarely back down from a fight not because they're strong, but because they're dreamers of the almighty blue that awaits their arrival.

Crew Name: Dog Ear Pirates-(Inu no mimi no kaizoku/犬の耳の海賊)

Crew Motto: "I feel like a Dog's Ear"

Crew Theme Song:

Crew Ship: Playful Griffin

Crew Roster
"Entering the Dog House"

Josh Wynter
"Dog Eared Wynter"
(犬耳ウィンター / Inu mimi u~intā)
• Life Return
• Resilience
• Cerberous

Bounty :0

Vixon Vox (★)
(タンゴ / Tango)
• Navigational Prowess
• Inventive Capabilities
• Weather Prediction
• Speed

Bounty :0
Lyceum Tate (★)
"Doctor Dope"
(ドクタードープ / Dokutādōpu)
• Dexterity
• Knowledge about drugs
• Surgery Style
• Stitch-Up Style
• Cerberus

Bounty: 0
Rudy Michaels (★)
"Shrieking Shooter Rudy"
(金切り声シュータールディ / Kanakirigoe shūtārudi)
• Mosa Mosa no Mi
• Marksmanship

Bounty: 0
Deep Sea Diver
Lyon Tsubio (★)
"Tsunami Tsubio"
(津波 / Tsunami Tsubio)
Fishman Karate
• Fishman Anatomy
Bounty: 0
F.I. Bounty 37,000,000
Total Crew Bounty: 0

Crew's Goals:

Begin the new Pirate Era
Collect a strong crew
Get revenge on the pirates who beat him up & starved him
Explore the Grand Line
Become a Yonko crew
Become the Pirate King

See the world
Defend those who can't defend themselves

Have a son
Cure all illnesses
Cure his pain
Kick addiction to pain killers

Give the World Government the finger
Join in the revolutionary war
Master devil fruit

Explore the surface world
Master Fishman Karate

"The Playful Griffin"

Ship (Caravel)
The Playful Griffin (★) is a 'speed demon' class ship with a light colour to it with a red & white stripped rims all the way around the trim of the ship. On either side of the figurehead there are two anchors which are green and shaped like 4 leaf clovers. The Dog Ear's flag sits at the top. There is two rooms one for males & one for females. In the female room there are two single beds against the walls and a desk in between the beds bolted into the floor. There is a wardrobe beside a small book case which are also bolted to the ground. As for the male's room there are hammocks hanging up and a wardrobe in which they can store their clothes. There's a kitchen with extended dining room & a single bathroom. It is a small ship with 3 cannons on it. Two of the cannons on either side and the third is below the figure head where its flippers hang down around it holding it up.

Thread History
"Hungover, sleep deprived & taste of puke, these are the days of our lives"

New Era Saga

Crew Rules
"Dog Eared Code"

So 'ere be some codes for the Dog Ear Pirates, simple rules to follow:

First: Plain and simple, respect each other, (user wise) characters can argue & fight like Zoro & Sanji not members. Just take it to PMs if you got a problem, and remembering terms of rp you are free to do what you like just don't take the piss and do something just for the sake of doing it to annoy another user and ruin the story line just cause you think it'd be your character's personality type to destroy the plot. >.>

Secondly: Posting. Post when you can but don't take the piss. If you do not post for a week without any legit reason being given at all, such as being online and just not posting. Control of your character will be controlled by me. (And trust me you don't want that) If this continues for a maximum of 2 weeks, then your character will just be left on a turtle in the middle of the sea left to drown. (Sorry but its an RPing site.)

Thirdly: Always try to post a decent sized post and give other user's something to work with in their next post. Cause no one wants to read. "Ringo slashed the old man across the throat and watched him die" I mean come on, thats like using 1 tenth of the brain power I use to wiggle my big toe. (Can't really wiggle the little ones.)

Fourth: Less of a rule more of a simple side note. If you wish to let someone else know a certain something in the thread then either post a spoiler in the post with important information and please remember to colour it. Or post ((OOC: [Insert message here] ))
OOC=Out Of Character (Just for those that didn't know)

"Come on in, just beware the dogs"

Looking for some unique characters no doubled up occupations. One more devil fruit user possibly? Would love a variety of different species. Perhaps a Centaur, Satyr, animal or something else unique, maybe a Lapahn. Also always looking for allies who will be beneficial to us. So feel free to PM me about these things if you wish to inquire about recruitment, becoming allies or even plots involving the Dog Ears.

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Re: The Dog Ear Pirates

Post by Vaetric on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:50 am


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