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Blair Hamilton

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Blair Hamilton

Post by Rahxephon on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:09 pm

General Information

Name:  Blair Hamilton
Epithet: B, B Mil, Hammi
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship:  N/A
Occupation: Angler (Fisherperson), Hunter & Cook
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 0
: N/A
Allegiance: Neutral

Dream(s): Blair wishes to go to the All Blue and fish to her hearts content, she'd also like to find an equivalent place to hunt as well.

Character Information


Blair is a slim to average built girl with a light tanned complexion, her eyes look almost sunset in colour depending on what angle you look at them. Her hair is long and red brown in colour, usually left to blow in the wind of it's own accord. She wears a black and beige jacket that resembles an old school military or dueling outfit, it's sometimes done up but usually hangs open. She wears a short skirt that's basic white but with on and off colours according to the rainbow with the horizontal stripes, this isn't a mini and more like a schoolgirl skirt in appearance. Under this she wears a light blue and blue colour bikini, usually it's only noticeable when she leaves her top open or if she needs to hit the water. Resting lightly on her nose are a pair of light blue bottom rimmed framed glasses, which stay on her face due to a small rope that keeps them up from under her hair.

Blair is a girl whose determined but never outspoken, it's unlikely she'll chime into a conversation. And is more inclined to go do her own thing then bother others with problems, always happy to drop a ling in the water, go off and hunt or cook a meal. If she sees something bad happening to others, she'll silently intervene and then be on her way as she dislikes the spotlight. Even if you speak to her directly, she'll only reply if she feels she can answer. Otherwise she'll politely excuse herself and go elsewhere, this by no means that Blair is a push over and when confronted. She can actually be fairly scary if you push her far enough, often leaving those trying to attack her with a variety of wounds depending on the situation. Her hobbies are something very important to her, and although she will talk while fishing or cooking. Interrupting or stopping her will generally ignite her anger, and you'll end up with a fish to the face or a knife in the hand. When hunting, Blair does thing silently and will literally kill anyone who interrupts her.

Character History

Blair was born in the East Blue on a tropical island, alongside her twin sister whom doesn't look a thing like her. Although they were close as sisters and twins could be, Blair and Marie had different passions and likes in their lives. Preferring the beach and the jungle, Blair picked up a fishing rod as well as a bow rather early in life giving her years of experience with both. As she became skilled as an Angler and Hunter, Blair picked up cooking as a way to use the spoils of her hobbies. She had separate teachers for each of her hobbies, spending as much time with her masters that each lived on different parts of the island she lived on. Much of her childhood was spent on the beach/rivers or deep within the jungle, and she spent little time with her parents but not because she disliked them.

They had their own lives and often had to work, as such Blair was content learning her passions. Once she was old enough Blair hit the seas, fishing and hunting whenever she was able. For a few years Blair traveled with her fishing and hunting masters, before they too went their own ways once they'd taught her enough of their trades. From then on Blair would make her own way by selling her fish or other prey, some cases she'd use them to create interesting meals and get by on them. She worked at a reputable seaside restaurant for sometime, learning more of the cooking craft and fishing on her breaks. Often being the one to bring in the freshest fish for the place, after sometime Blair left to pursue her dreams of of finding the All Blue and a similar place to hunt. While there she also meet a skilled user of Savate, who taught her the art while she worked there. For a while Blair stayed on an island honing her hunting before moving on once again, these days she's become a nomad of sorts. Fishing, hunting and cooking here and there to get along, she's learned to protect herself over time and has little trouble traveling alone.

Blair is an expert fisherperson, being able to handle most types of fish and sea creatures. Knowing where all the best spots are and if the fish will even bite and what bait to use. As an expert hunter Blair is skilled in stealth and the use of a bow and arrow, she even has a set of three arrow types for certain circumstances. She can poison, stun or put prey to sleep with a simple arrow shot. Her cooking is expert standards but she still believes she needs more practice, she can do almost anything with just a few ingredients and implements but she's still a little self conscious about her cooking. Because of all her fishing, hunting and subsequent running Blair is quite athletic and rather strong. Making her able to move both fast and agile while also being able to hit hard when the need is there, her skill in hunting has also given her great vision despite wearing glasses. She's also reasonable user of Savate.


