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Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:23 am

General Information

Name:  Freddie D. powers
Epithet: Smiley
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous 

Crew: The Smiley Pirates
Ship: -wip-
Occupation: Captain 
Rank: -
Crimes Committed: Defection from the marines. Assault. Countless times spent in jail. Murder.
Bounty Collected Only applicable to characters who collect bounties.
Allegiance: Pirate
To Lead a functional crew
To Control every island in the north Blue
To Become a Yonko 
To cripple the marines.

Character Information

a circle shaped skull with the teeth in a smiling formation, the skull also has an X on its  right eye hole.


 Although he has a very noticeable scar on his eye that he hides with an eyepatch, Freddie is arguably a handsome man. 

Freddie also has 3 scars on the right side of his face on his cheek.

He has Brown Medium length hair that goes down right to the bottom of his neck. 

He wears a blue and black two layered scarf around his collar bone. 

For an undershirt he wears a black and white long sleeved prison shirt and a black vest over said shirt. 

He is often seen with fingerless gloves when he is not wearing his Signature weapon on his right hand. 

He also has a Black captains jacket with an oddly looking jolly roger on the shoulder.

He wears swamp green tactical pants with straps all over each leg holding something. Most commonly holding his weapons besides his Claw. And he wears black tactical boots for shoes.

Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know that your character is like in various situations and why too. 
Cocky Freddie
Freddie is known for his cockiness, He is often seen with a smile on his face, almost all the time. This cockiness extends to his ego and his temper. He will always start a conversation with a smile let it be serious or silly. When he gets into a fight he will always have a cigar and a smile, even if he manages to get into a fight he didn't want to be apart of he keeps his spirits up...with a smile!

Smart Freddie. Despite his cockiness Freddie knows when he's prepared or unprepared for a fight. If there is an enemy that is obviously stronger than him he will do what he can to avoid confrontation with said foe. If he happens to come by them he will converse with non lethal conversation, this includes the people he does not know about, but if they look weak enough which is almost impossible for Freddie since he thinks everyone has potential then his cockiness may take a sharp turn but most likely it will not ever under estimate anyone he doesn't already know.

Angry Freddie. Freddie is, of course known for always smiling even when he's angry, but this is under certain conditions. If he is not all that angry then he will not be smiling and will have an angry expression on his face. If he is beyond average angry then he will smile because he is so angry that all he can do is smile.

Noble Freddie. At his age Freddie likes to give the young-ins a chance. If there is a pirate that has potential to be his rival and is not already dead. He often picks up likely rivals from wherever they be and takes them aboard his ship, telling them about the pirate ere how he will train them etc. etc. After he thinks he has shown them enough he lets them free, some even join his crew. Freddie is also the type of person to not kill a person he just met for the first time, most of the time he only kills under the circumstance that it is super important, but not a common encounter.

Character History

Most of freddie's life had been spent in jail. At the age of sixteen he'd always get in trouble on his island, rather for stealing, assault, you name it. He has been arrested for it. Freddie was seen by the marines as a kid who just couldn't /find himself/ a kid lost because of family problems. Freddie lived in an orphanage with 12 other children that were a few years younger than him. The Nanny of the orphanage was actually a pretty cool person just incredibly irresponsible when it came to watching the kids, she'd only do something if she saw it happen, for instance Freddie would often beat up on kids for various reasons he think are reasons good enough like looking at him, saying words that sounded like his name, you know like apple and pie. Let's just say he was a violent kid. before he had moved into an orphanage his mother was a drunk and his father died from trying to stop his mother from hurting her son, Freddie which is how he lost his eye. His mother was oddly not as bad as she sounds just incredibly over protective to the point where she hurt Freddie instead of protecting him. Freddie loved his mother and even with all the hell she had been putting him through he'd rather be with her than a random nanny at an orphanage, but that's where his mother sent him after she.../accidently/ removed his eye from its socket...with her bare hand.

