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[Serious] Sleeping Slaves

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[Serious] Sleeping Slaves

Post by Serious? on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:50 pm

It's been far too long since she had been home, and home is where the heart is after all, right? Well, this girl's heart was always kept with her at all times, but she still knew that she couldn't ever think of never visiting The Isle ever again. Sure, she may have done some questionable things that may warrant some suspicion back then, but that was over ten years ago! Surely by now, people would've forgotten and went on with their lives. Besides, it's not like many normal people would want to mess with her anyways, Miss Jane Johnson, "Bloody Knuckles" Jane Johnson. One of the Shichibukai coming back to her hometown. She wasn't expecting a fanfare for her arrival or gifts to be thrown at her feet and praises as she walked among the streets, but she was expecting heads to turn and whispers in the air.

Since The Isle didn't allow Marine ships to dock, she had to arrange a passenger ship to take her there. Of course it would take a little bit longer than having a private Marine galleon go directly there with no stops, but she still managed to set herself up with the best room on the ship due to her status. She didn't even have to ask either, the moment the guy who sold spots took one look at her and immediately starting kissing her ass. She had to admit, being a Shichibukai did have its perks, but she still was just a tool for the World Government. She didn't really like having to travel around so often to take care of some dangerous criminals, she'd honestly rather sit down, make some tea and dive into a good book for a change. Being on a boat constantly isn't too fun of a thing to be on, seeing as she rarely has any time to pack some things to do while journeying across the Blues.

Even when she was on the boat, people still turned their heads and whispered about her. She wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, really, she was just standing out on deck and looking out to the sea, that's all. Looking, and reminiscing about the good old times when she was just a child back then; Back when Eponzio had a pretty big, curly afro under his hair and wore a black suit, when the neighbours kept on inviting her family over for dinner cause they had too much food to eat, when the local tofu shop gave her a taste of stinky tofu and immediately was surprised by the fact that it smelled like garbage but it tasted good! Still, she wasn't going to get near it any time soon.

Ah, memories. However, this trip wasn't just some regular trip down memory lane, Jane had a job to do there and she was specifically chosen because only she had a good standing and connections to The Isle. They thought that her reputation and origins from The Isle would allow her to investigate deeper into things without attracting suspicion. After all, it's not like nobody knows the Shichibukai. Hopefully, things would go smoothly and everyone there would welcome her back with open arms. Mostly. Hopefully.

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