Weapon: Sky & Deep Sea Rod/s

Weapon Description: A pair of long fishing rods with very tough structures and lines, the sky rod is white and has a pointed sun ornament on top of it. With a moon drop floater and a barbed hook, the Deep Sea Rod is dark blue with a jeweled top. The floater resembles a jellyfish and holds several hooks, which hang of a set of separate lines which Blair can control.

Weapon Special Abilities: The Sky Rod can work in Skypian clouds and needs little effort to be used, though it can also work within water like other rods. The sun atop it is rather sharp and potentially deadly, the line and rod itself are sturdy enough to reel in monster fish thus people are no issue. The Deep Sea Rod can work both under water and in deep pressured seas, making it even more sturdy then the Sky Rod. The jewel atop is almost unbreakable and can be used as a blunt weapon, the line is just as unbreakable and the jellyfish floater. Helps control the multiple lines that can hang down from it, allowing for extended lines with barbed hooks on them.

Weapon History: Although not actually weapons persay, though they can be used as such by trained hands. These fishing rods were made by the combined efforts of Blair and her master, to allow her to fish in most situations. Her master had been to Skypia and hoped Blair would one day get to fish there too. While on the long trips on the ocean Blair and her master finished the rods, testing them out a few times before perfecting them. Before parting ways Blair's fishing master told her to keep them as a reminder of their time together, using them as her set fishing rods from then on. On the odd occasion she has had to use them to defend herself, and even then they've come out unscathed which she's glad for.

Weapon: Dusk Bow

Weapon Description: The Dusk Bow is a medium long bow with a dark purple and navy tone to it, resembling a twisting cloud of sorts that stop at two rounded points. The bowline is almost invisible to the untrained eyes, and anyone looking at the bow would almost think it was useless. Her arrows hold a motif akin to her bow in colour and style, while her quiver is also these colour and twisting appearance.

Weapon Special Abilities: The Dusk Bow is almost invisible to the trained eye when in darkness, and it's line can't be seen by those with untrained eyesight. Silent when in use, both the bow and the quiver. It can't be folded and is generally always on her person, but can held behind her quiver without issue. Her quiver holds a good amount of arrows and can allow for her special stun, poison and sleep arrows, with just a few button pushes on bottom of the quiver.

Weapon History: Much like her rods, Blair's Bow and Quiver was made by the combined efforts of herself and her hunting master. Made to mimic the dusk and it's unseen nature, the Dusk Bow and it's accompanying quiver were designed for Blair's hunting ability in mind. Allowing her to either kill or incapacitate his prey, and prevent interference with her stealth abilities. Granted to her by her master, once she was skilled enough to properly use the bow.

Weapon: Kitchen Set

Weapon Description: A set of basic everyday cooking gear from knives to other implements, all hidden away in a case Blair carries with her.

Weapon Special Abilities: Nothing much outside of being able to cut into most known flora or fauna flesh.

Weapon History: No special history behind this weapon other then being given to her by a stranger she met on her travels, spotting the potential chef in Blair he gave her this case to help her become that much better.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Savate

Weapon Based Combat: Archery

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Re: Blair Hamilton

Post by Vaetric on Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:24 am

"Blair is an expert fisherperson, being able to handle even the biggest of fish and sea creatures."

Mm, yes, not sure about that what with the sea kings and all :>

Also thems looks like kewl stuffs right there, them weapons. How'd she get them?

What's also not explained is how she learned Savate, I believe; and combo combat is for dual techniques with someone else, for instance Marie. Some move checklist may help you there.

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Re: Blair Hamilton

Post by Rahxephon on Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:01 pm

Edits made, as for acquisition of said weapons. It's expressed in each weapon history, that they were given and or made by her respective masters.

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Re: Blair Hamilton

Post by Vaetric on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:53 pm

It should be noted in the background as well, but approved nonetheless.

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Re: Blair Hamilton

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