When Freddie wasn't beating people up he spent most of his time either walking, sitting at a window in the orphanage or in jail, but for this part of his story he was sitting at a window, any time a girl in the orphanage thought he was cute and went over to Freddie he'd move a little fast. After greeting and a few sentences he'd forcefully try to kiss the girl which ended him getting slapped...the girl getting a black eye and him getting pulled away from causing further harm to the poor girl. One day the marines got sick and tired of literally going over to that orphanage every week to pick up Freddie and toss him in the slammer, They were going to sentence him to life. But one marine saw something in him POTENTIAL, well kind of, the boy was violent he could be useful. Instead of killing the kid they made him a marine he was a bit too violent to be a sailor boy so they beefed him up a few ranks after a few years of training to make sure he was really worth skipping grades, of course this was a special privilege as even though he had been training a few years most would not have been moved up to an ensign but Freddie was different. He was moved to the ensign rank by the Marine who had seen potential in him was a captain rank they let him give this special event for Freddie under the condition that he would be responsible for anything that happened and so would Freddie himself, they didn't want to give him TOO much power. So they put him through pretty strict training, way more strict than usual to break his tough guy act which surprisingly worked pretty well.

After he was broken he started to develop a real personality after his strict training to keep him from being a loyal dog type of person. He still had a few things to work out though, he'd occasionally be watched by other marines to make sure he didn't go berserk or anything. One day as he was now Captains rank he had been allowed to go on assignments on his own by this point they had given him his own weapon he wanted something sharp but short distance, he liked to be close to his enemies when he knew he could take them. They gave him a fancy dagger they also gave him a sword which was pretty cool but he had no intention on using it the sword was very special but he was more interested in the dagger, it was eye candy a light blue color with golden ridges and pearls/marbles in between holes in the dagger. The marine that recruited him made it for Freddie he said the dagger had nothing really special about it. besides being made of seastone, Freddie would have to make his own legacy for the dagger.

This dagger not only stuck with Freddie forever but it also got him in trouble. This had been the dagger found stabbed in a marines dead body. Freddie had been on a mission with this marine until a criminal got the drop on him and seemed to take the dagger out of Freddie's possession. By the time he found out where it was it was too late, the criminal was gone, there was a knife in the marine he was responsible and a cell awaiting his Frame arse. He sat in that cell, pretty pissed off at the world not at the criminal but that the marines still didn't trust him after all he had done, all he had worked for, not only that but they were about to execute him so angry that all he could do was laugh. Just when he thought he could say goodbye to the world the captain that recruited him came to his cell. He thought he came to talk about how it was his fault and cry and all that sappy stuff which Freddie was just not in the mood to hear. But that was not the case, Freddie's crew, the sailor boys he led as a captain were behind him...what was the occasion?

The marine that recruited Freddie smiled, he told him that he was breaking Freddie out. Not only had Freddie been through helping the world government but so had his mentor and his crew was willing to follow Freddie to the ends of the earth, halfway because of fear and the other half was out of respect and pity as they knew he would not have killed that other marine. His mentor opened the cell and released Freddie from his cell and booked the hell out of that place. They hijacked a Marine ship and went on their merry way, it was dark out which made it easier to sneak away. By the time the island realized Freddie was gone it was too late, because he was OUT. Freddie hadn't realized it but they were docking on an...unlisted island right away you could tell this was one of those Revolutionary bases. Freddie had a straight look on his face as he entered the base. Right when he entered a revolutionary grunt had brought something to Freddie's mentor, it looked like a weapon. Freddie's mentor immediately handed it to him, Freddie asked what it was, his mentor said it was called "Ludwigs rifle" he wanted Freddie to have it. It seemed he had been planned on defecting for quite some time now. Freddy looked to the gun and smiles, he took the he noticed that he had his dagger strapped to his leg, he remembered that he retrieved it from the evidence lock before he escaped, he smiled and said "Looks like I have something to go along with The Marines Talon..." he said with a smirk.

