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Maximillion V. Midnight

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Maximillion V. Midnight

Post by Musemaster™ on Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:03 pm

General Information

Name:  Maximillion V. Midnight
Epithet: Bloody Black
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Shimotsuki Village
Species: Human (1/4 Giant)
Orientation: Ambidextrous, Preferring the Right

Crew: N/A
Ship: Maximillion usually either stows away, or pays to accompany a trading/fishing ship to his destinations.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Rank: --
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Unaffiliated; as a Bounty Hunter, Maximillion merely seeks out pirates with Bounties who are within his means to defeat.
Dream(s): Maximillion aspires to incorporate every Martial Art across the world, into a single, powerful, and optimally effective Martial Art that can trump all others. If/when he does, he then intends to share it with those who are downtrodden and crushed under the heel of the world's Superpowers.

Character Information


Maximillion stands at six feet and seven inches, towering over a great many humans, but still dwarfed by many of the extremely tall humans in the world. He has dark ebony skin, and his body is packed with dense, lean muscle that often makes him look skrawny when he wears baggy clothes, but surprises people when he strips down (as he often does before a fight, or when the weather is hotter). His dense muscle mass allows him to command more raw strength and attack power than an ordinary human, without appearing too bulky or broad. However, if ever in a situation where his strength is being strained to the max, his muscles WILL expand to an extend that reveals his somewhat inhuman physiology.

Using introverted feeling as his base function and extroverted intuition as his creative, Maximillion is adept at understanding people’s internal drive and motivation. he often acts reserved, and polite and respectful around others he doesn’t know well, but will eventually open up more. He implicitly trusts His intuition when judging someone, and this intuition serves him well at grasping more abstract concepts. He is constantly setting new and greater goals for himself, and he cares deeply about meeting these goals. However, it should be noted that these goals are very personal, and he places less weight on the conventional achievements that society values (or that the other Elders of the Bount Society value), so often any correlation is largely coincidental. At His best, Maximillion is known for respecting other people’s beliefs and values, while also being an overachiever; at His worst, His compassion and empathy can cause him undue harm when the people he cares about are suffering. he care about diligence, meeting His individual goals, and respecting others. he dislike behavior that is overtly loud, abrasive or aggressive.

Character History


Maximillion lived a very nondescript life in the earliest stages of his life. He wasted many of the earlier years of his life, as he was laidback and never gave much thought to joining the Marines, becoming a Pirate, nor becoming a Revolutionary. He pretty much just hung out with his buddies, spent time sparring with the other orphans in the Dojo owned by the man who played the role of father to Maximillion and a number of other orphans on the island. If anything, he was more interested in sparring, fighting and learning new techniques, than he was eating, drinking, or actually interacting outside of the Dojo.


As a result, Maximillion didn’t pick up a lot of social skills in his youth, and ended up being very socially awkward, his personality mostly only manifesting as a result of his training, and fights (sparring or otherwise) he would get in with other kids growing up. He never had any actual DRIVE or AMBITION until he was in his early twenties, when he had the idea to go and learn about different Martial Arts styles around the world, and thought of incorporating the most powerful and effective techniques from each Art, into a Martial Art of his own (which he decided, then, would be called “Morenkai Fu”, which has no literal translation, as it’s just a name he likes the sound of.


Maximillion chose the life of a Bounty Hunter, as it’s one that doesn’t require any formal training or social skills (for the most part), areas he has a tough time with. Relying upon muscle memory, his insanely sharp instincts and reflexes, he prefers to *intuitively* learn from sparring and fighting with others, rather than formally learning the style. This has worked for him, however, although it’s speculated that he would become much stronger if he would actually settle down and study a formal Art, rather than swinging from a bunch of styles in a way that appears – to most – to be thoughtless and irreverent.


So far, Maximillion has only managed to ring in individuals with small bounties, like petty thieves, and serial killers who don’t possess any exceptional powers or abilities. The highest Bounty he has collected was 1,000 , and he hasn’t since been able to defeat any higher-tier individuals with Bounties on their heads.

Abilities: Maximillion has razor sharp instincts, capable of intuitively picking up on things most people would miss, such as whether or not someone is lying (even if they're a damn good liar), when the mood in a room has changed, or even being able to tell (with 95% accuracy) what mood someone is feeling in the moment, even though he can't just automatically know what the mood pertains to (since he's not Psychic). He also has an almost supernatural degree of Muscle Memory, his body capable of retaining the 'memory' of any action he's performed, even if it was only once. He also has an eidetic memory, which means that it's very near photographic, but lacking much of the finer-tuned precision those with Photographic Memory possess.

Maximillion also has an extraordinary amount of Physical Power and Physical Resilience, matched only by his Stamina. His Agility, however, is something he has had to work hard on, requiring him to train himself in a way that forced his body to condense his muscle mass in a lean fashion, as it isn't hard at all for him to bulk up (costing him great agility and stamina).

