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Pipe Blade - Jester

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Pipe Blade - Jester

Post by Roku-Sama on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:03 am

Weapon Name: Pipe Blade v.2

Weapon DescriptionThe pipe blade was a weird sword that features a sphere like shape guard. It's about 2.5 Meters in length and features a grip shaped into the form of a pipe. The pipe itself can be played if necessary and feature various holes for the notes, which are separated by small gaps. The blade itself is filled with small circles ranging up the blade's spine, stopping at the blade's tip. The blade is crafted from basic iron and is reinforced in it's final build with a steel frame. However, due to blade dense nature, it not a blade for guarding.

Weapon History:
This blade was the third increment of the Pipe Blades that Sid's Father, Lucas River's designed for Sid and Rook Morgan collectively. The blade was originally made incorporating elements of the metals and stones local to Orange Island. It was Lucas' most unique weapon he had ever forged and his final masterpiece before his death.

Special Weapon Abilities:

A basic blade, nothing to really document.

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