The Marines Talon? his mentor asked, Freddie told him he'd call it that because it had been a weapon that been made for the marines but he defected from the marines, in a way it was like taking the nail of a Lion and leaving the pack, Freddie thought so at least. Freddie's mentor thought he would make a great Revolutionary but Freddie refused? He told his mentor "I think I'll become a pirate instead, don't worry I'll still help out, but you don't need a lose end like me who's likely to end up in jail again...and I want to lead this crew myself, besides you'll only hold me back..." he said before walking off. One of the revolutionaries asked if they could have the gun back he only laughed at the question right as he was about to hop back onto his stolen ship His mentor had stopped him. What? still trying to convince him? No, Freddie was wrong again. Freddies mentor handed him a poster...no it was no ordinary poster, it was a bounty poster of a woman. His mentor had told him that the woman could transform her body into blades from the power of a devil fruit. The world government had known about her and the amount of bodies she piled up, but were never able to catch her. 

He told freddie to watch out for this woman. But his interest was only poked at...a woman who could turn into blades. Thats really something he thought. As he sailed with his crew he slowly matured into the man known as Smiley, he made himself known without the North blue he would soon believe himself to become a powerful pirate. He kept the poster of the blade woman on a wall on his stolen ship. One day his crew had a surprise for him. A weapon, oh goody they told him about how they knew he really liked the woman that could turn into blades so they made a tribute to the woman. A claw, they called it "Jack Lines Claw" whoever Jack line was anyway...oh it was the name of his mentor..huh, interesting. He put it onto his hand and it was a perfect fit! Freddie began his Journey his dream had been to become a powerful pirate...as powerful as a Yonko He would help the revolutionaries cripple the World Government, and he would lead a functional crew in which he would protect and be protected by. He would also prove his power by taking control of the entire East Blue.


Marine training: Freddie made it to the rank of a captain in his days as a marine, he had gained most of his fighting abilities from the marines as well as one marine skill called "Soru" or 'Shave' he was able to master it before he defected.

Swordsman combat: Upon training with swords and daggers with the marines Freddie learned to cut through steel and to create air slashes with sharp weapons most preferably his Claw.

Leadership: Being a great leader Freddie commands his own crew as a pirate, most of the time if they are around Freddie can summon his lower ranking Nakama to aid him in a battle. (once a thread)


Ludwigs Rifle

Ludwig's Rifle

The Marines Talon

Weapon Description: each weapon has a link to all this

Weapon Special Abilities:^

Weapon History:^

Power Level Information

Character Strength: advanced
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:-
Devil Fruit Type:-
Devil Fruit Progression: -
Current Devil fruit Level: -
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: -
Devil Fruit Abilities:-

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:-

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Fist of hate: Freddie clutches his fist so tight that you can see the veins pop from his hand, he deals a punch forward that is strong enough to push back multiple people.

Weapon Based Combat:
Claw Sable- Freddie does a strong swipe with his claw creating a slash in the air creating a person sized tornado to sweep up and slash enemies.

Claw Tsunami- Freddie digs his claw into the ground. sweeping up the ground in a wave along with the slash cutting through the air to his enemies.

Extension- When in close range with an enemy, Freddie quickly stabs his claw into his enemy's torso with the third gear activated.

Liberation- Freddie activates all the gears of his claw while it is inside his enemy's body then pulls it out most likely drawing lots of blood and a huge wound.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:-

Combo Combat:-


RP Sample:

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Re: Freddie D. Powers READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by Vaetric on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:29 pm

I doubt the marines’ execute the kid just because he’s a delinquent. Even some of the worst pirates are just popped into Impel Down, though they are likely to die there they aren’t executed, so why would they not only make him a recruit (which could teach him humility and how to take orders) but put him up to ensign straight away as well?

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Re: Freddie D. Powers READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:09 am

First part fixed

His mentor put him up to ensign, not the marines decision.

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Re: Freddie D. Powers READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:23 am

Yes, but who's the mentor? What position does he have to bump him up to ensign without the Marines questioning it?

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Re: Freddie D. Powers READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:44 am


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Re: Freddie D. Powers READY FOR APPROVAL

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