Also, for some reason, Animals seem to really like him, even so far as - unless he steps on them - wild, feral animals taking a liking to him, and not feeling inclined to attack him, unless he does something aggressive towards them first. He cannot communicate with them, as though speaking the same language as them, but he does sometimes spend much of his days amongst animals in forests and in the wild, as he prefers their company to that of other humans.



A Seastone Katana , forged from Seastone and alloys from a meteorite that fell to the Earth a couple decades ago. It is non-ferrous, but is nearly unrivaled in terms of durability. Unknown to him, it's previous wielder endured barrages against giants with enormous warhammers, without the sword enduring even a single chip or dent.  Maximillion gained the Katana, honestly, by accident, as he was digging around in the 'yard' of the Dojo he grew up at, trying to find one of the toys he had buried at the time, somehow uncovering the sword in the process. The Dojo Master held it for Maximillion until the latter came of age, then gave it back to him.

As with his Martial Art, "Gheos" is a name that has some kind of Spiritual Meaning to him, although it's name isn't derived from any known language.

Weapon Description: It's a Katana. The picture above shows what it looks like. The text above also describes it, and it's origins.

Weapon Special Abilities: It's nigh indestructible, made up of meteorite alloys, Seastone and other non-ferrous metals. It affects even Logia-type Devils Fruits users, and can withstand ungodly abuse without denting, chipping or marring.

Weapon History: That's also above.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Dangerous
Character Resilience:  Below Average
Character Dexterity:  Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Devil Fruit Progression: N/A
Current Devil fruit Level: N/A
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: N/A 
Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Maximillion uses a mix of Boxing, Street Fighting and Capoeira themed fighting Arts, combined with flips, somersaults, feints and concealed combat methods. He's not too proud to fight dirty, nor will he try and shame a foe for fighting dirty.

Weapon Based Combat: Maximillion is exceptionally proficient in fighting with a single sword, perhaps to a point where he can rival even the most skilled one-sword swordsmen. However, he hasn't yet managed to become comfortable with two swords, as he's uncomfortable with the amount of divided focus and attention it requires to wield two blades effectively. He will fight as much with his head, feet, and environment (stones, trees, bags of rice, etc) as he will his blade.

Devil Fruit Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: When fighting in a group, Maximillion will let other teammates take the forefront of the battle, complimenting their attacks with his own. Odds are, even if he aids in a fight, he won't be the one who holds the spotlight in the end....and he's happy with that arrangement.

Haki: Maximillion hasn't grasped Haki yet, although he has innate (albeit dormant) potential in it.

RP Sample:
Coming Soon (I have a few old things on Rise And Fall, for reference)


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Re: Maximillion V. Midnight

Post by Docile on Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:59 pm


• Why doesn't he know his own age? There is no need to try and be mysterious on a character sheet in fact most of the time when doing so it just makes a character seem stupid when things such as their age are unknown.

• Didn't ask what he does, the answer is N/A because he doesn't have one.

• Again all we need is a simple answer of who he is aligned with which would be himself.

• For what reason does he want to teach his made up martial art to those downtrodden by society? There is no explanation for this in his bio only a desire to learn martial arts from all over the world because he likes fighting.

• Just because he is half giant this does not mean that when he is not strong enough to handle something his muscles will suddenly allow him to become stronger just because he is a quarter giant. A giant is still technically a human only on a much bigger scale. Also this seems like a cheap attempt to overcome the stat rule put in place to stop people from starting off one above others.

Bio & Bounty Collected
• In his bio it says he has collected 1,000 Beli in his bounty collected it says 0 Beli.

• Razor Sharp Instincts. Remove this. The reason I would like this removed is because it may be seen as meta gaming which is rule breaking also it is very easy for a character to tell Maximillion a lie which is not documented on the site and get away with it because as far as you as a user knows we could be telling the truth. So if you yourself as a user fails to deliver on the claim and winds up believing tons of lies that are told then Maximillion doesn't seem to retain such a skill.

• In his abilities you write he has an extraordinary amount of physical strength & resilience however in the stats he has below average resilience.

• Animals take a liking to him? For what reason? Its fine he spends time with them so he knows how to act around them but this doesn't mean they'll just like him. Some animals still will just be hostile for the sake of it. Also again like the razor sharp skills ability if another user has a character which is an animal and that animal hates Maximillion then it renders Maximillion unable to deliver on that skill.

• The weapon form needs to be filled out properly.

• Weapon description is where you must write at least 2 lines of a description as to what the weapon looks like just a picture will not suffice.

• Weapon special abilities must either be at least 2 lines if it has any if not then N/A.

• Weapon history should be written in the weapon history section.

Combat Information
• We are looking for actual explained techniques not just a description on how he fights.


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