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Serious: Blue bill marines Chapter 2: The weary should rise

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Serious: Blue bill marines Chapter 2: The weary should rise

Post by Fin~ on Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:57 am

06:14 South Blue. 
An hour before docking. 

As a storm poured down on the Blue Bill Marines ship, and thunder was heard in the distance, most of the crew would still be asleep. if they could sleep that is. a storm, high waves rocking against the side of the ship, the creeking wood and smell of a big day infront of them.

Birch had already been up for a while, wearing his usual costume only acompanied by a set of sleep deprived eyes, and his usual cup of hot tea. Leaning against the wall outside of the hut. just hiding from the pouring rain. Wondering when the others would be up, he continued staring into Yonder as suppodesly the island came closer. in only an hour they'd land. in only an hour he would probably be fighting. fighting his old comrade and to prove his allegiance. 

" Sound the alarms. a pirate ship in sight. we have been spotted. I repeat a pirate ship" the young marine in the crows nest yelled. 

Suprised. but only taking a second or two to switch gears, taking a deep breathe " Nanami, Matt, Axe man I mean Reyes, outside upper deck now" he yelled over his lungs. " seaman ready the cannons. higher the sails. prepare for the battle " he yelled as he finished his tea and cracked his knuckles. 

" look out shots have been fired" the crowsnest man yelled as cannonballs flew towards the marine ship. one slightly hit the figurehead while others land just next to the ship. the increasing waves made the ship rock evenmore.

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Re: Serious: Blue bill marines Chapter 2: The weary should rise

Post by Vaetric on Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:13 am

Nanami had been fairly awake, other than her spells of narcolepsy, she couldn’t be anything but. She was scolding one of the night watch for having a ‘filthy’ uniform.
You are proud marines, not vagrants!” She fumed.
“But.. It’s just sea foam! See? It’s already gone!”
That’s no excuse! Would you rather strike fear into the hearts of pirates, or hilarity?” she’d counter, “Clean. Your. Shoes.” she’d dictate before marching back under deck to make herself some coffee. That was pretty much what kept her from fainting from exhaustion after long wakeful days and nights.
Soon she heard the alarm, looking at the boiling device used to make it before sighing and switching it off regretfully. She’d then shove a bunch of coffee grains into her mouth and chewed on them as she ran up deck to attention. “Here, Captain!” she’d say, snapping her boots to attention, standing straight even as the cannonballs flew toward them. “Turn the ship about! Prepare for boarding!” she’d announce crisply, drawing her sword and pointing it toward the rogue ship.

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Re: Serious: Blue bill marines Chapter 2: The weary should rise

Post by FroYo on Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:00 am

Matt was finding it hard to sleep through the storm, so he would just lie on his bed and look at his helmet. Remembering all the good times (and bad) he had been through whilst under Captain Lero's command. Hopefully, this crew could also be as enjoyable as Lero's. He wiped the helmet, getting rid of the thin layer of dust which had developed on it.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded. This alarmed Matt quite a bit and almost caused him to drop his precious helmet! Thank god that didn't happen or he would be in deep shit. He looked at it with a grin on his face, maybe Captain M could come back once more. He lifted the helmet and placed it on, covering his face. He pushed open the door and rushed to the deck.

"Awaiting orders, captain!"

(OOC: Please allow Matt to keep the helmet, it's swagilicous)

" Pft, crews are for people who are crews and cheese pls ty" - Words which ring with truth, spoken by the great Vaetric[/size]

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Re: Serious: Blue bill marines Chapter 2: The weary should rise

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