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Marie Hamilton

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Marie Hamilton

Post by Rahxephon on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:09 pm

Name:  Marie Hamilton
Epithet: Wild Girl, Mariham
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Occupation: Miner & Blacksmith
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Neutral
Dream(s): To mine the best ore and then make it into the best items and weapons, she also wishes to be one of the best mercenaries of all time. This includes swordsmanship.

Character Information


Marie is a girl with an athletic build bordering on muscular, with a strangely tanned skin colour despite her usual haunts.
Although human Marie has an extended lower canine tooth that sticks out of her mouth on the lower right side, some don't
always notices this but it's always there. Her eyes are a deep purple in colour while her hair is medium in length and wild
appearance but blue green in colour. She wears short rolled up denim blue shorts, that are usually dirty in colour making
them more blue black. For a top she wears a black and red muscle top, that stops above her midriff.

Marie is as her nickname states a wild girl, not the ones that hang around bars picking up guys. More like she was raised
in the wild, because despite her manners in more formal events Marie has her own way of doing things. She's first into a
cave when it comes to mining and first to the workshop, never putting caution to the wind and always stepping first into
everything no matter the danger. Also looking for new places to mine or things to build, Marie has some curiosity when it
comes to getting new ideas for her blacksmith trade. Lady like is something foreign to her, and when a gentlemen asks her to
go first she'd be more inclined to kick in the arse. Though not inherently violent, she will fight in brawls and bar fights
when they arise. When it comes to her mining or smithing, Marie can get a little scary if you cross her or stop her passions.

Character History

Marie was born in the East Blue on a tropical island, alongside her twin sister whom doesn't look a thing like her. Although they were close as sisters and twins could be, Marie and Blair had different passions and likes in their lives. Preferring the caves and the dark, Marie picked up a pickaxe as well as a claymore rather early in life giving her years of experience with both. As she became skilled as an Miner and Fighter, Marie picked up Smithing as a way to use the spoils of her hobbies. She had separate teachers for each of her hobbies, spending as much time with her masters that each lived on different parts of the island she lived on. Much of her childhood was spent in caves or deep within the dark underground, and she spent little time with her parents but not because she disliked them.

They had their own lives and often had to work, as such Marie was content learning her passions. Once she was old enough Marie hit the seas, because she felt she needed better places to Mine and Fight. For a few years Marie traveled with her mining and sword master masters, before they too went their own ways once they'd taught her enough of their trades. From then on Marie would make her own way by selling her Ore or other prey, some cases she'd use them to create interesting items and get by on them. She worked at a reputable blacksmith for sometime, learning more of the crafting art and mining on her breaks. Often being the one to bring in the best ore for the place, after sometime Marie left to pursue her dreams of finding the best ore and people to fight. For a while Marie stayed on an island honing her Mining before moving on once again, at one point she meet a standard Kick Boxer who taught her some of his craft. These days she's become a nomad of sorts. Mining, fighting and smithing here and there to get along, she's learned to protect herself over time and has little trouble traveling alone. Marie hopes to find a place either below or above ground, which is like the All Blue but for mining allowing her to mine the best and brightest. This would allow her to make the best items and weapons in her smithing, along with this is her need to fight bigger and better opponents which she can accomplish traveling.

Marie is skilled in the use of a pickaxe and where the best places are to mine, she's no geologist but knows the right rocks and caves to get the best results. She's been highly trained in the use of a claymore sword, even fighting alongside her mercenary master on several jobs. Giving her a certain amount of expertise with said weapon, allowing her to adapt her fighting to many situations. Her smithing skill isn't perfect but she's reasonably skilled, and can create most types of items, weapons and other such materials. Marie is a willful girl and is very hard to scare, dominate or subjugate her will, giving her a powerful determination. Marie has become rather strong from her years as a miner, which has granted her a degree of night vision as well but nothing perfect. She's a trained Kick boxer.


Weapon: Breakmore

Weapon Description: This long black claymore sword has a long descending handle, from this handle shorts two handguards and the blade itself. About five to six inches from the handle, the blade holds a crescent shape the protrudes two curved up mini blades. from then on the black blade continues like a normal claymore.

Weapon Special Abilities: A very tough blade to break but is capable to break other swords and weapons, using the crescent and the handles to twist a weapon to breaking point.

Weapon History: Crafted by her master with a smidgin of help from Marie herself, and with the supervising nature of her mercenary master. Breakmore was crafted with Marie's wild nature in mind, allowing her to charge in and break a foe's weapon as easily as possible. First given to her properly in ownership was when they went to sea, allowing her time to get used to the blade before using it in battle. After sometime in using the blade, she became accustomed to it's way of moving.

Weapon: Double Tap

Weapon Description: These duel pick axes are dark gold in colour, each with a double point and a smaller one in the middle. At the bottom of it's handle is a set of pointed brass knuckles, allowing these one handed pick axes to be used as melee weapons as well as tools.

Weapon Special Abilities: Despite their one handed appearance, these pick axes can tackle the toughest of rock and ore. Adding to this is their impeccable sharpness, of both the axe and the pointed knuckles.

Weapon History: Another collaboration between her smithing and mercenary masters and herself, as a way to mine to her hearts content without fear of attack. They were designed to also speed up her mining, because of the double design and duel nature. Marie can take on more mining, even in an omnidirectional fashion.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Expert
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Expert
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Kickboxing

Weapon Based Combat: Claymore/Pick Axes

Combo Combat: Breakmore Boxing

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Re: Marie Hamilton

Post by FroYo on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:52 am

A nice character overall but I'd like you to explain some points a bit further:

- Why'd Marie set sail? To pursue her dreams? If so, add it to the background please.

- In her background, it mentions nothing about learning to kick-box. Please add that detail in.

- Her dreams/ambitions are not explained in the background, so can you please explain them.

Once those changes have been made, then I guess you're good to go.

(Unless some other staff spot some things which I don't, need to get used to this whole character grading stuff >_<)

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Re: Marie Hamilton

Post by FroYo on Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:49 am

Alright, well done for covering the stuff I listed before hand Smile

Also, by mercenary I'm guessing you mean those who are paid to fight rather than those who are professional soldiers for an army cause that wouldn't really add up.

I'm gonna go ahead and approve this profile, if any other moderator spots something I missed out then they'll correct me.

" Pft, crews are for people who are crews and cheese pls ty" - Words which ring with truth, spoken by the great Vaetric[/size]

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Re: Marie Hamilton

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